'The Chariot of Death'

This is an excerpt from a book called The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming (pp.58-60 (of 105)). 

Chuck is the main character (a teenager, metalhead, and he used to be real into Plato but has recently gotten out of it in favor of getting all 'first-love-struck' over his girlfriend and especially over death metal). Helen is his girlfriend. Paul is Chuck's same-aged cousin/best friend. Jim is a random kid they've picked up amidst their run from the invading army of zombies through the large and luxurious BNB where they were staying. Rufus is a cook of the BNB whom Chuck and Paul have known for years.

The song is one of a 200+ song '#DeathMetalPlaylist ' playing throughout the BNB during the zombie invasion, and is necessary for the themes of the story.

The rest of the book is free in the Book Excerpts Section of this site, but if you want a physical copy, feel free to visit the store.


‘The Chariot of Death’ The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming pp.58-60 (of 105)


“The Master Butcher’s Apron”–Carcass–Surgical Steel–2013

Rufus shot the grenade launcher through the hallway. The explosion near its end was loud and obnoxious. The lights were off, but flickered every now and again /> more than enough to get a glimpse of the place to understand the situation clearly enough: the Dead filled every speck of the hall (=O), many on top of one another (o.O) and eating each other (xD), except for that small line in the middle through which Rufus was able to shoot his grenade–

He shot another one and they moved slowly forward. They hailed bullets all around, and from side to side, formed a small prot-ective circle. Then Rufus shot again /> and again, and again, and again. As a result, the hall was so filled with smoke that it was a downright miracle nobody went down right then and there of sheer lung exhaustion #TheAmountOfCigarettesTheyMustHaveBeenSmoki-ng,Man,Jeez –

Dead corpses went flying overhead–

And then the biggest and most disheartening distinction from Rufus’s dramatic foreshadowing back from the elevator was revealed =o[1]

It came from beyond the smoke in the back (><). It moved slowly at first. It was as tall as the ceiling, as wide as at least eighty percent the wideness of the hallway, and ranged anywhere from twenty-five to forty feet, length-wise. Its body was made of flesh, puss, fecal matter, and rotten skin all begotten from other zombies, as one could see by examining the multitude of intact zombie heads and limbs scattered throughout its body and skin–serving as its skin, and as its body–all of which was then surrounded by a think outer combination of slime material, rotten former human skin, and dried blood and puss, which held all of the severed heads and limbs and organs (as well as all of the thing’s internal liquids) in stationary place like a loosely wrapped bandage or towel. It had no eyes, no facial features of its own. None of the entrapped Dead showed any signs of movement or consciousness in them; aside from some fingers in a few of their mouths or anuses, or some eyeballs stabbed with teeth, they stared blankly into space–

This ‘slime’ then extended beyond that outer layer in a way reminiscent of static electricity, reaching out as arms with an almost human quality. To this ‘slime’ the Dead were magnetically attracted once they were within a certain distance. Chuck didn’t know if it was this monster, how people tended to shit themselves in the moment right before they died, or the now hip-high pile of Dead corpses all around, but, whatever it was, the stench in that hall was unbearable

The ‘giant-cadaver-attractor’, or ‘moving-blob-of-dysentery’, or whatever it the FUCK it was, spotted them and moved into attack position–

Rufus yelled: “Stay close to me!!!”

Rufus JUMPED and sprinted forward. The thing reciprocated the action, started speeding itself up–a bull who’d just spotted something it didn’t like–gradually building momentum against the living like a freight train hitting the longest stretch of straight track in the voyage.

Chuck, Helen, Paul, and Jim all did as they were told–

As they got closer, they screamed–


Rufus blew the grenade launcher at the last moment, only a few feet from the start of the worm’s body. The grenade went into it at its bottom, tilted the front half of its body to its side as the living ran under it–

Rufus shot again to its backend–

“We’re almost there!!!” he yelled over the blast. “Just don’t look back!!!–”

/> Chuck looked back–


From out the monster’s steaming carcass came speeding thousands upon thousands of spiders, flies, beetles, all kinds of insects, but they weren’t like ‘normal’ insects. They were deformed, misshapen–covered in blood and shit–and moved in that same #Frantic manner the ‘human’ living Dead did–

Following the blast, the #BugsOfTheDead began feeding simply upon Dead corpses, but ran through to Chuck the moment he made eye contact with just one of them!–

“I told you not to look back!!!”

Chuck turned around to his friends. There was another ‘zombie-eater-worm-whatever-thing’ filling the hallway ahead, but quite a bit closer than that: a turn to another hallway to the right–

Rufus there turned, and Chuck was glad he did, but not before the thing up ahead spotted them, and started sprinting, faster this time–

This new hallway was tiny, had only two doors one across from the other, and a window at its end. Upon Chuck’s turning of the corner, Chuck being last in line, the glass of the window shattered, and a huge array of Dead flew in, including a large number of those insects–

Their door was open, was right by the corner–

But Chuck tripped, fell, and didn’t land on his dick!! Oh, the humanity!!!!!

Rufus, Paul and Helen’s hands could not have come at a better time.


[1] To my esteemed ‘Passive Voice Police’ out there, I’d like to think to offer my most sincere and really sincere most sincere apologies and apologetic condolences /> I think I had felt to feel that I was in need of thinking to put some type of utilization to the oft-sometimes-used pseudo-practice, if it were possibly possible for me to have wanted to want to have done such a thing at such a time in which it may have been appropriate/inappropriate for me to have thought to have done such a myriad, robust thing or constituent invalidity (the ‘distinction’ is meant to be the focus of the sentence, not what it’s doing #PutTheGrammar-BookDown #PutTheGrammarBookDown(‘TheBook’:ElementsOfStyleByWilliamStrunkJr.AndE.B.Wh-ite,Rule14InThisCase) )