'Rape Culture'

By Jock DareDuh (trademark pending), photo (of Lauren Southern from The Rebel) taken from The Independent

Jul 11, 2017, 01:03 pm Eastern


Rape Culture? What culture? It's every culture, what's wrong with rape?! The Islamic appreciators are kicking our asses at this so hard that the feminists love it! It may even be to say that 'rape' is the ultimate feminist aphrodisiac! We gotta pillage and plunder like the pirates before the intent of loving nature and diversity plagues it! We need to rethink fashion and go back to horned helmets and furred cloths over our unders! Omg! Praise Allah for making rape cool again in the feminist community. If only the culture is to blame, then there's no argument against it! Oh-my-goo-goo! (All over the woman.) We came so full circle that coming in/on a lady is an acceptable practice! Us patriarchy card holders sure are stoked! The oppression can finally be fully enforced! You know what? Let's erect a statue of Linda Sarsoor ASAP in celebration of the patriarchal agenda finally finding its place in reality! Then, after it's erected, let's get erect and go do some rapes! YEAH! FUCK YEAH! Like, so FUCKING YEAH!!!

Did you learn anything? Like maybe how retarded the celebration of cultures that advocate rape actually are? Glad you're woke as to how Trump oppresses you!