Just how offensive may r(e)volutionized get?


If r(e)volutionized isn't solely about being offensive, why all the horrible language?

Language changes and shifts with time. It can also be used as a form of censorship. Try to look at the full context of whatever it is you're reading or hearing in order to hear what may actually be being said, both underneath the words which may have been used mistakenly or relatively subjectively, or by the usage of the words themselves, within the context of any specific conversation.

Can I hear, stream or subscribe to the r(e)volutionzed podcast on any apps?

We plan to connect to ITunes once we have a few more episodes up, Stitcher and Soundcloud as well. You can stream/download episodes for free in the r(E)volutionized (Podcast) page on this site.

Is r(e)volutionized looking for writers/contributors?

Yes! Please email john@revolutionized.world with the subject 'inquisitor' for questions and queries!



Is r(e)voltionized solely about being offensive?

No. Offensive content is an inevitable side-affect of thinking new thoughts. We may not always have the solution, but we'd like to try to get to one, and the only way to get there is by challenging what we already know, which can oftentimes come off as offensive.

Does r(E)volutionized have a defined political leaning?

No. Certain people on the show may tend to lean one way or the other, but the show, as well as the blog, do not have, as a rule, lean one way or the other. Our goal is to discuss many aspects of many topics, and some of those topics may imply opposing view points. In any case, we hope to provide honest representations of any view any of us may have, which may be exuded in any number of varying ways.


Is this also the blog of author John Corry?

Yes. Most of the content on the blog page is by John, and his books are available in the store on this site.

Who is libertarian Leonard?

Libertarian leonard is a idea, a prince and a freedom-fighter of the highest caliber. He also runs the r(E)volutionzed instagram page.