The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming (Print)

The Zombie Ritual_A Second Coming (Print)


When a zombie outbreak puts a teenage dance party to a violent end, a teenage metalhead finds himself in a bloody, romantic, and academically philosophic chase through the halls of the luxurious Bed and Breakfast where the party took place.


-Rich, character-driven narrative involving themes of angst, young love, and Plato

-Detailed narrative-related monologues/dialogues stemming from Plato's theory of Forms, Descartes’ ontological proof for the existence of God, Hegelian dialectic, Nietzscheian ‘nihilism’, a theorized 'Circle of Forms', and more

Genres: Horror, Platonic Philosophy, Narrative Philosophy, Zombie Horror, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombie Fiction, Metaphysics, Coming-of-Age, Teenage Romance

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