WATCH: Ozzy Osbourne Plays 'Bark at the Moon' Live During Solar Eclipse

8/22/17, 6:54 EDT

By John Corry, photo from ABC 

This is cool. 

Yesterday, America witnessed the CRAZY 2017 solar eclipse, in which, no matter where you were, everyone in the country was able to witness at least partly the moon blocking out the sun (what is: a solar eclipse). In some areas, the moon actually totally blocked out the sun, referred to by pretentious hipsters (scientists? #ProbablyGovernmentConspirators #FlatEarthIsReal #LIKEGRAVITYBRO ) as 'totality'– and for those very special few who were smart enough to get tickets to MoonStock in southern Illinois, a place in the path of totality, they got to see Ozzy Osbourne play his classic 'Bark at the Moon' during the eclipse.

Video is posted below. The total eclipse starts around two minutes in. I'm pretty sure that I've already said everything that needs to be said, however, I’m missing three things: 1.) the video is a fan-shot video and could certainly be of a better quality, but is way-cool nonetheless; 2.) the band's set time was at 1:20 pm Central, so it seems that they did try to set up the song to match up with the eclipse (possibly); and, 3.) what the Hell is Zakk Wylde doing with that riff?

Ozzy? Zakk Wylde? Solar eclipse? Bark at the Moon? Which aspect is the coolest?! 

You decide...