Why it Should Be Legal to Hunt Deer with a Bazooka

By Libertarian Leonard and John Corry, Photo from Pinterest

Jul 25, 2017, 01:47 pm Eastern


Reason 1

It’s cooked on kill.

Reason 2

It comes automatically pre-packaged into various serving sizes.

Reason 3

Bazookas are cool.

Reason 4

Less deer. Fuck deer.

Reason 5

Explosions are cool.

Reason 6

Again, Bazookas are cool.

Reason 7

Giraffes? GIraffes! #pinkmagic

Reason 8

When you move into a new neighborhood, all your new neighbors say: “Be careful because the guy next to you has a bazooka,” They know there’s at least one person there who also has a bazooka.

Reason 9

No more hitting deer on the road, or almost hitting them and dying so that they could live.

Reason 10

Movie bazookas are bullshit, "NEIN! NEIN! NEIN!”


All in all, hunting deer with bazookas would be a good thing. It helps the environment, feeds people, and keeps the community (of humans… ;D) safe. Deer are overpopulated. People don’t have enough bazookas.

Bazookas are cool.