Conyers Retires Amidst Sex Allegations

By John Corry

Photo from The Atlantic (article highly recommended, by the way)

December 5th, 2017, 12:10 pm Eastern


The current longest-serving representative in Congress announced today via a Detroit radio program that he is retiring from public service, effective immediately. This of course comes amidst a decent amount of publicity surrounding sexual misconduct in politics and all of American public culture for that matter, 'a decent amount' being quite the understatement.

Conyers has been a bit more in the eyes of some than others, however, because of his being a Democrat, and the inability of the rest of his party, notably Nancy Pelosi until recently, to condemn his behavior whilst passionately crying for Republican Alabama Senator nominee Roy Moore to drop out of the race amidst similar allegations against him. Blame who you will for this, but isn't it great that this is what American culture has turned into?

Also interesting is Conyers endorsement of his son, John Conyers III. Because all politicians care about is power and legacy, apparently.

Oh, wait, no, I'm sorry–and pussy.


More allegations are likely on the way; as I'm writing this, former That 70s Show star Danny Masterson was fired from his Netflix show for sex allegations, so this is clearly a problem that's not going away, as it's been brewing by perverts behind closed doors for arguably the entire history of thinking humanity. And there's a thing, right? There are perverts and assholes permeating human life throughout all of human existence–we've always known that–and now we're seeing the repercussions of throwing it under the rug. The fact that it's become such a big deal and so quickly illustrates how deeply the problem goes, but also where we are as a country right now.

Whatever the reasons #ConspiracyMuch? #GovernmentsFundamentallyCannotWorkIfTheGovernmentIsKeepingSecretsFromItsCitizens , 70% of Alabama voters don't believe the allegations against Roy Moore, who was also just endorsed by the president. As mentioned earlier, the Democrats don't have the high ground on this stuff either, because when it's their own guy, they have nothing, yet they SCREAM and YELL at the other side as QUICKLY and as LOUDLY as they POSSIBLY can whenever even just the slightest chance presents itself. 

Sorry-not-sorry, but this Absolute partisanship against 'the other side', whatever that 'other side' may be, and regardless of any other factors, isn't helpful, just as groping a chick you've never met before is fucking gross (is that a metaphor? Like, is that kinda what politics has turned into in America as a whole? #DontTreadOnMe ).