Popular Opinion: Net Neutrality is UNDER ATTACK!!!!

By John Corry

Photo from https://ichinarugo.deviantart.com/art/Evil-Face-169393442 

December 14th, 2017, 01:33 pm, ET.


I'm not an expert on this stuff. 

I know that net neutrality seems to me to be pretty good thing, but also that it is indeed a complicated subject. I know that the argument that competition absolutely WILL NOT EVER hurt the consumer is a little ridiculous, but also that compared to some kind of 'set' regulatory institution controlling how things work as opposed to actual Individual human beings is at best ok in theory and terrible in practice, and at worst literally dystopian (read: anything on Stalin-controlled Russia). In addition, I know that if one were an expert on any of those things I just mentioned, or if someone felt like really going into them and was going to do it right, one could write a fucking book on any one of those single subjects. In many cases, they have.

However, if I were to turn on the TV, or read a magazine, or go on any social media site, I would not get that impression. The impression I would get would be one of frustration (or: the one I do get), because, apparently, people are more concerned with how to tell other people why they're wrong or themselves right rather than let people do that on their own. The information only comes after the outrage, and outrage is a much more immediately powerful emotion than patience.

'Net neutrality is under attack.'

'The commies are trying to take over the country.'

'We're all DOOMED!!!'

Here's an idea: turn the volume down and actually listen to people, no matter how evil they may or may not be.

Otherwise, we actually are all doomed...