Three (NOT four) People Injured in NYC Terror Attack

By John Corry

Photo from Toonpool (Zen and the Art of Nose Picking, by Tim Leatherbarrow)

December 12th, 2017, 01:22 pm, ET


After an explosion yesterday (12/11) hurt three people (four including the attacker (so THREE (more on this on a moment))), NYC mayor Bill do Blasio called the attack an 'attempted terror attack' and proceeded to assure New Yorkers that no other threats were imminent. The attack was planned by a 27-year-old lone wolf, whose bomb went off accidentally in a subway-connected underground walkway below 42nd and 8th avenue, a decently attended-to area.

This is the second terrorist attack in NYC in less than two months, the first being the rental van driver from October who killed eight people. While this current douchebag's ties to ISIS are currently described by officials as being 'inspired by ISIS', the van driver from October explicitly stated that he carried out his attack in the name of ISIS.

But that is sort of irrelevant, isn't it? Not to be too forgiving, but the more we let these retards give credence to 'ISIS', the more legitimacy we subconsciously give that group. And they're not really a group if you go into it, inasfar as people who are violent for no reason aren't actually people (they're not). I define 'for no reason' rather simply: is someone directly being violent to you? If not, shut the fuck up and think your way out of your shitty situation. Progressivism never goes anywhere being stuck in the past (like, back when aggresive violence was a form of survival (are you a cave-man?)).

And I know that line might set some people off, but if there's one thing I think most people can agree on, it's that violence is fundamentally wrong. We may have to go through quite a bit of argument to get there (and point out pretty strongly why even the worst people are still people before they become violent (including this current shmuck who tried to hurt people in NYC yesterday)), but if you actually give a fuck about anyone other than yourself, we're going to get to the conclusion that violence, unless in direct self-defense, is fucking redundant; It doesn't do anything but create more violence, and violence is nothing if not destruction for its own sake, there's no 'creating something new from the ashes' through something that only wants to destroy. It'll continue to destroy, no matter how hard you try to rebuild.

Which is why it could be considered a little off-putting that Mayor de Blasio is calling this an 'attempted terror attack'. Did people get hurt? Then it's a terrorist attack.

Then again, I'm kind of going against my whole 'never get offended' mantra I've let take over my life recently, with varying results. Is one of those (results) that I'm writing articles that don't really make any sense?


Violence is stupid.

Stop legitimizing it.

Is that the only thing reasonable thing to get offended about?


 Zen and the Art of Nose Picking by Tim Leatherbarrow

Zen and the Art of Nose Picking by Tim Leatherbarrow