FOX News' Katherine Timpf Isn't Into Radiohead

By John Corry

Photo from Alternative Nation

10/16/2017, 8:13 p.m. eastern


Okay. I know. I get it, and I'm NOT going to freak out over it (I'm NOT): people have different musical tastes. Some people like 2Pac (NO idea why…), some people like Kenny Chesney (ABSOLUTELY no idea why…), and some people EVEN like that STUPID and HORRIBLE 'band'-thing-#IDon'tEvenKnowWhatToCallIt Nirvana (because, like, their drummer has since proven himself to be the better singer, lyricist, and guitarist over Nirvana’s main man, like, get it? (like, ugh (for the record: this is satire))).

These things pale in comparison: I like Radiohead.

If you care about these things, Radiohead was just announced as a nominee for the 2018 rock n’ roll hall of fame, so they've been relatively more in-the-news over the past couple of days. A friend of mine, who’s recently had a ‘libertarian’ revolution if you will (cuck), has recently come out to me and several others I know that he never really liked Radiohead, he was only saying that he did so that he would fit in with the rest of us 'pussies', and while I think he’s totally full of shit when he says this (because he IS (he MUST BE!!!)), I think there's a more important question to ask there, and one not as simple as it may first seem: why would one pretend to like a band in order to fit in? I mean this in regards to the fact that music has more to do with personal emotions and dialectical opinions than it does societal recognition or political rhetoric (as opposed to a more representative exemplative of underlying political understandings).

I mean I guess I get pretending not to like a band, but that’s different, right? #RadioheadIsTotallyNotForIntroverts

I bring this up in relation to a recent FOX News segment on The Greg Gutfeld Show(segment is linked below). In it, correspondant Katherine Timpf gets into it regarding Radiohead and the apparent likelihood of their being inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame next year.

“Seeing as it’s (the Rock N’ Roll Hall of fame) is about fame and not talent," she said (bitch), "I think Radiohead is definitely going to get in and should get in. I don’t even like them, but the kind of guys I like have to be three things: strange, malnourished, and sad. And those guys always like Radiohead so I’ve been having to pretend to like Radiohead for years to get these men even though the music is really just elaborate moaning and whining over ringtone sounds. And you know what? If that’s not fame and power, that will get me to do that for someone else, then I don’t know what is.” 

First off, this clip is hilarious. Seriously. And if it weren’t so cliché for me to ask Ms. Timpf to give me a call to my just-changed 'All I Need' ringtone (don't judge), that’s exactly what I’d do here (I like a lot more ‘whiny’ music than just Radiohead (like… Nirvana? Kenny Chesney? Taylor Swift? The Black Dahlia Murder? Surely not Tom Petty (again, this is a joke: you can have a negative reaction to any art, and to call Radiohead talentless is just factually stupid)…)). That contradiction at the end there makes me reconsider: is it possible for ‘talent’ to ‘make you do that for someone else’, or can the feeling a good artist can provoke (i.e. a type of talent)? Or at least as muchas 'fame and power'? And isn’t that what anyone would be looking for in a romantic relationship: the satisfaction of a feeling that makes you want to connect with someone who may not be exactly like you in every way, but whom you still want to get to know, or at least more so that than that oh-so-well-known search for ‘fame and power’?

I’m not saying, here, absolutely, that Timpf is only looking for fame and power from her romantic relationships (which was the key word there...), but it is telling that she has such an issue with the band’s emotional fertility, yet seems to also have a recognition that she’s always looking for ‘guys who like Radiohead’. 

Hmm, I wonder what Carl Jung would have to say about this (in relation to the shadow of the subconscious). (Like, maybe you’re just looking at the wrong guys… or maybe you’re ignoring whatever part of you who wants the guys who like Radiohead, but which is incapable or unwilling to connect with them on an emotional level (‘the kind of guys I like have to be three things: strange, malnourished, and sad’: joke? Or Freudian slip (serious question) #AndWhatIsThirdWaveFeminism? …)…)

I joke, I joke (of course). But not really. These stupid ‘in-the-moment’ opinions, especially on things which really should be simple (like musical preference) (and I'm speaking just as much, perhaps more, so on the private level, and not just for people on TV and such), but which are passionately communicated (demeanor) yet-phrased (rhetoric) as though these opinions are facts (because simple opinions don’t sell, the arguments over them do) is underlying of everything that is wrong in American society right now. You can blame it on the media, on capitalism, or on that ‘Jew killer’ Karl Marx (that was a joke, calm down), or even on those STUPID and HORRIBLE politics of rock bands like Nirvana or Rage Against the Machine *SOSTUPID *SOSTUPID *SOSTUPID ; at the end of the day, you like what you like.

It’s not about changing what you like or acquiescing to other people’s tastes (or lack thereof), it’s about recognizing that everyone has a different taste, and that even yours might change in the future, as it has in the past (at which point (in the future) your past passionate opinions phrased as fact will seem dumb, retroactively unresearched, and intellectually dishonest).

My friend might not like Radiohead now, but he might in the future, as he has in the past, but, even now, (and this is ignoring my apparent need to write this article), that's not really any of my concern, is it? Or just not until he won't stop talking about it?? (At least my ‘quiet’ love for Taylor Swift, ABSOLUTELY kept to myself at ALL times (and this is just an example btw… it’s not true (about me)… I swear… like, I totally swear… like, it’s totally not true, I don't listen to her every day for hours on end or anything like that–) so that my asshole metalhead friends don’t make fun of me, isn’t hurting anyone else’s potential opinion of her music like his LOUD, newfound LOVE of HATING Radiohead might...


(Speaking of ‘talent’, fuck, man, Radiohead's not even talented; everyone knows how easy it is to play an instrument, or to write a song, or to sing, or to sing in front of tens of thousands of people, or to create a fundamentally unique and distinct artistic sound, or to connect emotionally to that many people over the course of thirty years (30 Million records sold–bitch–not to mention ticket sales), or to make coherent/building soundscapes the way Radiohead does, or to play with ‘build-up’ the way they do at all, or to play with dynamics the way they do, or to subtly add that many layers to their songs almost subconsciously (as well as subconsciously on the part of the listener), or to ARTISTICALLY CAPTURE AN AGE (see: OK Computer or In Rainbows(BITCH), or to ‘survive the nineties’ with a career unharmed (anyone other than Radiohead or Tool do that? (Tool fans please check your coat at the door (meaning: have you been reading up until now?))) and all...)