Hebdo Handy: A Hand for the Reverent

Hebdo Handy- A Hand For the Reverent



As we all know by now, or at least I’d hope we all know by now, the tragedies at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France in January 2015 were something unparalleled, as disgusting as heroin and of a caliber we’ve never seen before in our current, modern age. Unparalleled because any tragedy in itself is unparalleled (and uncalled for) and terrible of a caliber we haven’t seen in this age because we’ve never been able to so uniformly and generally commentate (via ®Internet) on the evident evil of using God as a crutch for political, selfish or individualistically escapist or ‘progressively’ ignorant ends. As such, our minds have evolved to the point where we can form an objective opinion, however primitive for many of us, about something as personal as religion, love or death, in so quick a time, and at so far a distance from events which may have a direct impact on it; and we’ve never been able to so easily see the way so many others view and react to the same things (again, via Internet).


It’s been a bit over four decades - really three - since the emancipation of FREE (!!) widespread opinion, education and communication J, and it goes mostly without saying that humanity has seen much progress in that time. Our conceptions of society, life, entertainment and politics have all been shaken almost to the core, with such a sudden huge access to information and other tools for personal growth, however, a personal growth apparently usually not taken. In light of evolution, humans don’t react well to change, especially when it happens so quickly. We haven’t adjusted to the implications of the Internet nearly as fast as we like to think we have (morally??) /> I mean just look at the 90% of social media apparently solely inhabited by unrelenting assholes who get laid so little that they take their frustrations out by trying to prove otherwise (I’m looking at you, Twitter whores (your insecurity about your small hands definitely means something!).


So, considering all of this, unfortunately, and Unfortunately with a big ‘U’ there, I think it feels like we’ve lost the ball somewhere when it comes morality keeping up with the progression of technology. Where, it may be hard to tell especially considering how different we all seem to be right now - individually - not even considering nationally or faithfully cultural or basically - but maybe that’s exactly it. Maybe we’re still at the point where we don’t fully understand ourselves (as a small, general unit living together on a tiny, infantine planet in the middle of huge universe with very individual brains we’re only barely beginning understand anyway), where we don’t understand love and where we’re still obsessed with proving to the rest of the universe (and to ourselves) our potential (???)?


Could this be why we’re constantly pointing out our differences and clinging to what we already know? Needing ‘proof’ without an argument in any spiritual or abstractly deciding ‘debacle’ is a moot point, it cancels it out, but presents itself as being an absolution masked as a conclusion. Could this also be used as a way for people to justify such a fucked-up anti-spiritual act such as the one committed at Charlie Hebdo in France in 2015 (or any other tragedy stemmed from religion (so, like all of them?))? In this confused daze, regarding the former or latter example, is it simply an attempt, and nothing more, to show our creator how great his/her creation is? In a way perhaps similar to how a son reacts to a father who never hugged him :’(.


For the past few years (and I’d rather not figure out exactly how long as that would require even just some effort being given to learning just one little thing about a SHIT quasi ‘spiritual’ organization taking advantage of human emotional stupidity/primal immaturity in an attempt to take over the world and strip its citizens of its basic humanized rights) ISIS has been terrorizing the minds of any free-thinking individual with any, even the tiniest bit, adherence to fear or unnatural loss of life, or those who fear death inescapably before it happens. While we could consider a human killing another human ‘natural’ (or /> inevitable L) in the sense that it’s something life or has been doing to itself since the beginning of time  - it’s not - because as far as us ‘conscious’/‘intellectual’ beings can tell at this specific moment in time (2016ish), no other ‘natural’ thing we know of has the ability to this ‘conscious’ thought process (except maybe robots). This means that we know what we’re doing when we kill someone as opposed to (again as far as we can tell) animals or plants and, perhaps more importantly, we all know how this action affects other people and living beings (usually (99% of the time), badly).


It also means that, in most cases (barring any issues brought up from killing people in the first place) killing other humans is not necessary anymore in that we have the ability to so easily help one another in ways never dreamed of before in our species’ history (via, of course, ®Internet, how big our population now is, technology, art etc.) and that we don’t know whether or not any other living entity knows this when they do this same thing (kill, take the life of someone else of the same species for reasons strictly emotional or political (so, religion included)). Ergo #FunWords, regardless of whether or not any other species does in fact realize what it means to kill, we don’t know for a fact that they do, making the fact that we know what we’re doing (as well as the fact that we can choose not to kill even if our instincts scream at us to do so) something a bit ‘beyond’ natural, or primitively intellectual, in our current definition, in this current time-dimension. Not only that, but the argument that humanity is naturally a species of killers is void once one remembers this crazy thing called Intellect :p.


The simple ability to individually think and consciously make decisions in this instance serves as evidence for why we think we can say we’ve surpassed any other species when it comes to joining together to help something in need and/or in reaching further to find something out beyond ourselves and our time or universe in security (you know, the whole point of society and civilization moving past these primitive ‘urges’ in the first place). As far as we can tell, killing people and/or leaving people to fend for their miserable selves makes this task more difficult (finding more in, or about, (or to live for) our universe) and as a twenty-five year old still paying loans for a college education that didn’t do much for him, who is inevitably thinking about this as I’m watching the ‘grown’ son of an orangutan on TV mock an electoral system that my generation already feels is a mean joke, this is not a welcome encouragement XD.


I’m not one to dwell on words (or, of course, how I *always have the *BEST ones ;), but is this because, while we like to claim that this task is something important to us (the task of humanity moving forward and past its current adolescent age) we would rather take the easier route of killing and commanding than follow through on any leads (like the feeling of regret or far-too-overwhelming passion or power when we kill (or the good feeling you get after helping someone?)) to finding it, so clearly needed in the growth of any intelligent species, even animals? Our evolution (for some of us) from savages to conscious lovers voids any argument that we’re meant to be nothing more than instinctual beasts who feel love solely for their own kin and ‘in that exact moment’ inasmuch as they have the ability to do so (subconsciously), an evolution which, a little contrary to an earlier comment I made in (misplaced?) satire, apparently many humans have gone through and/or are currently going through #HopingForAMiracleIsHowSomePeopleConveryThierTrueEmotions.


Humans ultimately seem more concerned with past and future, their implications, and the definitions of those terms rather than their actual applications for the now. Is this the reason for that difference between the two (animals and humans, natural, instinctual thinking and the intellectual), or for our inability to move past it? Or is it because our ideas of how these applications help people are different (as an example: that some people think that killing people or discriminating against them is somehow acceptable)?


Over 20,000 people (allegedly) from around the world have gone over to join ISIS [http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ap-20000-foreign-fighters-flock-to-syria-iraq-to-join-terrorists/http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ap-20000-foreign-fighters-flock-to-syria-iraq-to-join-terrorists/http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ap-20000-foreign-fighters-flock-to-syria-iraq-to-join-terrorists/]. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that 150 people are among these 20,000, though not all of them succeed in reaching Syria. This number is up from a 100 people estimate made several months earlier, and another estimate, putting that number formerly at 50, made several months before that. Whether you want to say it’s because of social media, brainwashing, a ‘systematic refusal to change, prevalent for over a hundred years’ or what have you, it’s hard to deny the group’s apparent influence, or at the very least, manifestation of an emotionally manipulative focal point ($), on people around the world.


So what’s there to do? I’ll tell you: ‘Fuck It’ #Sarcasm(ish) =P.


For sake of argument, let’s try to temporarily forget how terrible ISIS is. I know it’s difficult, but so is listening to Sarah Palin or Ted Cruz for any amount of time and we all know that, at least at some point or another, we’ve all been ‘curious’. These crazies ;) want to end all life on earth aside from that which coincides 100% with their ideals and the more attention we give them, the closer they think they’re getting to actually doing it, therefore, the more confidence they have with the path and the closer they might get if certain circumstances prevail (like the US electing a dumbass (closed-minded/greed influenced) president, which in turn may give some of our disaffected youth (you know, that youth who realizes how futile this all this and just wants to live to be happy (not to just make money for corporations ($)) more of a reason to think that a crazy pseudo religious organization like ISIS may somehow have a point ($).


There’s nothing wrong with ambition, but when it clouds the ability to see the endgame (as American politics and media have done such a great job of doing) before it’s started to form, there’s something off and there is something very off about ISIS- namely that the United States government’s constant killing and bombing of Middle Eastern innocent civilians only increases a terrorist organization’s motivation for violence #Important #ThatMayBeTheMostImportantPointInThisArticle. The U.S. can’t claim faultlessness and it certainly can’t place blame without taking into immediate account its history and the almost complete disregard for human decency and evolution embedded throughout it (I mean, of course, for anyone who isn’t white and immediately willing to settle) #ChristianityHasBennSOGoodForEVERYONEAllTheTime. It hasn’t evolved as far as its politics are concerned (as far as I’m concerned #I’mJustAnEntitledMillennialTho(WithNoBrain)) and it certainly hasn’t evolved in the way it treats human beings as if they were anything more than just a consumer ($)- or someone who clearly should be in jail :O.


ISIS, like any rebellion, started as a retreat for those whose lives were destroyed or subjectively compromised by foreign invaders. It was a way for those people to redeem themselves, and their appeal remains just that (‘foreign’ is not strictly held to country (ex. foreign ideals, foreign races, foreign musical tastes and emotional genres etc.)). As long as there are people out there who receive the butt end of any societal stick, there will always be people who see a light in joining or forming a group like ISIS, because a group like that claims to provide a real way out, beyond religion, but still involving it (so, in many cases, even more religious than it would be in something less necessarily extreme), it gives them a cause, something to live for. This will never stop, and people will never stop joining these groups, or forming them, until we, in the U.S. or in any nation with an apparently further evolutional/technological (i.e. ability-to-help (intellectual)) handle on life, make life equally possibly good for all different types of people (including Muslims or Asians living in a desert halfway across the world), or at the very least, let them make themselves happy.


Don’t misunderstand me here. What I’m not trying to say is that we should have anything to do over there, as I’m not a government official and I wouldn’t know what the Hell I’m talking about, but what I am trying to say is, simply, that I just believe, as I know many others do as well, that killing anyone is fucked, but especially killing civilians (which the American government has been doing for decades over there, just FYI (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-do-we-ignore-the-civilians-killed-in-american-wars/2011/12/05/gIQALCO4eP_story.html, http://foreignpolicy.com/2009/11/30/why-they-hate-us-ii-how-many-muslims-has-the-u-s-killed-in-the-past-30-years/)) is wrong! Basic evolved morality of 2016 as summed up in one simple sentence (because that’s obviously all anyone has the attention span to understand anymore): don’t kill people, dude; it’s stupid, immoral, hypocritical and fucking redundant (primal, animalistic, sacrilegious, anti-human, anti-life, anti-God, anti-evolution). AKA Grow the fuck up, asshole =P.


While there are many Americans who support this same type of ‘I don’t care how you like to love, it’s my way or the highway and you should die in a fire and rot with the GOP if you disagree’ mentality (why, hello there Westboro Baptist Church and the oil industry (anyone killing our planet or people)) so similar to ISIS (and btw, if the previous point (WBC, cocks #KochsAreCocksBro,CallThemWhatTheyAre, any type of person whose ego is too wrapped up in solidarity to consider anything else worth the time of day) has any depth or truth to it, you’re the direct reason that a group like ISIS exists and that your own kids are going over there to join it (stop killing/hurting people and our world!) =P), ISIS seems to us as something different (because they are- case in point: the Charlie Hebdo attacks). They blatantly and ruthlessly kill as a lion kills to feed its young, which obviously we, as humans (in the sense that lions need other lions in some cases), luckily don’t have to do anymore (via ®Society).


But ISIS doesn’t seem to do anything out of necessity, but rather ‘for the love of God’ #GodWilling; they kill and rape and mutilate for a love so potent one can only feel it in her/his deepest, most inner being, in a place where any conscious or defined judgment of any ‘other’ couldn’t possibly exist just on the basis that it’s too personal, too emotional to ever convey outward (<#Irony? (relation to the West?)).


I would say this in-killing-for-inner-love comes from a confused sense of morality #ConfusedMorality, but I should probably talk to some religious experts on that one first #IGuessDegreesAreWorthSomething. For me however, I don’t care who your God is or what she/he said; we’re all entitled to the life that’s been given to us and any God who says otherwise is apparently picking sides (which no universal or truly loving God could ever do, if you think about it). Evidently, or as according to the best man can come up with right now (the same that he has since his creation (we think)), she/he (God, Allah, specific love, what the-fuck ever (so long as its singular =D)) would rather watch all of his/her creation(s) die and burn in a fire while he/she sits in the corner and laughs at the joke (because it’s hilarious (seriously XD)).


Some may say, in response to this in an argument, that it’s sad that, as the objective observer, we can see or observe the actual state of things better when we’ve grown up with them, yet could it be possible that this is indeed not the case? As an American, I have no idea what ISIS’s problem really is (aside from the fact that they’re giant pieces of shit (killers #KillerMeansDouchebag)) because I’ve never lived there - I’m not them (and they’re not me) - and it’s exactly the ignorance in the opposite of this (my ;) type of thinking that got ISIS started in the first place (assholes trying to tell other people that they know what it’s like when they don’t).


If you tried to tell me that I’m a sinner and ‘life-denier’ because I’ve contemplated suicide yet you yourself have never been in that situation with that feeling impossible to display with mere words, I’d call you a jerk and a bigot and just that (and thanks for proving my point, heartless asshole #IronyInRelationToThisArticle:). I’d try to say (and succeed in saying :/) that it’s people like you, with such a need to let me know what they think my life means to them, who got me to want to kill myself in the first place and trust me *TrustMe, killing yourself or thinking about it is no simple thing. Despite your innate and needed opinion :/, life and death are quite personal experiences (until people can learn to love just to love), but until people can accept one another and learn to live with life-as-a-constant in-relation-to death-as-inevitable, and until we learn to assume that this is the case in all human beings (unless proven otherwise (ex. a terrorist spewing sharia law or anti-abortion rhetoric in your face)) #InnocentUntilProvenGuilty, this will never be anything more than just an idea, one far too abstract for the immature general mind of man to let himself understand within his current capabilities- and that this is especially the case if it’s going to affect his wallet size, or what he thinks his own self worth is or should be ($)-


Which we all know can never, ever happen.




“If a problem can be solved at all, to understand it and to know what to do about it are the same thing.” -Alan Watts [The Wisdom of Insecurity. Pantheon Books, New York, 1951. Reprint, Vintage Books, New York, 2011.]


As simply as I want to attempt to put it (because I ain’t no God (<$) fearing politician), it feels like we need people and magazines like Charlie Hebdo in order to advance past this primitive, death obsessed way of living with each other- but also that this reason is not just to poke the bear at ISIS and Sarah Palin (though that’s much encouraged and rewarding). With this in mind, it should be considered that there’s always a possibility that maybe, in some crazy universe where God could be nothing more than man’s interpretation, ISIS might have a point (hang in there :/) regarding their views on Charlie Hebdo, free speech and when it comes to living a ‘spiritual’ life exiling the influence of Miley Cyrus (how is she more acceptable than Cannibal Corpse? /> violence (certainly not musical intellect or artistry)).


However, while it can be considered wrong and somewhat rotten, maybe a ‘low blow’ to insult one’s religion or passion (similar to the way you would feel if your parenting skills or infant child were insulted for reasons you could only perceive (rightly or wrongly) were uncalled for), if it means hurting another human being - regardless of how terrible that other person may be (and how positive you think the result will be) - it is not the way to go, as it will always end badly.


Need proof?


Breaking Bad (2008-2013) (and that time called The Dark Ages, but, let’s be honest, that’s nearly as fun :P).


At the end of the day, we all share this same world and air and universe regardless of how much we may wish this weren’t the case. Is this a natural by-product of human evolution? This apparent ‘need’ to feel alone (or understand loneliness)? If we all perceive the world in a similar way and we’re all stuck here alone (no one can hear our inner thoughts, know our inner feelings or feel our inner love no matter how hard we try to catapult it all outward) and have the ability to realize this on our own, wouldn’t we like the idea of helping others in whatever way we could, after we’ve found that way to help ourselves to at least be comfortable with these hard truths? We’re all individual brains, infinite galaxies, with our own thoughts and ideas and solar flares, yet it is so easy to retreat into someone/anything else (music, conversation, romance), could it be precisely this that makes us so hostile? This tendency to ignore our instincts in wanting to help everyone as best we can, even when we don’t realize it? And in confusing this instinctual ‘need to help’ with a confused-intellectual ‘need to save’?


We all want to help each other. This is a basic human fact running so deep in our genes that we tend to confuse (merge?) it with ‘God’s voice’ or the feeling of hopelessness when we think about how terrible some of our brothers and sisters have it (and this includes terrorists (just probably before they were terrorists :/)). It’s the reason for society, religion, civilization- pretty much everything, and because we know, deep down, that without them, our individual brains, our infinite galaxies, become dead and void of any interest/any other particle with the potential to continue the search for more.


Many - though not all - of our problems could come from this confusion on this subject of relativity vs. reality, from an ignorance of the thought that that doesn’t matter and that while, maybe, we’ve needed this way of ‘confusing’ (for lack of a better term) in order to evolve to the point that we’re at now, it is currently destroying us and it is imperative that we move past it to a more loving, accepting and active (helpful/ compromising instead of forceful/competitive) way of living with one another. Could this be what the ego really does and is there for, meaning that, in some ways, the ego is a good thing so long as it’s watched and kept in check? Could that fact, or even just that question, be proof that we truly are just as confused as ever, but not lost? Is this what power really is: a reinforcement of the feeling that you’re helping your fellow man and life-giver/keeper (btw, there are all meant to be questions)? Our inability to separate what we don’t-yet-know (relative perspective) from what cannot be! (reality) makes biased egos and thought processes evermore prevalent and inevitable, and, after its evolution in the minds of man over the past several hundred years (since the last prolonged religious genocide (the dark ages #Don’tForgetChristianityDidItToo)), more and more difficult to move past and understand the need of.


As proven time and time again, this feeling of inherent hope can easily be distorted or manipulated, especially when money or egotistical power get involved (and ‘knowing God’ or even ‘helping people’ can definitely be used as a masked egotistical power). And so the cycle of oppression continues (la-de-da-de-da). Nobody likes to be oppressed; it’s one thing to be a freak in the bedroom, but it’s another to be constantly told ‘no’ without anyone bothering to say anything to you and having no choice but to keep on putting up with it until one day you die and then maybe after that, something will feel better. Through the unadulterated voice of a privileged yet opinionated and self-proclaimed widely open-minded white American: I dunno how the fuck people put up with it ><.


Religion, in and of itself, as an institution and in its most basic function (at least when it was first started), is simply a way of helping people or of letting people help people. That’s all. It’s a community, as well as an idea, based around one of humanity’s most important saviors in its evolution and constant survival in spite of the strains it puts against itself: faith. Faith that we have a place in this universe as we continue to realize how huge it is and continues to be, faith that death is not all bad, faith that because simply we don’t know something doesn’t inply its unwavering negativity, faith that love is something attainable yet too grand and beautiful to ever fully understand and that that’s o-k.


If something tells you or at all tries to claim that killing other people (taking away their ability to have or believe in this faith or life or love or whatever (so fueling your need to kill in the first place #Irony), still coming from anything ‘spirit’ based) or that hindering someone else’s opportunity for a happy life is okay--- IT’S EVIL, IT’S THE DEVIL =P. Whether it’s a book, a thought/feeling/fact of knowledge or a business opportunity (#C(K)oc(h)ks), it doesn’t matter. NEVER. KILL. PEOPLE as no living or God or God-parent, as most religions (or business models ($)) like to claim HE is, could ever be okay with the killing of any of its children (or potential buyers ;). How could HE!? Why waste her/his time!? Why waste the heart and the life if the people she/he were giving it to were truly the ‘infidels’ or ‘sinners’ that certain ideals claim them to be and how can you claim that she/he is all-knowing or all powerful if such ‘worthless’ beings can possibly exist as a product of her/his love (a parent/creator’s love) in the first place? Is it a test? A way of figuring out which of her/his kids were worth having? She/he’s already had them and if she/he were all-knowing, she/he would already know all of these questions and answers! She/he’d be far beyond them and ultimately most likely pissed off that you, as a young and less knowledgeable being inhabiting a simpler dimension, would ever even try to say that she/he would need to hear them, from you, as a learning factor or insinuation (which is what you’re implying by trying to take over the minds of other humans (with religion as help or otherwise)- or by killing them). It’s like a child trying to tell one of its parents that his or her parenting skills are shitty and that that’s why he shouldn’t be punished. He’s a child! Of course he’s going to say that, you’re only a shitty parent if you give in!


If he/she (the One. All-knowing... God #Pray) reports this to be the case, that some people are somehow worth more than others, then we need to trust our intellectual instincts - our faith - and realize for ourselves that, through evolved and needed thought and analysis involving a constantly changing and adapting head (and the faith that wherever it’s leading to is okay)- she/he must be corrupted ($) or else the very thing he/she is meant to represent is false. What better way for the devil to disguise itself than as God, or as the voice of God?




While God didn’t create us to babysit us, she/he certainly didn’t create us to remain as immature little kids for the entirety of our lifetimes considered as individuals or as humanity/universe in general. Little kids who refuse to grow up because the real world is scary :o. All God needs, if she/he needs anything (in order to exist?) is the thought that he may be a she and that all of these ‘horrible people’ so different than you are, might one day have something to save or someone to help: the same reason he/she created all of it in the first place: to help/to love something other than him/herself - to remember - and put an unwarranted yet strangely awaited faith into- the other. Because what the hell else could an all-knowing being do to pass the time (given it exists in this dimension)?


This idea as applied to humans is misshapen and made harder to see the moment we begin to analyze people and/or other ways of living in any sense past simple commentary (excluding satire and other related fields which involve varying degrees of critical thinking ($)). The moment we decide to form an opinion or judgment about something is the moment the other side needs to form a rebuttal, out of simple, natural consequence.


A judgment (different from an opinion which is less indicative of power, personal and closer-to-the-heart beliefs and logistics, and is more conversational and less controversial) is a subjective (inherently biased (because of the power and ego thing)) standpoint about something involving life (because everything in life involves life). Because we, as humans, have life and are currently in the midst of it we cannot objectively make assumptions about it nor what happens in/with it and therefore, when we do, it feels like something is off- especially to the other side, the side who may disagree (and because, as egos, our judgment clouds our ability to feel anything about it #Freud :). It feels okay to us (as the people judging) because our pride, our ego, possibly that which helped us get to this point where we can realize these things now, loves doing it: it makes us feel so much bigger than we know ourselves to be (and like we’re helping someone, though the ‘help’ in this circumstance may be a tad blurred considering a possible ‘misplaced ego’s place in it but whatever #ConfusedMorality), but to the other person, the person inevitably disagreeing, it makes them feel smaller and like they’re being controlled by something external or worse, ‘foreign’. To them it doesn’t feel like they’re being helped, but instead that they’re being told how to do something, being forced into something before they’ve been able to react to it (in the case of religion and its propulsion of philosophical opinions as facts: live.


Because a judgment (again, different from opinion) is formed out of individual pride and experience instead of widespread and thought-out love or compassion for your fellow man adhering to the same rules you have, it gives the impression of being singular, and having more to do with one’s intellectual property rather than the general know-how of man’s mind, which we all need and have subconsciously helped to develop - together - over the course of human history.


This is how some of the thought processes of some of these people (extremist Muslims, the American Family Foundation, asshole metalheads etc.) first get formed: because they’re constantly being judged, being told how to live and being forced to come up with a, and in many cases unneeded, rebuttal. They know no other way of living.


When this ‘distortion’/confusion of ideals happens #ConfusedMorality is when a culture becomes hateful and full of resentment; and when someone in this culture goes crazy with religion and over-thought involving God, the universe or the people who have been judging them or fucking them over, something that is very likely to happen #GetThisLifeSuckingParasiteOutOfBody,IDon’tCareHow, is when you get people who can’t take a joke.


Only the most emotionally advanced individuals feel good when being talked shit to especially when the shit-talking is hitting on such a deep level (like hearing an insult to one’s faith, past difficult experience or parenting/children) and it forces yet another rebuttal, this time on a topic that probably definitely shouldn’t have one: the meaning of life (we all have our own ideas (faith, parenting/children, Radiohead etc.)). Of course, it’s easy to tell these ‘easily offended’ people to grow the fuck up and let their balls drop for once (which is my real point here, but that argument wouldn’t take very long ;/), but could it be argued that it is our constant shit-talking (on everyone, including our own friends and neighbors) that has put us into our situation with the Middle East? Maybe. But considering how awesome and hilarious those Hebdo Muhammad covers were, made even funnier by the fact that they offended so many people, I’d say it goes a little (much) deeper than that.


Any time a person is offended, it’s an underlying clue of any insecurity they have deep down and are unwilling to admit (because why else would you be offended (because you think it’s hurting others? #Helping)?) and in this case, the thought that Muhammad and the Quran are meaningless is the insecurity (or the ‘faith’ in this idea). Would you be offended if I said that your child deserves to die in a pit because of its hair color? Yes - because that’s terrible - but also because you’re not comfortable enough with the fact that so long as that’s not actually happening and I’m not actually doing anything about it, all I’m doing is saying words. If you weren’t so insecure regarding your fear of my words becoming a reality, or of your inability to stop that from happening, they wouldn’t have offended you- you would simply act, you would know. If religious people were secure with their religious ideals, they wouldn’t be offended when I question them- even if I’m being a total, desensitized asshole which, if they were confident in their ideals, would actually make it easier for them to turn the other cheek #SmartPeopleWhenTheyTalkToATrumpSupporter.


Any idiot can talk shit on what they don’t agree with, but it’s our job to stop them before their shit becomes something ‘physically’ irreversible (like someone dying). I can do what I can to bring my threats to fruition, but that’s why you (or any good people in this case) do things do to make our ideas, beyond words, a reality: the idea in the above example being that no child should be killed simply because of its hair color (or for any other reason, for that matter) and, separately, that the Koran or Muhammad could mean something very important to people. Ideas are always more powerful than words because it takes a lot of words (and maybe something else (people)?) to make an idea, but it’s especially so when a decent amount of people put a lot of thought, feeling and faith into it. This is also very possible, and perhaps even more potent, in satire and comedy.


Muhammad and the Quran are symbolic of a thought close to all of our hearts (except those who have moved past it (wordzzz ;)): life and God’s gift to us, a thing whose possibility of being meaningless arises bitterness and resentment in anything which has ever felt the all too human-familiar conscious fear of death and the unknown. Bitterness and resentment are unavoidable and necessary, but they are not necessary in themselves, they come from a consistent choice, in this case: the choice to judge, talk and wish instead of love, act and do.                                       


“I know it seems hard sometimes but remember one thing: through every dark night, there's a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it get, stick your chest out, keep ya head up.... and handle it.” -Tupac Shakur [“Me Against the World” Me Against the World. 2Pac. Interscope Records. Soulshock and Karlin, 1995. MP3.]


ISIS is terrible, to do what they did at Hebdo as well their hundreds of other atrocities is proving not only that they’re crazy and have taken their ways of dealing with a shitty situation way too far, but that, because they’re so easily convinced that killing or torturing people is okay, deep down, they actually despise life itself- and God for that matter (maybe even more so God (Allah)). This is quite possibly, if we’re going to be thinking in this vein, the worst sin possible. Why would God give us life only for us to take it right back upon the birth of any individual, critical thought? Is that how God exists!? Why would God allow individual human thought if it were wrong (individual thought: deciding to be gay, to retain your genitals, to wear a hijab, to buy a gun (if they don’t have a record) etc.)? No one would treat other humans with such malevolence if they had any true belief or connection with God unless God were telling them to do so, which God couldn’t do because he/she’s beyond speech and judgment (right? I thought God was everything and everywhere, and was too powerful for us to understand?) and even if she/he did say something to us personally, she/he would say pretty much the same thing to every one else- unless ‘God’ were playing a trick on us.


We need not to get rid of every person (broken, lost, ‘stupid’, PC, terrorists, bigoted) like this (though that’s a very attractive and seemingly good solution), but to stop them from existing in the first place by accepting people for who they are, not only in our day to day lives, but in our own minds and thoughts every time we find ourselves being hateful or resentful towards anyone for being different or for having their own thoughts- or even for over-thinking a joke. Just don’t fucking kill anybody.


The more we ‘eradicate’ these people, these men and women who choose to kill rather than laugh, the more people like them are going to come up; it’s basic math! You can’t get rid of a number without changing the equation! And the mere fact that there are any people in our own country/society contemplating such a rash choice of action/dissolution (like joining ISIS (or becoming a mass shooter)) says something very deep and representative of our ‘Western’ and ‘intellectually advanced’ society: that we’re more concerned with telling the story than with actually being involved in it and solving a problem.


Why else would someone who’s grown up with our amenities and gifts ever even consider such a cyclic destructive path as joining an organization as ISIS (forgetting about racist, prejudiced pricks or dirty, disgusting douchebags)? They feel like they’re being left out! That their say and opinion/thought process is being ignored by the very people who claim to care about that and who physically thrive off of it and need it ($): everyone else in their society who seem to care more about talking and judging than they do about doing and helping. Questioning evolving morality is different than searching for an argument. Helping to wake people up is different than trying to stop them from sleeping.


Which brings me to my final point: no one is going to ‘wake anyone up’ with the mentality that they need to be ‘woken up.’ Whether or not they should be is beside the point which is: people are going to do whatever people naturally are going to do and sometimes people are just going to make fun of other people. Sometimes it’s wrong and can have dire consequences (but not as dire as raping the world for oil or spiritual supremacy ($)), but no matter how we may feel about something that someone else says, so long as it’s not truly hurting anyone in a way in which the victim can’t have a say on or avoid if they so choose, it makes us think. It makes us feel and we need humans to help other humans to feel so that we can remember- that humans are real! That infinite galaxies do exist.


We need this constant questioning from whatever source may present itself #HebdoHandy-AHandForTheReverent in order to advance our young species, if we ever want to find out anything about the meaning of our universe or of God or life, emotion, weed, Alan Watts, 2Pac - whatever - as so many of us love so much to claim to care about in some way; with the subconscious knowledge or faith that it is, somewhere, worth something ($).


Because, you know, that is basically all that matters in all this…