Tucker Carlson's Family Threatened by Fascists at Their Home

Terrorists shouted ‘we know where you sleep at night’ as the Fox News host and his wife waited for police to arrive

11/8/18, 7:37 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Daily Mail

“Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.”

Last night, a group of totalitarians threatened Fox News’ Tucker Carlson at his home in the DC area. In addition to shouting threats, they spraypainted an anarchy sign on the driveway and cracked the front door. Police are investigating, calling the event a ‘suspected hate crime’.

The group which calls itself ‘Smash Racism D.C.’ have taken responsibility for the attack on Twitter. The group has previously targeted other conservative figures such as Ted Cruz and Kirstjen Nielson:

This is intelligence, ladies and gentleman, this is the top of the crop /> the smartest of the smart. Why would anyone think that actually thinking about things could possibly have any merit when you can just SHOUT AND YELL AND FORCE PEOPLE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR OR THE SHAPE OF THEIR GENITALS?!?!

I’m not the biggest Tucker fan either, but I’m also not the biggest fan of the Marvel movies, and you don’t see me FREAKING out over it (publicly…).

You wanna fight Tucker? You think his ideas are dangerous? PROVE it (or: don’t ignore it with violence). Because otherwise you only make him look better without him even doing anything.

@SmashRacismDC, you’re helping him out, idiots.