Trump's Approval Rating Hits Record High

Despite those high ratings, some polls are still putting the main Democratic contenders on top for 2020

The actual new American $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000 bill

The actual new American $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000 bill

7/8/19, 3:35 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from the BBC

Polls are crap.

According to a Washington Post report regarding a Washington Post-ABC News poll conducted between June 28th and July 1st: “Trump’s approval rating among voting-age Americans stands at 44 percent, edging up from 39 percent in April, with 53 percent saying they disapprove of him. Among registered voters, 47 percent say they approve of Trump while 50 percent disapprove. In April, 42 percent of registered voters said they approved while 54 percent said they disapproved."

That’s the highest it’s been since Trump first entered office over three and half years ago.


The Post goes on to report that most Americans find Trump to be ‘unpresidential’, and that he would likely lose in a 2020 election bat with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or Bernie Sanders. The poll, which also gives information regarding American’s approval of Trump’s actions on specific issues like abortion (32% approval), gun control (36%) and healthcare (38%), included a little over a thousand people. Here are some more polls from within the past month regarding the 2020 election.

Virtually every poll had Clinton winning in 2016 (what is: they were wrong #NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo), but that’s almost irrelevant at this point; polls have nothing to say outside of competition-politics because real politics has to do with thinking, which is an improvisational sport (where ‘beating’ your ‘opponents’ destroys the game because this game isn’t about winning or losing, it’s about better understanding the rules of the game, and potentially transcending it because it has so many more applications (let alone influences) outside of politics itself). The 2020 election is officially in swing, and if this goes without saying:

It’s looking a lot like 2016.


Not because polls are useless (for debate), but because everyone’s going to be tuning in and ignoring the thinking part, choosing instead to get all passionately butthurt over AOC comparing the border crisis to WWII, or because a gay Asian man (THAT. MATTERS.) dared to report on the violence of people claiming to be caring and open-minded of all marginalized peoples (everyone’s marginalized; it’s called being an individual /> regardless of how fucked up it may be to compare a situation begot from democratic underfunding, let alone one happening in a Democratic Republic (ish), to one of the worst atrocities in human history).

In other words, if one was afraid of Trump’s presence in politics drawing seemingly irreversible dividing lines (‘seemingly’ from the view of now (like: today)):

Trump has already won.


Polls are crap, but anymore: the news craps harder. At the debate last week, Democratic primary contender Kamala Harris BURNED former Vice President Joe Biden for not supporting forced busing in the 70s, before agreeing with his arguments a week later (however still contending that Biden is wrong??). Bernie Sanders has repeatedly ousted himself for taking the majority-accepted view that fully open borders is ridiculous in 2019, yet last week raised his hand–along with everyone else on that stage–when asked to do so if he’d support providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants, and Andrew Yang’s mic was allegedly mysteriously cut off. There are debates to be had on every one of those issues–particularly the assessment of morality in a world where not all are created equal and where freedom depends equally on what one chooses to do with it as well as what one was given to achieve those ends (i.e. the border crisis, and the question of free healthcare to non-citizens))–but there can be no figuring that out at all if ‘revered’ journalists and half of the people in the country are telling Andy Ngo that it was own damn fault for getting SOCKED in the head by a terrorist, and that if you’re not 100% in agreement with someone, violence is just inevitable /> so get the fuck over it.


Police said that they’ve found traces of quick-drying cement in the milkshakes thrown at people in that debacle (well, no, shit). Quick-drying cement causes chemical burns, and hitting someone like that in the head (as in the case of Ngo) can kill the person, instantly, the next day (*Joke). As if anyone’s even heard about any of that if all they do is watch the news on TV all day every day like they need you to (you’re being warned…), the fact that Yang’s mic was allegedly turned off is nil in the eyes of those powerful compared to the fact that Tursi Gabbard is kinda hot, and that Kamala Harris knows how to dominate!–

What’s important is what’s important!

But hyperboles don’t change minds, and jokes don’t often bridge collective existential crises (yet…). I’ve taken the past two months to get my shit together (sorry), and to do what I can to make sure that nothing I’ve said in the past is too off-point (…) /> but in the interim, dramatic overture: the pieces have been placed, the stage has been set. If people are going to FREAK OUT over the obvious fact that certain people just aren’t people, then it’s the job of the rationalist/decent-person (moderate, centrist, non-crazy-person, whatever you want to call it) to get the hell over it–

Because their extremes aren’t our exoplanet.

They’re our core.

They are what we know to be true because they’re the easiest to see and to appropriate so long as there is an avenue towards compromise in every unwavering commitment, in every proposition. It’s not the extreme facts, or the extension of extreme ideology apropos to extreme action begot through extreme factual emotion, or extreme emotional fact as the line past which one commits to totalitarianism, it’s extreme thinking, a thinking which stakes its entire existence on the sole, simple assertion that the only thing which matters is being right or wrong, and that if people disagree they can go FUCK themselves (assholes!).

Thought only changes through further thinking and conversation (or: through intellect), and personal assumptions and character assassinations have no place in either because they blur the line between fact and fiction, optimism and nihilism.

There is no continuance without accepting these extreme facts and emotions, and holding true that while they may be wrong, they still exist, and that these are still people thinking them, however ‘wrong’ or ‘unjustified’. My FREAKING OUT only FREAKS them out more; my commitment to dealing Absolute judgment only deals Absolute judgment against me.

And that’s the last time I’ll be saying that.