Trump to Sign Bipartisan Spending Bill, May Declare National Emergency to Fund Border Wall (Excerpt on Partisan Fatigue 6)

Ann Coulter is about to lose her shit

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter prepares for the battle of her life

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter prepares for the battle of her life

2/14/19, 7:55 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from The Valley Report

After years of campaign promises, months of partisan infighting, and the longest government shutdown in modern American history, President Trump is currently primed to sign a bipartisan spending bill guaranteeing the government avoid another shutdown. This despite the bill only including a little under $1.5 million of his asked $5.7 billion for his beloved border wall. In response, it has been remarked upon that Trump is now seriously considering declaring a national emergency in order to fund what has become one of his biggest controversies as president.

This whole thing is fucked, and if anyone is in any way okay with how this shit-show surrounding immigration, spending, and Trump’s ‘border wall of hate’ has gone, they’re out of their goddamned minds. Smart people know *SoSmart that a sovereign country needs to protect its borders, or else rescind into tribalism, as the lines which define a ‘country’ having been lost to the ether denies any opportunity to understand something further beyond ‘country’ (as country is the biggest organized unit we know right now (outside of ‘Earth’, of course)). This is not a moral issue, it is simply a fact of life: you cannot have a society without recognizing borders, however big or small. Over time, those borders can gradually disappear–and they should, as we are one small planet in a universe with a potential infinitude of them (planets)–but the over-time display (it happens over the course of some time) of how humans consciously perceive reality must be observed, or else allow humans to run the risk of that naive ignorance responsible for most of the worst atrocities of the past century. Human beings cannot Absolutely bend reality to their whim any more than they can have Absolutely nothing to do with it (game-dichotomy between Free-Will and determinism enacting the possibility for any consciousness to focus time (or perhaps even exist)). Humans react in-time, as we perceive its consistent never-ending renewal (opposite from: ‘space’). It’s also possible that over the next twenty years, AI will completely overturn the U.S. economy, rendering all illegal immigration and quasi-citizen status a potential life-threatening complication in such an uncertain situation.

And Dems knew all that before they let Trump turn American politics into a partisan power-game worth no more than the knowledge that Tom Brady had to cheat in order to win his first two (now of six) Superbowl rings (or I guess Trump more so continued it, but whatever). Thanks to their seemingly never-ending ability to appease Trump anytime he simply alludes to disagreeing with them in any way (they must be working together at this point, because unless they’re as stupid as AOC’s ‘Green New Deal’ (which is quite stupid), there simply is no other possibility), the most divisive president since Nixon may now declare a national emergency just to fund a border security program that makes blatant sense. If a wall isn’t the thing to do about it, why aren’t Democrats willing to even talk about immigration in any terms not inherently Absolutely moral?

Because they’re using this as a way to fire up their base same as Trump is.

If this weren’t the case, this wouldn’t have escalated so far. Executive action on this scale was never meant to be used in this way, and if Trump declares a national emergency, the paranoid far-left already prone to violence is only going to go farther off. That’s not to forgive them for being violent fuck-heads, it’s only to he realistic about the situation /> the spending bill is 1200 fucking pages long and was not released to the house or senate to read until less than 24 hours before the vote was scheduled. That’s simply insane and ridiculous (one sided). The ‘Green New Deal’ was too long, and that barely hit 14 (and, no, that’s not to say it should have been 0 (completely) /> 2 or 3 would have sufficed).

The fact is, people should stop being so outrageous, and let politicians do what they should be doing: talking to each other (and letting me watch…).

But until then, I’ll be marching with Ann Coulter’s new ‘Fuck Trump’ army–

Unless he declares the national emergency…

One-issue voters are virtuous.