Trump Hosts Spectacle State of the Union Address

It was full of everything one would expect in 2019: claps, no claps, chants, tears, cheers and BOOOOOOs

Inside the Capitol in Washington DC as President Trump gives his second State of the Union Adress

Inside the Capitol in Washington DC as President Trump gives his second State of the Union Adress

2/6/19, 8:49 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from WFMZ

Last night, the country GAZED in AWE at the ‘president’ of the United States #IAmTheOnlyPersonWhoDecidesWhosPresident, as he proclaimed ‘the state of our nation is STRONG’ directly to congress–warmly, STRONGly *SoStrong #SoWarmly–with his vice president and the speaker of the house sitting just behind him, on live TV to the whole wide world.

It was a magnificent little event–as it always is–and us little people are lucky to have it.

But last night was the first one in a while that had some merit for all the HOOPLA surrounding it.

First of all: it wasn’t actually totally one sided (crazy in 2016, I know /> must be the Matrix). Trump spoke primarily of bipartisanship, and as much as the Dems and the media may want to try to spin that to say ‘he’s only talking, he’s not actually doing anything’ #Irony #ALittleIronicGivenWhatActuallyHappened #IronyIsAlwaysFunny, I’m not sure what else the State of the Union address is supposed to do. Trump talked accomplishments, got everyone to sing ‘happy birthday’ to a Holocaust survivor at one moment and to chant USA for women’s suffrage in another, and he talked some shit regarding his border wall, but that’s expected /> almost as expected as the Democrats’ totally open-minded reaction to it, but not completely.

Democrats here REALLY wanted to say that they’re unwilling to make any kind of compromise with the president.

Not to say that it was in any way cool how Trump brought up the ‘investigations’ the way that he did (that was stupid, and uncalled for; put a big damper on the whole thing), or that he was always completely on point, but he did come off more willing to break the divide in Washington than the Democrats. Unmoved and unprovoked were they as the president touted record-low minority unemployment, advances in the fight against human trafficking, and a plea not to kill babies after they’ve been born.

Wearing white in honor of women’s suffrage, there was one moment when the women of the Democrats broke their frowns–

When Trump congratulated them for getting elected.

So, listen: I’m not one to disavow the history that has proven unjust against women on this planet, but to go that HAM (Hard as A Motherfucker) over someone merely congratulating you for getting elected (and nothing else (or: not for doing anything)), while you roll your eyes at all the good things that have happened over the past 2 years is simply self-delusional. The fact that you’re a woman is not the only thing that defines you, and your thoughts have nothing to do with that fact, as far the people to whom you speak your thoughts are concerned /> unless those people are pretentious, misogynistic pieces of shit. I know how tough things are in politics right now, but if there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that unemployment–for any group–going down is a good thing, and that human trafficking is fucking terrible.

Democrats lose voters every day with this bullshit, and if Trump is as evil as they say he is, they seem Absolutely hellbent on getting him reelected.

I guess sometimes #Irony is just sad, and not so funny (sometimes…)…