Trump Hands Haters an Early Christmas Gift

By alleging that Democratic lawmakers should ‘go back and fix their own countries’, Trump has not only hurt himself at a moment when he should be rejoicing in promise due simply to external factors, but he’s once again plunged America deeper into doubt and uncertainty

Actual photo of President Donald Trump as he sat on the toilet this past weekend tweeting about how American lawmakers aren’t American because he disagrees with them or (and this is now, unfortunately, legitimately part of the debate) because he’s a racist pig

Actual photo of President Donald Trump as he sat on the toilet this past weekend tweeting about how American lawmakers aren’t American because he disagrees with them or (and this is now, unfortunately, legitimately part of the debate) because he’s a racist pig

7/15/19, 4:33 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Medium

EDIT 7/23/19: Though obviously not all of it, I no longer agree with every aspect of this article; for one, I’ve barely seen anything on arguably Trump’s biggest achievement as president thanks to this hubbub, and it seems as though Trump’s whole thing here was to force the Dems to look like the party of ‘the squad’ opposed to a party of ‘rational people’ anyway (see: the end of this article), but the general statement does still remain that the fact that politics has devolved into this is just not very cool, bruv, come on, like, come on, bruv, come on.

One of the most fascinating bits regarding current American politics is how deeply so many liberal-minded people misunderstand how modern conservatives think, all while claiming to care about all kinds of people, and condescending in their abilities to understand that they know where people are really coming from. ‘They think they’re just joking,’ they may say, ‘but what they’re really doing is dehumanizing people, and feeding into this xenophobic machine which has suppressed so many people for so many years,’ because after being told for decades that even considering the moniker ‘conservative’ is equatable to first degree murder, there is still no reason to think that maybe they’ve stopped trying to talk.

‘It’s like they don’t even know what the term ‘good’ even means; while being 'progressive’ is absolutely synonymous with it (duh).’

There are only so many times you can be laughed at before you rescinds into simply laughing right back. And-a now, once again: the ‘liberal’ claim that you care about all kinds of people is SHATTERED /> if you can’t see how Trump supporters are people and/or you have no interest in finding out why, you’re full of crap. Plain and simple #PlainAndSimple. You do not care about people, you care about identity, and identities are not people (they are categorizations–simplifications–of people).

But modern liberals are far from the only ones misunderstanding this…

Flash to before Trump’s dump #TrumpsDump of what could only have been the most chicken McNuggets he’s had in one sitting since his Charlottesville (before yesterday), and the field is different. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was embroiled in a battle to the death for the souls of all Democrats throughout history summed up in the question: ‘is everyone racist who disagrees with me? Or are they simply not human?’ After alluding to the fact that a ‘water bottle could have won in those districts if had a ‘D’ next to its name’, congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lashed out at the speaker, essentially calling her a racist and even going as far as alluding to an allegation that she may be spurring continuing death threats against her and her fellow ‘progressives’ in congress (‘progressives’ in ‘quotes’ because there is nothing progressive about race-baiting and arguing economics as a placard science no different than theology).

Pelosi was trying to curb the waters, but no matter how you looked at it: it was bad. Ilhan Omar argued over the weekend that ‘we’re living in a society that treats its dogs better than it treats human beings’ (because she… did vote to better fund the crisis on the border? (it would be nice if she presented arguments and not mere fodder for clickbait…) (If she wants to make the argument that the situation on the border is horrible, only racist fucks will disagree; but if we’re talking about solutions, and especially in a context which is only getting more and more politically heated by the hour it may seem anymore, demonizing anyone who even slightly disagrees will only do harm (as we’ll see in a moment)). AOC has been calling ICE detention centers ‘concentration camps’, and comparing the American government to that of Nazi Germany, and, as far as I heard: Joe Biden has officially given up his shot for the presidency (that was a joke: Joe Biden is still in the race, I’m just commenting on how the radical politics of the extremists has overshadowed even the relatively tame rationality of Joe Biden).

And then the president told the world that he thinks American citizens aren’t American citizens, or at least that’s how much of it will hear it (only an idiot would agree with the basis of Trump’s assertion; humans are rational and intellectual now, an evolutionary trait begot once technology had rendered the primal instinct to shoot when shot upon (physically) had proven obviously detrimental to the species as a whole (i.e. the atom bomb)).

And here we are…

Some untethered asshole with its brains locked up tried to shoot up an ICE facility in Tacoma and was killed by police as a result, though we’ve barely heard about that for some reason (oh boy, is it a travesty that the next James Bond may be a black woman (omg) (link used to signify misunderstanding)). Domestic terrorist group Antifa has promised more violence in its wake, upon hoisting a Mexican flag on ICE grounds in Colorado. (The case against ‘racism’ is a case for understanding; stopping racism was never about violence or dehumanization, it was about getting people to understand the differences in experience based on factors as simple as race, religion, etc., before attempting to understand the more complex factors in recognition of the fact that those complexities make no sense without understanding the basics. Moreover, hoisting that flag at an American detention center, outside of the politically obvious, is contradictive simply because it takes the argument away from racism and into strict nationalism /> if of course we’re considering the people we’re arguing with as people whose own thoughts have merit simply because they exist #FUCKYouNoFUCKYouNoFUCKYouNoFUCKYouNo.)

But racists don’t agree with the assertion that people may be more complicated than their most obvious qualities /> and Taylor Swift’s new record is still over a month from release (FUCK!). With the 2020 primaries heating up, watching the Dems tear each other apart and likely ruin their chances at beating Trump can be quite the pastime for conservatives /> assuming that nothing forces a large amount of Americans to give in and accept Dems as not-as-radical as their opponents…

Over the past several hours, Pelosi has called for a resolution on Trump’s comments. Virtually no one remembers the controversies of the weekend or before. It is obviously disturbing to think that the president of the United States is this much of a blatant racist, but the reality is much darker: if every conversation had regarding politics is actually only regarding race, then race transcends politics, and politics no longer exists, replaced with a xenophobic, inherently closed-minded worldview which puts external factors like race at the helm of every decision, even over critical thinking and that simple care for the humanity in another person whom one does not know personally, and which ‘liberals’ like to pretend anymore that they ideologically embody. For Trump to assume that because someone disagrees with him that they should leave the country is missing the point:

Santa only gives presents to good little boys and girls.


And now we’re all getting coal.


(Comment on how ridiculous it is for so many people involved in politics now to ignore basic philosophic principles like the ‘good’ and what allows for healthy debate, in many cases to even change the meaning of the classical ‘good’ to instead mean ‘someone who disagrees with me’. People are advocating for violence on Twitter, as Twitter does nothing, while to make a bad joke will get you banned for life. While this isn’t to say that people who don’t know anything about how thought works shouldn’t be involved in politics, it’s about the same situation as someone who doesn’t know anything about math but basic addition trying to do calculus: everyone uses math, and calculus is important, but if you don’t even know what calculus fundamentally is, then you’re not entitled to much of an opinion on it, let alone involvement in its practical processes.)