Trump Declares National Emergency to 'Unlock' Funds for Border Wall

Experts say he will still likely be unable to build his wall, and he has already been sued for it

The president in his private time

The president in his private time

2/15/19, 9:31 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Freaking News

President Trump today signed a bipartisan spending bill to stop a government shutdown from happening at midnight. The bill allocated just $1.4 billion for the president’s famous border wall, far less than his proposed 5.7 which shut the government down for over a month at the beginning of the year.

But /> this has caused the president to declare a national emergency in order to get the funds he needs.

Here’s the the proposal from the White House (image from CNBC):


Despite experts warning that Trump will be legally unable to allocate funds for domestic issues under a national emergency (an action supposed to be left for military matters alone), and the fact that bill he just signed may have fucked him further, Trump has gone ahead with the order and was sued no less than 4 hours after the announcement. In all fairness: several Democrats (including the famous Ilhan Omar and AOC) voted against the spending bill because it raised funding for the DHS (those evil people protecting a border which doesn’t need to exist (because ‘countries’ are BULLSHIT! (they don’t exist))), so to say that Trump is the only one being absurd here is not totally true.

But it’s pretty close. Declaring a national emergency to fund a campaign promise because you can’t convince congress of your reasons for it sets an extremely dangerous precedence, at best because: when the shoe is on the other foot, you’re fucked; and at worst because it sets up a situation where any demagogue can do whatever the hell she wants so long as she’s charismatic about it. There is the obvious argument that Trump is only doing what he has to do because Dems have in the past two years LOST THEIR FREAKING MINDS (which is far from untrue, to put it lightly), but there’s also the one that says he’s only doing this because it’s what Hannity and the hellspawn Ann Coulter are telling him to do (I’d be afraid of her too, man; you’re not alone).

But that still doesn’t compute because Coulter has since called Trump an idiot for the way he’s handling this situation.

For those who find Trump to have tendencies-authoritarian (because that sounds cooler than ‘authoritarian tendencies), this is a bad move, but for everyone else: it’s at least awkward /> except the Trump cocksuckers who suck the jizz out of every little thing the orangutan says (and you though they were racist, hahahaha…).

If you had a problem with Obama expanding executive power, then you have a problem with Trump doing this.

And if you have a problem with this, then you have a problem with Obama expanding executive power.

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We gotta ‘take the power back!’ (Whoo!)