Tool to Release New Album in April, According to Danny Carey, Band's Website Features New Animation

It’s been almost 13 years of waiting since Tool’s 2006 record, 10,000 Days, yet the fact that music transcends politics has stayed exactly the same

Anxiety over the wait for the new record has been  disastrous  for the mental state of Western society

Anxiety over the wait for the new record has been disastrous for the mental state of Western society

1/28/19, 8:07 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from The Litterbox

Rage Against the Machine may be political, but you don’t have to agree with their politics to appreciate their music (enter Paul Ryan (specific link chosen for a reason))…


You can talk shit all day! on Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ video and lyrics, but you can’t deny: that girl can sing…


Taylor Swift had the best video that year–

Tool Drummer Danny Carey was asked about the state of the new Tool record at NAMM this past weekend (NAMM: National Association of Music Merchants), responding with: “It's out mid-April. That's the plan anyway."

Tool have famously not made a record since 2006’s 10,000 Days, and have been generally quiet regarding the state of a follow up ever since. It’s only been recently, after fans started really getting pissed with the lack of new information, that the band has been more upfront regarding the state of the record (10,000 Days was the band’s fourth record since their debut in 1993 (what is: 4 records in 13 years)), explaining that a tenuous lawsuit had contributed to its delay from 2007-2015.

But today, the countdown has begun.

Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan said on Twitter a few months back that he was finished recording vocals, and today, the bands website has added some new animation (videos from Metal Injection):

Soon after, it was replaced with this:

Is it possible that this has nothing to do with a new record whatsoever? Is it morally acceptable that this TERRIBLE band has made us fools wait so long for a new record which is sure to SUCK anyway?

A lot has happened in the past 13 years /> for example: your politics now matter far more than ANYTHING ELSE YOU MAY EVER DO IN LIFE, and the guys in Tool aren’t that talkative about their politics (although ‘Maynard’: oh, buddy, let’s not get started on him…), so they should probably be stoned or at least whipped for a few hours…


Tool sucks.