Tool Release Release Date of New Release

The as-yet untitled album will be released on August 30th

5/8/19, 4:12 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Metal Injection and above video from Tool’s Facebook Page

After more than 13 years, the new Tool record finally has a release date: August 30th. The news came as a surprise at Tool’s Birmingham, AL show last night–as the date was flashed on a screen and later confirmed on TOol’s Facebook page–and two days after the band debuted two full new songs with vocals at Welcome to Rockville over the weekend.

The hype promoted over the past several months has been agonizing, but the news confirmes that one of rock’s biggest acts (if not the biggest anymore) will be joining the likes of Baroness, Rammstein and others in releasing a new album this year. Hopefully, it’s at least half as good as everyone wants it to be, because otherwise, we may all really have to learn to swim.

Like: after all the Tool fans have destroyed the planet.

At least they’re not Opeth or Dylan fans.