Thousands of Migrants Cross the Mexican Border, Plan to Reach American Border in Coming Weeks

As the caravan crosses the border into Mexico, some are accusing President Trump of manipulating a bad situation to rile his base

The U.N. has assessed the number of migrants in  this  caravan to currently exceed 7,000

The U.N. has assessed the number of migrants in this caravan to currently exceed 7,000

10/22/18, 10:00 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from The Wall Street Journal

After crossing the border into Mexico, a caravan originally consisting of several hundred Hondurans and Guatemalans has swelled to what the U.N. assesses to be over 7,000. Although caravans like this usually tend to decrease in number before reaching the American border, this number is still high, and it comes just in time for a very special event–

The U.S. midterm elections.

President Trump has responded by threatening to decrease aid to pretty much every country involved in this (Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras), or even to bring in the military to stop the caravan itself in its tracks. These caravans have been happening almost every year for the past decade and are oftentimes organized by an organization whose goal is to bring awareness to the troubles of those living in these countries.

It’s a tough issue: the American economy can’t handle that many immigrants being admitted to the country–it’s just not going to work (unless you’re okay with having a much harder time feeding your kids), and illegal immigrants have the additional problem being the fact that they might have malicious intent (it does happen, maybe not so much as to warrant a national emergency, but it is still a legitimate part of the question). Most importantly is the fact that if we just keep taking in these people, they’ll never get their own countries on track, and we’ll end up with a world where everyone thinks the American way is the only way. It’s certainly a good one, but other peoples deserve the right to their own histories.

On the other hand, it obviously sucks to be someone working 16 hour days and making the equivalent of maybe $20.

Do, sooner or later, they need to accept what’s happening and take control of the situation? Is this that much of our business? (Yes. Yes, it is.) What might happen if a few tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants just pour into the United States at any time, let alone a time as divided as now?

Well, the midterms are coming up. Research your candidates, comrades, and cast your votes. Saddle your horses, and worship your Fuehrers on Sunday. That’s all you need to do…

No sense in thinking for yourself, or talking to people who may know more than you do (it’s the candidates who matter! That’s why it’s okay for me to be violent…).