The Trump Tweet Tribune Continues (Trump Tweet Tribune #1)

The President of the United States Continues HIs Trend of Updating FDR’s Fireside Chats for a New Age

Stormy Daniels hosting a super bowl party in Las Vegas

Stormy Daniels hosting a super bowl party in Las Vegas

10/16/18, 5:45 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from MSNBC

Such was the tweet the president of the United States sent out Tuesday morning in response to the horseface in question’s defamation lawsuit against him being thrown out on Monday.

And such was the horseface in question’s response, implying that the president has a something of an undersized genitalia, and that he’s into banging horses.

This truly is an incredible time to be alive. Why anyone would call a woman a horseface outside of a joke (Trump may be partly joking, but within the context (Trump’s history with women, the Me Too shit, etc.), I can see how taking it somewhat seriously in this case may be justified (the context is skewed, and the exaggeration isn’t much of an exaggeration (Trump says shit like this all the time, and he clearly did it for additional reasons outside of simply making a joke) #GeorgeCarlin #WhatMakesAJoke), I don’t fully understand. But I also kind of think that Daniels is only doing all of this more as a career move than an emotional one.

So I guess I’m a FULL patriarchal, chauvinist piece of shit male PIG–

Who does this? How is this a thing? Why do people care?

To gossip is far more fun than to think (horseface), and Twitter is, essentially, all just a big gossip forum. (All of the Internet? The human condition? Toad from Mario Kart???)

FDR indeed (same context *ExactlyTheSame *ExactlyTheSame *ExactlyTheSame).