Terrorist Group Antifa Take over Portland

Directing Traffic and Harassing People is Stupid, Antithetical to the Idea of Progress, and Contradictive in This Circumstance

A member of Rose Antifa Portland forces a man to turn right at a Portland intersection to avoid the mob straight ahead. In another instance, a man’s car was damaged as the mob reacted to his daring to call them out (see video below (the shorter one)).

A member of Rose Antifa Portland forces a man to turn right at a Portland intersection to avoid the mob straight ahead. In another instance, a man’s car was damaged as the mob reacted to his daring to call them out (see video below (the shorter one)).

10/10/18, 3:35 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Hotair.com

*Offended alert: I apologize for the tone of this piece /> but I actually care about the future of people, and not just of people who think like I do. You’re being hypocritical, and hurting people at least as much as Donald Trump may be by pretending to be anything other than a proxy. You are not for ‘minorities’, or ‘equality’, you are for telling people how to live, and enforcing upon them an ideology which places you as the greatest, smartest, most beautiful think in the universe. I do not like you because you are making my job a lot harder, not because I don’t think we could get along, or because I don’t think you can grow the fuck up at some point in the future; people need to think, and you’re forcing them to turn that mechanism off in favor of a primal capability only useful if everyone has stopped giving a fuck about anything but being the biggest and the baddest and banging as many whores as they can for the sake of the tribe, and only the sake of the tribe.

If it’s bad, take it back…

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Only in that way shall we live without the fatigue of bitterness and the drain of resentment.” –MLK Jr. (This has no relation to the content of this article, btw.)

Dear bitches

You don’t get to call yourself ‘anti-fascist’ and then go and do things violent fascists do (like terrorizing a city, harassing senior citizens, or assuming any kind of non-worth to other humans (and that last one is the important one)) without being labeled a terrorist group. That is morally inconsistent. If you want to fight ‘fascists’, you do it with words, you do it with arguments, because to do it any other way is to bring yourself down to their level, and so become a ‘fascist’ yourself. I know shit is hard right now, but that is no excuse to bring the world to its knees under the guise of moral righteousness taken in ernest ignorant of a subconsciousness (unless you know everything there is to possible know /> you little genius, you =333), it is no excuse to ignore your inherent potential for evil, a quality inherent in all human beings, and the exact damning factor you claim these ‘fascists’ fail to do, and which so justifies your leveling of yourselves to barbarism, this hypocrisy being only the first step in the growing tangible comparison of you to obedient little ‘Eichmanns’, damning you to eternal mismanagement for the same exact reasons why we know the Nazi’s deserved damnation (at the Absolute very least: Arendt’s Banality of Evil (idiots)).

Such a terrorist group fancies itself justified to categorize humans into ‘worthy’ and ‘not worthy’ (Alice), and is exactly what the terrorist group ‘Antifa’ (short for ‘anti-fascist’ (which let me assure you, they are not)) have been privy to doing ever since, as MSNBC has coined it (Trump’s election in 2016): THE IMMEDIATE COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF PLANET EARTH!!!

Personal thoughts on Trump=Hitler vs. Trump=Jesus aside (it’s a stupid question; presidents were never meant to assume that much power (unless the purporter was… a president?)), the most divisive election since Lincoln-Douglass should have taught us exactly what that election should have taught us then, but didn’t: everyone is part of the same plight, we all want what we think is best. We may disagree over ‘what is best’, or we may, worse and probably more frequently, realize when people are simply wrong in their assertions regarding that question, but to violently attack their views (or any human quality simpler than a conglomeration of at least three basic qualities (race, spiritual understanding, personal experience (or sexual orientation, musical preference, personal experience, or political affiliation, opinions on Woody Harrelson, personal experience (in fact: just personal experience alone will do (as everyone has different personal experiences)))) as implications of conditions inferring their existences Absolutely as non-human is fascist

Like: that’s just what a fascist does (according to them, in fact)

She twists all fodder-for-thought, be it right or wrong, into an excuse to consider a person not a human, and so justify violence against that person, which inevitably leads to totalitarianism (because I’m right and you’re wrong, and you need to be destroyed before you destroy me with your thoughts (inherently horrible) (thoughts which can only be determined by a simple existence (like ‘identities’ like race, sexual orientation, etc. as if those categories could ever possibly fully define a person) *Clearly *Clearly *Clearly)). People attepmting to claim this a necessary point of passage for the human condition ignore intellect as its own thing though grown from primacy and so subconsciously assert that man is a primitive beast before she is an intellectual one (thoughtful) now, which could only be true if we had no reason to conclude that humans are capable of doing things that primitive beasts cannot (like building rockets, or being Cardi B, for example (and that was not meant as a burn)).

In other, more astute, words: Antifa is anti-human (or: anti-love, for the sticklers <3)..

Any group which claims to be ‘anti-fascist’, but which consistently engages in fascist practices is not only hypocritical, but, and this is much more to the point, anti-diversity, anti-love, and indeed anti-human, for reasons imbibed by the psyche. They may claim to be for equal rights for all, that they’re fighting for the rights of women and minorities, but they aren’t, as you lose that claim the moment you turn violent as that’s a reduction to barbarism necessarily ignoring any potential ‘rights’ for anyone outside of the simply most powerful, the concept of ‘rights’ being inherently non-violent, or, looking at it as a concept preceding concepts like ‘reason’ or ‘logic’ or science (the classical definition of ‘rights’ being that which makes those concepts possibly understood), even anti-violence.

In the videos below we see the terrorist group (dressed always in black, and often with masks on) attacking senior citizens, blocking traffic, and harassing anyone who comes their way /> so long as they’re white. My personal favorite is the ‘assaulting’ old lady in the wheelchair, but that might be taking this a little too cynically (…no way). The cops have allegedly allowed the group to conduct themselves in this way, and the mayor has reportedly been MIA throughout this ordeal, which started over the weekend over a police shooting (justified emotion does not equate to justified violence as the former exists only in the mind and the latter only in the ‘outside’ world). Throughout the past several years, Antifa has been known to physically attack people attending any kind of conservative event; to riot, and disrupt all daily life, all in the name of ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, and a sense of pretentiousness unequaled in modern America outside of Gordon Ramsay (*Joke). This is because any assertion of a mission statement from a group which regularly employs totalitarian tactics (‘hate speech’ (hypocritical and assuming of agreement), threats of violence (also hypocritical and assuming), and an inability to separate emotion and reality (reality: equally fact and emotion, as far as human perception understands its base)), claiming diversity and equality to be, at best, subconsciously ignorant, and, at worst, consciously dishonest and ‘hate-fueled’ (because without active hate, Antifa is just another group of progressives, right?).

There is nothing wrong with change /> certainly some of the situations surrounding particular points Antifa attempts to make are warranted and justified. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a positive change in one’s community, but there is something wrong with assuming that someone like Ben Shapiro, for example, is an extremist, or that he wants to advocate for inequality of any kind (because he doesn’t, and very few conservatives actually do, their views on how to go about it just different (and for the record #ForTheRecord: I lean liberal on most topics)). You may disagree with him on specifics and when it comes to his rhetoric (and I certainly do there), but, again: you solve that problem by talking to the dude, not FREAKING OUT, banging against locked supreme court doors, and destroying people’s lives who have done nothing wrong, or who are perhaps in need of a little guidance (should you just kill the seventeen year old who just got arrested for murder? Is it possible for people to change? What could possibly help a person to make such a change? Something liberals used to claim to be all for…).

Sen. Rand Paul recently published a tweet (I hate Twitter) purporting a fear of his that all of this divisiveness is going to drive up assassination attempts, and as such violence in general. That may be the fault of the media, or of certain politicians, but groups like Antifa are actively trying to convince people to kill other people, by claiming that there is no other way, or at least that’s how some people are going to hear it. Human nature is such that we don’t know everything, and so to assume pretty much anything when it comes how other people are going to act or react in any particular situation is to ignore exactly that which makes all of us equal: not our races, not our genders, not our political affiliations, musical preferences, or even our opinions on Mathew McConaughey

The fact that we care (the hateful (or the fascists) do care, that care is just misplaced, misunderstood, or misguided)…

And if you want to change my mind (you DOG!), threatening or attempting to hurt me isn’t going to cut it.