Recent Louis C.K. Stand-Up Audio Leaked

The material is not PC at best, and career-saving at worst

The ogre himself, at a rare appearance outside his cave

The ogre himself, at a rare appearance outside his cave

1/1/19, 5:59 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from

“Fuck you. You’re not interesting cause you went to a high school where kids got shot. Why does that mean I have to listen to you? How does that make you interesting? You didn’t get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I got to listen to you talking?”

“Everybody gets upset when there’s a shooting at a high school. I don’t see why it’s worse than anybody else dying, I don’t.”

“They tell you what to call them–’you should address me as ‘they/them’ because I identify as gender-neutral’. Oh, okay, okay. You should address me as ‘there’ because I identify as a location, and the location is your mother’s cunt!”

Leaked audio has been released from a surprise Louis C.K. stand-up show at a comedy club first reported several months back.

After multiple women accused C.K. of sexual assault in November of 2017–and his subsequent admittance of it–the comedian has been living as a recluse. His sitcom was cancelled and pulled from every major outlet, his then-finished most recent movie was scrapped at the last moment, and his ability to appear in public–be it on stage or on talk shows or whatever–has been virtually annihilated. In a world where real penalties can come if you say the wrong words, a US-based comedian still only has to worry about the far less dangerous complete ruination of her career… I mean at least there’s no jail time.

But in the case of Louis C.K., there might be. To be clear: I do not endorse what C.K. did to those women. Beyond being fucked up from a power-structure point of view, it’s just fuckin’ weird, and if I were to hear that someone I knew were doing that I’d say something. I have before. Catcalling is weird enough–if I had to put up with that every day, I’d go fuckin’ nuts and eat a pound of pizza every morning for the sole reason to try to deter its frequency (the sole reason)–but just whipping it out and masturbating in front of people is about the real-life-event equivalent of the the Human Centipede movies. Hell, jackin’ it alone feels weird enough… We are all winners… Well, outside of Louis C.K., I guess (or: those of us who just have to ‘get off’ every moment of every day; and yes, that was a metaphor).

Louis C.K. certainly deserves shit (I have called him a ‘hypocrite’ and a pervert). Jokes about a dude who’s career had almost been ruined because he jerked off too much take a long time to get old. Not only that, but he’ll never get to the point he was at before: just due to the controversy alone, his sitcom is likely never to come back, and his chances of a full-scale revival would depend on how good the PC Police is at getting his name out there (which they’re GREAT at, btw #Congratulations), but if all we’re trying to do as a society is ruin people’s careers when they do stupid shit, why does any of it matter? The line between outrage and totalitarianism is extremely thin: the two justify one another (though certainly not speech and respect… (*Joke)).

The second quote about the parkland survivors, especially that second quote above, is admittedly a little tosh (‘tosh’ (derived from comedian Daniel Tosh): adj., meaning: overtly offensive for the sake of a strongly hidden self-deprecation meant to mask the fact that the speaker is entirely dependent on a sense of acceptance, at the cost of cohesion), but the first is something I’ve heard many people make a point to think, people from all political sides. Yes, these kids went through something entirely traumatic, but trauma is not the same thing as study. It’s worth something–something strong–but it’s not everything. To get upset at C.K. for calling out what many of us think every time David Hogg tries to tell me he’s smarter than I am because he can Tweet better (and he’s right about another thing too: these people are not yet 20; it’s dangerous enough to deify older, proven people just on the understanding that deification almost always leads to unlimited power if brought to its logical conclusion (almost, not absolutely) /> but to do it to people who haven’t actually done anything yet, and who are, on top of that, at that age where that understanding of power is at its arguably most fragile, makes for a recipe for disaster, at least from a psychological perspective (because I’m a genius)) is akin to very simply missing the point. Comedians play to a live audience–it’s one of very few professions where that’s almost your only job–and no comedian with half a brain would be joking about the Parkland massacre to an audience of people even just remotely PC, let alone those who actually lived through it.

That doesn’t mean that what C.K. said should be accepted by everyone, but it does mean that reality is not as simple as ‘black vs. white’, ‘up vs. down’ and ‘left vs. right’. Reality has nuance to it– an infinity of details the totality of which is impossible to even attempt to understand by a consciousness existing in-time (total genius). Good comedians realize that, subconsciously (because doing that consciously would ruin the ability to speak to a live audience), though more so the recognition that that’s essentially their primary job: to make the nuance visible, even if only for a moment, and even of only to one person out of 8 billion and counting.

Given the climate right now (PC police apparently have no idea how reality works (or: the complexity of reality)), the more ‘the comedian’ gets that, the better she’ll be at making any kind of ‘comeback’ from a series of bad decisions which no one should forget, if anything for comedy’s sake–

Louis the Pervert can try to force me to call him whatever he wants, but if he just accepts that new name, and makes it whatever he is going to make it into (‘he’, here: whoever the hell ‘you’ ‘are’) he’ll have no problem at least finding an ‘audience’ to hear him out–given that what he has to say isn’t just rhetorical, pseudo-political, power hungry, self-aggrandizement for the sake of not wanting to do the hard work of listening to people when they make ‘us’ feel uncomfortable, no matter how in the wrong ‘they’ may be, or how nuanced–because people will always subconsciously subconsciously separate the art and the artist. No matter how terrible of a person the artist may be, or how ‘objectively’ ‘bad’ the art–

Or how ‘genius’.

Me, before my career got ruined for calling non-humans human

Me, before my career got ruined for calling non-humans human

We’re all geniuses…

And we’re all going to jail.