Representative Rashida Tlaib Slammed for Antisemitic Remarks (on Antisemitism 1)

The new congresswoman is back in the spotlight with some thoughts on the BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions (for Israel until it ends ‘international support for Israel's oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law’)) sure to turn some heads

Michigan’s 13th district representative Rashida Tlaib pictured here calling for the extermination of all non-Muslim peoples (this is a joke– she has never called for such an action; satire  is  a thing)

Michigan’s 13th district representative Rashida Tlaib pictured here calling for the extermination of all non-Muslim peoples (this is a joke– she has never called for such an action; satire is a thing)

1/8/19, 1:57 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from ABC News

I’ve had a rule: stay away from Israel.

It’s just too heated. No matter what anybody says, somebody is sure to get pissed off, and, at the very least, attempt to completely ruin my life if they can’t get some nutjub to shoot up the mall when I happen to be there (sorry, but that’s why people are going crazy: they’ve been taught that nothing happens in this world unless through pure outrage, and nothing else- so they freak out themselves (as a way of revolting against that??)). Moreover, I do not nearly know everything regarding this topic and, given how heated it IMMEDIATELY gets when brought up (see: one fucking sentence ago), it seems most morally consistent to me to keep my dumb ass out of this one.

It’s even not that big of a topic anyway, right?


But if I’m going to attempt it, it might as well be now, as it’s something a lot of people have on their minds, and something I do have some thoughts on as well, however juvenile, though, honestly probably most of all: I’m rather just confused about the whole thing…

Let’s see if my confusion is warranted…

Rashida Tlaib was elected the first Muslim woman to the U.S. House of Representatives in U.S. history last November. On her first day in office, she wrote an op-ed with John Bonifaz for the Detroit Free Press calling for the impeachment of the president, and later that day famously proclaimed in a speech that “WE’RE GONNA GO IN THERE AND IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER!” (this article is not about how stupid all the ‘he said, she said’ politics which essentially got Trump into the White House is (and how these idiot Democrats are doing exactly the same thing again)- it’s not, it’s not, it’s not). Many people were upset, including the president, who proved, once again, as always, that he’s the *Best, *TheBest *TheBest when it comes to calming political tensions (following in the steps of his predecessor, I know, but whatever).

Yesterday, Tlaib made headlines again.

No, it’s not because she called Trump another ‘bad word’, or because a video came out of her dancing to Mony, Mony (but boy, wouldn’t that be great?). Rather, it was something far more unexpected, and light years ahead in overall relevance (actually, that last one may be partly true):

A Tweet.

This seems at first about as important as the size of the president’s dick, but if you hear much of any conservative commentary, this is indeed quite the big load of shit. Isn’t it funny how even something as promiscuous and minutely detailed as the situation in the Middle East can still draw blatant partisan lines for the sake of bigger ratings or a stronger voter turnout?

It’s like Plato never even existed–

We’ll momentarily forget about the fact that it was Bernie Sanders who first had anything resembling this terrible opinion (but,… I guess… he’s Jewish?… And she’s Muslim?… ???… I really don’t understand this whole thing). The bill they’re referring to is indeed the first bill to be introduced under the new congress, and in the midst of a government shutdown. Drafted by Republicans Marco Rubio and James Risch, the bill consolidates four bills leftover from the last congress, one of which promises $38 billion in defense assistance to Israel over the next ten years, and another which gives further protection to states that pass legislation targeting the allegedly antisemitic BDS movement.

I say ‘allegedly’ because I don’t fully see how they’re antisemitic. Yes, they question Israel (which is a very complicated question), and the concept ‘antisemitism’ is different than other forms of prejudice in that it involves a ‘conspiratorial’ aspect (though that word is far from the right word), but just because someone has problems with what the Israeli government is doing, that person is arguing for a full renunciation of the Jewish people? Dual citizenship for politicians seems to me to somewhat strange, though I could likely be convinced otherwise. But we can’t even fund our own government right now; what are we doing promising $38 billion to another country?

’Oh, they’re our biggest ally in the Middle East,’ ‘the Jews have been prosecuted based on pure prejudice throughout all of time.’

The Jews have indeed been prosecuted throughout all of time, and antisemitic sentiment is stronger now in America, and across the world, than it has been in decades. That’s fuck up, and if we’re going to figure out why that’s the case, we’re going to need a much bigger avenue than a blog written by one guy. But that complexity is not solely the fault of ‘dual citizenship’, or Donald Trump, or Rashida Tlaib using a medium almost specifically designed (it would seem) (Twitter) to divide people (politics? (just imagine if I’d tweeted any of this)), is it? Or is it because people are tired of not knowing what they need to know (because they don’t have time?? ($$$)), and hearing how much more important it is than knowledge the fact that somebody had something an opinion to spout on Twitter.


Did you know that if you are not 100% ethnically Jewish, it is impossible to become a citizen there? I seriously don’t really know what I’m talking about... I get that WW2 was really not that long ago, and there IS a potent need to protect our Jewish neighbors, especially in times of unrest (like right now?) (because when people don’t trust their governments, conspiracy theories run abound (be they fully false, or otherwise)), but imagine if America followed that doctrine. Or anywhere in the west? This is partly where many of these strident, truly antisemitic nationalists get their fuel: why does Israel get to run an ethno-state, but when ‘I’ even so much as mention it, I’m called a racist bigot creep who doesn’t understand how the world works? And, moreover,  does that justified paranoia begot from the obvious (and, again, factual) fact that Jews have been wrongfully persecuted throughout history render reactionary emotion as the only ‘morally’ correct path to tread down here?

Israel has not joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and has refused to let anyone inspect its alleged nuclear weapons facilities. It is unknown how many nuclear weapons Israel has, though it is widely believed to be at least in the 100-200 range. Obviously, Israel needs the right to defend itself, but it seems strange to keep this a secret, though, again, and I cannot stress this enough: I do not know everything on this topic. There very well may be an argument to prove my anxiety ill-got. But how a bill giving protection to states which enact harsher penalties to those who boycott Israel isn’t an infringement on free speech is beyond me.

You don’t have to agree with them, but should they have to right to do what they wish if it doesn’t hurt anyone? Unless Israel is in something of a ‘different category’ than every other country, and if it is: in which way(s)?(?)

It certainly is in at least one way (see, once again: historical hostility towards the Jewish people (though that may imply more than just one (way))), but I don’t see how because someone is justified in her emotional response, that renders any objective thought on the matter Absolutely nil. Is someone ABSOLUTELY antisemitic because they think that the Israeli government is committing unjustified atrocities against Arabs in the area? They may be wrong in their factual understanding of the actual situation, but does that not call for conversation as a remedy, over shame and condemnation? Is someone an ABSOLUTE HOMOPHOBE if they still watch that horrible man Kevin Hart do stand up (or whatever the hell we’re calling it anymore)? Israel may be far more complicated, but that only truly serves as more of a reason to calm down regarding the topic, and not to simply point more fingers and shout more names and insults.

So what do you think? Is my confusion warranted? Or am I officially an antisemitic Jew-hating Nazi who should keep his damn opinions to himself or else be run out by the mob (but… like, which mob?).

I’m still confused…