President Trump Makes Up for Prolonged Shutdown with Fast Food for White House Guests

College football champs, the Clemson Tigers, visited the White House yesterday during a partial government shutdown, and learned just how bad things can really get

President Trump on his most fabulous day as president

President Trump on his most fabulous day as president

1/15/19, 6:57 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from The National Review

It’s official: the 2018-19 ‘border-wall-based’ partial government shutdown is the longest government shutdown in American history. With no end in sight, Trump’s approval ratings have gone down, while overall support for his border wall has gone up. Hundreds of thousands of government workers haven’t received a paycheck in over two weeks, and Democrats are partying it up in hurricane-ravaged Puerto-Rico with the cast of the broadway smash Hamilton (Hamilton showrunner Lin Manuel-Miranda recently defended this event, arguing that it brings notoriety to the crisis in Puerto-Rico).

But none of this stopped the day-to-day needs of the president–any president–to come off as down-to-Earth and humble.

In light of the fact that the shutdown has furloughed the White House’s chefs and servers, Trump bought over $2000 worth of fast food to a college football team otherwise expecting a four-star meal. A combination of Wendy’s, Burger King, Domino’s, and, of course, McDonald’s, Trump’s glee surprised even his hardest critics. This comes a week after Trump addressed the nation regarding the shutdown, and made his case for the border wall.

Oh, wait. Omg. I just realized I’m missing the biggest part of this story…

Trump called hamburgers ‘hamberders’ (or is that in the most recent Family Guy episode??).

Look at those candles, man; I’d be pissed as fuck if I walked into a room like that and the orangutan server with the small hands and no on-person birth certificate proving his species-hood offered me Domino’s and other fast food ‘berder’ joints, rather than my expected Outback Steakhouse FULL MEAL I deserve (though: as a national champion, I probably should expect at least Longhorn)…