President Trump Addresses the Nation in a Primetime Address Regarding Border Security and the Government Shutdown

The speech was followed almost immediately by a rebuttal from Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

Donald Trump returns to primetime!

Donald Trump returns to primetime!

1/9/19, 4:21 pm EST 

By John Corry, photo from USAToday 

In his first Oval Office address as President, Donald Trump accomplished a lot: he SLAMMED Democrats and their inability to reach a compromise, he PROVED he can read from a Teleprompter (but can he read an entire book?), and he referenced some shoddy information on immigration. Reactions were mixed, but the leaders of the Democratic party’s certainly weren’t.

Whoever said vultures can’t take on human forms is a hack (Image from  NBCNews )

Whoever said vultures can’t take on human forms is a hack (Image from NBCNews)

Whatever one’s thoughts are regarding Trump’s overhyped ‘border wall’, the fact is that the government has been partly shutdown for almost three weeks, and some solution needs to be found. No side is going to win this completely outright: if Trump really wants his wall, he’s going to have to give something to the Democrats, and for the Democrats to think that they can just throw up their hands and say ‘you’re not getting anything’ (essentially) is just ridiculous. Democrats want to fund more border agents and what they call a ‘technologically advanced’ solution. Trump wants a 30ft physical barrier. The Democrats will not pass any funding bill which includes any money for the wall, and Trump will not pass one without it.

It’s a classic case of ‘everyone’s either too stubborn or ruled by mob mentality to move’ if there’s ever been one (which there absolutely has, by the way). Trump made some statistical references regarding the physical harm done by people here illegally, which has been debunked by most accounts, and did his best to sound emotional, which he mostly failed at. He didn’t make much of an effort to allude to the fact that Democrats are refusing to make any kind of a deal to end the shutdown, and he didn’t come off as sympathetic to anyone with any other kinds of thoughts on the matter. This is par for the course with him, but this was a rare opportunity to show that he’s not simply some demagogue haranguing the presidency for his own kicks. Reports that he may still be considering calling a national emergency to get his funding are still going around. Regardless of the logistics regarding that line of action, doing it would make many already angry and worried people more angry and worried, and would force what should be a legitimate debate over what to do at the southern border into only more–as If we don’t hear this enough already–name calling and calls for violence.

All of which the Democrats seized upon like vultures in their ‘rebuttal’, aired mere minutes after Trump’s speech was over, on all the same networks and channels.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer appeared side-by-side and made their case to the American people in much the same way Trump did: Absolute us versus them. They rallied about how dangerous Trump is, as the ‘maniacal’ liar in chief (yes, he doesn’t exactly tell the truth (to put it lightly), but there are a ton of people who agree with his main sentiment on this issue, so writing him off because he got some stats wrong, however moral, still misses the reality of this particular question (this question: what to do about this fucking mess)), they repeatedly accused Trump of demagoguery specifically for the ‘crisis’ he’s making out of illegal immigration, and, predictably, they refused to compromise (in the most ‘heartfelt’ way possible, nonetheless). They made it abundantly clear, as they (mostly rightfully) accused Trump of doing in his speech, that they will. not. compromise. 

At all. 

Which is exactly what their voters want, just as it is Trump’s (but, like: for him not to compromise, not the other way around). Trump’s political reasoning remains clear-and-consistent: any law not doing something which the Democrats cannot take back if they ever win control of the presidency again (which they inevitably will, hopefully (it’s called a heathy electorate: one group controlling everything means no other group gets a say— which is stupid if you give any kind of fuck about what the founding fathers thought (diversity of thought))) will be rebuked once they regain power. A physical barrier is the only thing Trump can do to ensure that the Democrats won’t simply re-do the law when they regain power so that, as time moves forward, and more immigrants fly in, they gain voters, and grow the government into a daycare—

At what point do Central American countries have to take responsibility for their own countries? Yes, America has done far more than its fair share of the damage down there, but is taking all of the blame really the way to go about it? It sucks that this is the situation we’re in, but, sooner or later, Mexico has to take Mexico back from the gangs and the cartels or else become a gang/cartel. What happens when all of the innocent Mexicans are in America and the only people left in Mexico are the people trying to run the world into the ground so they can make a profit?–

Or is that hitting a little too close to home? 

Everyone is dissatisfied with the situation at the border, but the question is what we do about it, not why we’re dissatisfied. We all already know why: this has been around long enough. Crying over lost lives is only half the battle, the other half lies in finding common ground with those whose solutions completely oppose ours, not in SHOUTING at them and grandstanding moral virtuosity from the comfort of your own cell phone or laptop.

I saw a Facebook post earlier from an old friend of mine (I do not engage on social media) which essentially amounted to the age-old intellectually complex demand to ‘punch Nazi’s’. A quick history lesson: if you ‘punch a Nazi’, It punches you back (and that’s ignoring the fact that unless you’ve pledged allegiance to that waste of an organization, specifically, you’re not an actual Nazi). I understand that people don’t like people being assholes, but nobody who actually ‘feels’ for people the way these ‘progressives’ claim to is going to think that violence against anybody is okay, nor even the exultation of what I am now terming actual hate speech: the thinking that no compromise can be had, however little or big it may be, with ANYONE who disagrees with ME— EVER!!!

And that includes an orangutan having trouble reading off a teleprompter.