Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$: Part Three, Chapter Nine

Excerpts from r(E)volutionized contributor John Corry’s satire Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$

Physical front, back and spine of Corry’s Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$.

Physical front, back and spine of Corry’s Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$.

12/24/18, 10:35 pm EST

By John Corry

From the flap:

“Imagine if Tom Wolfe had been born in 1975 and instead of writing 'Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers' in 1970, he'd have written a book about the state of society and it's obsession with social media, internet fame and all of the intricacies that go along with it. On shrooms. Using Chuck Palahniuk's 'Pygmy' as his sole piece of inspiration.... you'd have John Corry's 'Phi11y's P-Hines[T] /> #Hardcore Phant-[O]m$'.” -Travis Besecker (author and comedy writer)

After 19-year-old reformed gang member Randall Gähstŭr is brutally murdered at the start of the Baltimore riots of 2015, the subsequent investigation leads both his former closest friends and the two very different special agents assigned to investigating the case into a web of conspiracy involving everything from police corruption, to global world domination, to manipulated/unnecessarily clung-to gang violence (relatively defined), war, and, eventually /> r(E)volution.

Every Monday and Friday, we’ll be releasing 1-2 chapters of r(E)volutionized contributor John Corry’s Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$. You check it out here, get a free PDF here, or check it out on Amazon, or on Barnes and Noble.

Parental discretion is advised.


September 24th, 2015

10:13 p.m.

>Still relevant (I’m fairly certain (or: I hope so :/)) <

The room was BUSTING with voice over voice, shaking in fear and doubt within an unnoticed blaze of ‘libertarian freedom laws!’, permeating the air like an invisible virus, saturating the people’s nostrils a misrepresented unavoidable evil #Capitalism #NeverQuestionTheUnquestionable #TheBest *TheBest*TheBe-st*TheBest*TheBest #LibertarianismAsWhatItHates(WatchOut-ForIt,That’sAllI’mSaying):/ , and no shout went unnoticed by the all-inclusive Speaker of the House: Speaker Glenn Bawlzzzz (cult (party)-allegiance already cited (R(edneck): Republican XD #BecauseThat’sWhatMatters #Rednecks #RedneckLivesMatter #TheBiggestRednecks(Cucks)*TheBiggestRednecks(Cucks) )) (or: many shouts went unnoticed by the all-inclusive speaker of the house: Speaker Glenn Bawlzzz x//). He stood at his podium like a king, yawning sooooo heroically[1] over the chaotic proceedings like a bored and utterly disappointed-but-way-past-feeling-anything-about-it father of five-hundred-and-thirty-five (435+ 100)–

“Here, here, people. Here, here,” he said with enthusiasm (#Sarcasm(HeWasNotEnthusiastic) ).

>Senator Walsh was just assassinated<

>No word yet on a suspect<


“I’ll remind you that this is a Session of Congress!!!!!, House Minority Leader Ass of Florida (D: Florida(Trash) ©),” House Majority Leader Beth Miller (R: (#Ho(Hoe))Ohio©) made apparent, already amidst the argument. “And no one has ever bickered here; like, ever–”

“This is no mere session of congress, Ms. Miller,” Ass replied. “We’ve just witnessed the devastating loss of one of our most respected peers–”

“One of your most respected peers–”

“What’s the difference, ASSHOLE?–”

“WE ARE NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!–”

“Rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble, rabble,” and on #Vonnegut –

 “Hey, hey! Again!! Calm down, people!!!!” The Speaker yelled, but nobody heard (nobody listened). Finally, he stood up, grew some bawlzzzz, smashed his gavel, and barked, “ORDER!! ORDEEERR!!!!!!”

The room quieted…

“Please allow the writer of the bill to go on,” Bawlzzzz said. Then he yawned again and sat back down.


“Thank you, Speaker Bawlzzzz,” House Majority Leader Beth Miller continued. “As I was saying, there have been over 400 fatal police shootings this year, and it is only September–”

“Half of those people were white, I’ll have you know–”

“And criminal–”

“I’m just giving the facts that I have in front of me. I’m not trying to argue identity politics–”

“Way to bring that up, I thought you were bi-partisan–”

Miller went on: “When adjusted by the population of the census tracts at the places where the shootings occurred, blacks were killed by police three times more than any other race[2]. Over the past thirty years, we’ve seen a shift of epic proportions in the way we treat criminals and criminal justice in this country, particularly in our poor inner cities. Our prison population has gone up 700% since 1970[3], thanks, in due part[4], to a wide array of fear-based laws, (patriot act, ‘stand your ground’, the ‘drug war’ in particular (just: for example) :/), and a dispro-portionate growth of wealth, opportunity for understanding, and/or manipulation of the economic and judicial systems in this country, and those institutions’ direct relationships with the public[5]. 57% of those currently in prison for nonviolent drug offenses are either black or Hispanic[6], who together make for about 30% of our entire population. Fifty-seven percent. Non-violent drug offenses…”

She looked around the room for a moment as, even for her, a lifelong conservative with a strict no-tolerance policy when it came to illegal drugs, she was noticeably shocked by these statistics.


 “The United States of America,” she ‘adlibbed’, still looking assiduously around the room. “With only 5% of the world’s population, is home to 25% of its prisoners[7]. There are more people locked up in this country for nonviolent drug offenses than for any other fucking crime combined–”

“And we’re still wondering if our police force should even look into the assassination of who was probably the most popular politician in a century! Whose potential for positive change eclipsed that of every single person in this room in just her little pinky–”

House Minority Leader Ass interrupted to respond to Congressman Dicksalot’s (R: (Crass) Nebraska©) rude original one (interruption (literally the line/paragraph just before this one =o)) with dissociation: “That’s an opinion, Representative, and knowing your parties’ history for emotional clinging and attachment, perhaps even a morally dishonest judgment–”

Our party!?” someone continued INTERRUPTING (:!). “What about your party’s inability to stop classifying everyone into groups, and then assuming that you guys know what those Individuals think, based on nothing more than that group’s designation to which no one other than you have just attached them???–”

“People are more than mere words or numbers! As are opinions, judgments and ideologies!–”

“Again, can we refrain from the irrational bickering here, guys? Come on now–”

“That’s what this session has been for the past hour!–”

“Hour? Try decade or more, house republican!–”

“FUCK YOU, democrat–”

“And those are facts, Mr. Speaker,” said Miller, ignoring everyone else, and looking Bawlzzzz straight in the face (he didn’t notice :/). “As is the one where murder defendants charged with killing whites are 4.3 times more likely to be given the death penalty than those charged with killing blacks[8]–”


They SHOUTED (!) and SCREECHED at the TOP OF THEIR LUNGS (!!!), and no one single person could be heard, no matter how loud she/he’d try to speak into her/his microphone. If The Speaker had any kind of life left in him, he’d attempt to stop it–like he’d done before­–but he knew it was over /> there was no order to be had there, not anymore, as if there ever was ever before #BetterRhymezForABetterWorld .


After a few more minutes of this, however, the voices in the chamber began to chime out on their own, to speak less frequently, to yell less loudly #MoreQuiet /> to simmer all the way down to an eerie vacuum as the noise from outside the capitol building made itself, once again, apparent (like, the giant, noisy mob out there, I mean (one million+)). An ominous overtone spread throughout the room like a cancer–or: cancer’s antidote–and through every representative’s/governor’s/cong-ressperson’s/whatever’s brain, with the unspoken-but-fully-recognized knowledge that at any moment a battle of unseen proportions between the police and the citizens protesting outside could break out like a giant pimple fermenting untouched for the previous five months (or: 300+ years? :/), and yet, most of those inside would still be thinking of their lost country club memberships and soon-to-be-destroyed golf courses #ClimateC-hange,Dumbasses,ThereISStillTime!!! .

Under his breath: “We’re not here to argue logistics or personal viewpoints or beliefs,” with his head in his palm, his eyes unalterably droopy.


“We need this law written, and these arguments agreed upon right now and, (sigh) …unfortunately…”

He drifted off, if only for a moment, but it felt longer to those paying attention (so: naturally barely anybody :/). Then, as if just affected by the acid he took about an hour beforehand (for the record: this is a metaphor; Bawlzzzz had never in his life once even thought about taking acid), a new light swept over Bawlzzzz’s face and demeanor, like he’d just heard Bowie, Big L, or Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue for the first time or some shit (or P-Funk <3)–

“…Dutifully,” he went on strongly #WithBrawn(!) (=O) . “We are Not leaving here until we have this finished.”

Bawlzzzz lifted his head, put on a serious face, straightened his posture, and looked around the chamber /> like, his look was actually serious, and he actually looked like he was working and like he gave a shit about something other than getting home and pouring eight shots of tequila before sitting down to watch the Patriots’ game (early 2010s /> New England Patriots were CHEATERS!). As he stood up, he felt a new air of something unfamiliar to him, something unfamiliar to most: #OptimismUndefined , and he let it glide over his character, external person, unconscious, and soul, in a matter of seconds because, perhaps for the first time since his late son was born roughly 32 years before (o.O), he was feeling the feeling of possessing true power–real power (as, simply, the natural by-product of one’s helping one’s fellow human (or: Living))–and of consciously choosing to use that power for something good, and not just to increase the size of his wallet or his sex stamina–

“So what are we arguing over?”


“Police brutality!–”

“Income inequality!–”

“Institutionalized racism!–”

“Safety on our streets!!!–”

“Safety for our children!!!–”

“Institutionalized hatred–”

“Criminal justice reform!–”

“Gun control! />”

“Mental health!–”

“Terrorism!! />”

“Respect for the badge!–”

“Respect for the people!”

“The badge is the people!!!”

“So are poor people, asshole!!!!!–”


“People! People!” the Speaker shouted, and then paused, put his hands on the podium as the ‘mob’ (in the chamber) finally quieted down (much more quickly than one would expect #BawlzzzHadQuiteTheVoiceWhenHeActuallyChoseToUseIt#RealBawlz(Balls) .

Frustrated-yet-lightly, Bawlzzzz said: “This is not going to get anything done.”

There was silence.


“I’d like to know,” Senator Salzon’ (I: New (Raping) Mexico©), one of Senator Walsh’s biggest supporters, eventually said quietly into his microphone. “What happened to Senator Walsh?”

Once again, there was silence. Why was it that every time a forward-thinking person came about in America (Kennedy(s), MLK Jr., Lincoln, Peter Tosh, Pac, Malcolm X, to name a few (among many)), just as they were about to make true change, they were killed, with their would-be assassinator or connected conspirator shrouded in mystery, as if there were never any chance in Hell of finding out who was actually involved in the first place, and in what way[9]? Salzon’ was pissed, as were many people in congress as regards this topic, but few were willing to show it even to their own families, let alone to their professional peers. Senator Zane (R: California-Hippie-Yuppie-cuck Land©) laughed it off like a joke, as did several other young #CongressPeopleHippieYuppies(Lazy-asses) , but most looked on in utter, life defeating silence.

“That’s what I thought,” Senator Salzon’ said. Then he stood up, straightened his glasses /> and continued to talk into his microphone.


“Our country has been overtaken by an evil,” he began uber-ominously[10]. “Now, I don’t mean the strictly emotional and indulgent evil in the way in which ISIS or Boko-haram either imply or indulge in, either to themselves or to their own people, or to us as ourselves as something devilish and outside. That’s a different evil, and a different battle[11]. We–here–have been overtaken, not only by evil itself, and its inherent guise as a good, but also by our defeating ignorance to challenge it, or, more specifically, to challenge ourselves in relation to it /> ourselves Individually–and personally–just as much as collectively, per-haps even more so. Our greed ($)[12], our need to blame, ignore and compete instead of forgive, think and compromise-as-needed; our fear of the future, and of death; and our natural-yet-un-questioned distrust of anything that does not look or speak like we do, has destroyed our very foundation of a possibility of a continuing prosperity for our quickly evolving, yet still very young, species.

“In an attempt to move this species forward, many of us–though far from all–have become obsessed with planning, with worrying and living for the next day, or for a past good memory–out of simple survival instincts[13]–and with rushing to fill our minds and bodies with that which only the group can only maintain ($), as if I have the ability to literally hold the world in the palm of my hand, that we’ve forgotten what it means to be human, what it means to be alive, which is, right now, at 10:39 p.m. on September 24th, 2015, to grieve and nothing more…

“Senator Walsh was my colleague, my idol for the way politicians in this country are supposed to act, but more than any of that, she was my friend, and she was a good person, someone willing to sacrifice anything to, or for, anyone, so long as it didn’t interfere with her always-changing views, or her own right to happiness. She fought for a new and progressing world because she had faith that it was possible, a faith that so many of us have all but lost and let rot and decay on our journeys to self-righteousness, societal significance, and Individual ‘happiness’, and to finding a personal meaning in this miserable life, a life that we are all entitled to[14], no matter how objectively terrible or immoral[15].

“How dare we let ourselves believe that we are not each directly at fault for the dire nature of our current world? And I don’t just mean us as politicians, but everyone alive right now, everyone alive throughout the history of mankind. If you run an electric car on hydrogen and your house on solar, if you’re a cop who is constantly, desperately looking for the one way to avoid unnecessary violence despite the fact that you may be killed as a result of the time taken to do that, or a politician who refuses to accept money from interested corporations, we are all equally at fault here, because if we weren’t, or rather if we believe that we aren’t, that means that there is still some theoretical other to blame. And even if there were, as Walsh herself put so much more eloquently in her famous speech from a few weeks ago, blame is only a ‘back-track’, a fast path to a false foundation of God based only in the one thought of subject versus object, instead, and ignorant, of the mere possibility of a unity between the two–specifically inherently opposed to that unity, in fact–or of an understanding between them /> which is what faith really is, if you think about it, what all of your ‘religious’ and ‘spiritual’ attitudes and lifestyles attempt to allude to, beneath the words, and external ‘rules’ or ‘codes’ so easily clung to as if addicted[16].

“If we let this overtake us, this need to constantly blame and point fingers, if we let ill-placed judgment and self-indulgence run our lives, and kill our souls from the inside out, instead of challenging our own known and as-yet-unknown moral codes, and using what we’ve learned to move past all this, nothing will happen[17] /> and something. must. Happen.

He paused.

 “All lives matter, Senator,” some nameless guy retched XD. “All lives–”

“No one would ever debate the fact that all lives matter, that fact is as obvious as the sky is blue, but that is not the issue here, and that is not what that movement is about, by the way, or what it should be about[18]. Theirs a bit more complicated–though terribly communicated, or possibly even understood on the parts of many of its members–and rooted in history and justified emotional frustration, two things which cannot be exemplified in legal settings or terms.”

“You callin’ us stupid?!?!?!?!”

Salzon’ responded in an agitated undertone, as he took this as a sign that no one was actually listening to what he was saying (asses).

“It is not, nor has it ever been, up for debate that All Lives Matter. Nor is the issue that police lives, specifically, are important, honorable, and that cops deserve retribution and compensation far more than low-life thieves or pieces of diarrhea shit life-takers (murderers or rapists[19]). For the most part, this is a psychology issue–on both sides by the way–as well as a philosophical one, involving ‘how people become evil’, and why people choose to do good, or choose not to do evil, despite the potential positive or negative consequences either-or[20]. The moment one kills the innocent, through a conscious decision-making process or not, is the moment said person loses her or his right to #ObjectionableRetribution , which I define as: the right to attempt to look at, and judge, one’s own actions objectively, regarding any specific case. This is obvious, and any intelligent person would look at anyone as far-less-than-worth-even-a-speck-of-thought if that person were to assume that the majority of people disagree, including those living in poverty on our streets, as well as those with half a brain in the #Black-LivesMatter movement. Regardless of any justification, killing is never ethically okay /> never[21]. And if you disagree, feel free to go back to the Stone Age battling bears and swarms of tarantulas with your bare hands[22].

“The issue here, and the issue at the heart of the #Black-LivesMatter Movement, is that regardless of race, income or job title, everyone deserves the chance to live life–everyone (#Real-AllLivesMatter )–and that some people simply do not have that opportunity right now, whether due to history, personal disenfranchisement, or any other reason[23]. When enough people in a specific group or area say that there is a problem, there is a fucking problem, and it needs to be understood by those who have a more conscious vantage point; understood before any debate or dialectic regarding how to go about fixing the problem can be undertaken[24].

“When you say #AllLivesMatter as opposed to #Black-LivesMatter , you are passive aggressively SCREAMING at the TOP OF YOUR LUNGS–though reasonably unbeknownst to you, and for justified reason[25]–at any thinking African-American person who realizes the personal categorization which we are all indeed forced to go through right now, but through which her/his ancestors were specifically kidnapped into this country–regardless of how[26]–and, by the context of which, is still subconsciously being forced upon them today in the form of mass incarceration, ‘the drug war’, and ‘class warfare’, and I put that there in quotes for a reason[27]. By claiming justified retaliation in anti-intellectual opposition–which is what you are doing when you make such a LOUD claim of understanding another Individual solely because you know what group with which that person may be affiliated–when you rally #AllLivesM-atter , you are not only ignoring the morally justifiable reasons for the movement’s existence, and the fundamental issues it is trying to raise[28], not only saying: ‘I don’t care about history, or how other people may understand it[29], or the fact that human beings are hurting right now,’ but you are also acting as though you could know what it’s like to be an African American in this country, just as you are calling them out for assuming that they know what it’s like to be you

“If you are not African American, you do not know what it is like to be African American–simple[30]. If you cannot at least admit the differences in experiences between any two Individual people–any two–regardless of race or job title or, again, what-have-you–which is only possible to do objectively–you are not entitled to an emotional opinion on the subject. This is putting aside the complications arisen from law enforcement and other similar entities, which have already been addressed. It is always the Individual committing any violence before it is the group. We must stop relegating human beings into objects, and turning humanity into nothing more than a one-sentence-long definition!!! It is always more human to have a heart before a fist /> a thought before a fear–

“Racism can never be the direct cause of any Societal issue because racism is a personal, Individual quality of Individual peoples in a Society, and it is through this Individual process that racism affects Society, not the other way round. The only way a Societal battle against something like racism can be fought is in the general populace’s mass reaction to it, i.e. media, provocative dialectic (#WTFNewsMedia?WEALLGONNADIE-($) ), and, far more so, personally, in the honest sympathetic-yet-unapologetic personal relationships between people, and those relationships’ affects upon Individual people’s battles within themselves against natural survival instincts no longer needed for our species to evolve–

“Racism and prejudice were nothing if not accidental side effects of natural selection and evolutionary humanistic survival instincts–unintended ones–but inevitable ones nonetheless[31]. Without man’s ability to judge one another in that immature manner and youthful bliss, we would never have gotten to where we are now, as beings with such a capacity to help one another. But where we are now, in this moment, this thinking has long since passed its usefulness. This mindset is only hurtful to us anymore, as evidenced by the infinite amount of emotional and psychological damage it has caused human beings over the course of our history, particularly as it’s continued to be clung to, and especially over the past several hundred years, as far as we can tell. It will destroy us, both as the Individuals we each Individually are, and in the Societal Mind we are each and every one of us such an integral part–”

“So whose job is it to fix it?” Governor Markwood from Utah (Walsh’s old nemesis xO) came back into the conversation with. “When something is wrong, it is not our job to figure out how it is wrong, or what certain people may be trying to get out of saying that it’s wrong. Our fundamental job, not only as lawmakers and governmental officials, but as citizensthinkers who are trusted to turn thought into action–is simply to listen, think, and act accordingly. It’s what we’re paid to do. Humanity has never thrived on either/or judgment of opinion or Money as a Divine Abstract Contained Outside Itself–”

“But rather educated decisions, and a knowledge that change is inevitable.” –Miller.

Speaker-Man: “For those here who believe solely in their own prosperity and the size of their own big penises–

:/ =D :ooOO :) o.O. ;\ =P

“I address unto you in these new days of a nation on the verge of spiritual rebirth!



“A Revolution brought on by God-as-evolution, love in its positive form in human intellect, and not as an instinctual vio-lence masquerading as a fake intelligence needed for civilization to evolve as-so-defined as an attachment to an ego-retribution useful strictly in an ancient time of modern dreams, wealth misunderstood, and nothing more, and has been in the making for centuries–

“The people of this country are tired!” –Salzon’.

Miller: “And they will not stand for this donkey-sized-horse-shit anymore–”

The restlessness from outside was getting louder. One wondered what exactly was going on out there…

We will not stand for this!” Bawlzzz shouted. “As it is time for the people of this great nation, of our planet, to show exactly on which side of history they’ve chosen to be. We will not stand by and get shtooped /> FUCK the status quo!!–”



And then, somehow almost totally unopposed #NOWAY-*NOWAY*NOTPOSSIBLE*NOWAY, House Majority Leader Beth Miller went on to outline the deeper philosophies behind her law in a way that would have made Walsh proud, admittedly, with the help of some other bi-partisan supporters (many other bi-partisan supporters :/). Throughout her ensuing three hour-long ‘adlibbed’ speech[32], people came and went, passed through the heavily guarded double doors leading in and out of the chamber. She’d mention income inequality, free market capitalism, ‘the bourgeois’ #OhNo! , or any of that kind of shit, and, every time, several people would leave (obviously :/), but many, even those previously deeply opposed to whatever her views may have been, would listen. Beth Miller was a good-looking lady: tall and slim, and who showed off her very strong and toned legs frequently because she knew how distracting it could be to the dumbass old men who couldn’t see past their own small dick sizes and their inabilities to get it up for their wives without wine or a Clinton involved. Sometimes, even the most institutionalized and seemingly from-the-heart hatred, so embedded in one’s views that it’s virtually synonymous with their existence, can’t take claim over a beautiful woman with a brain.


It was, for the first time in what felt like an Age, congress actually putting their fucking monies where their clits were–all of them, every governor, representative, party leader and whip–and beginning to work–together (=D)–on temporary laws addressing income inequality, potential police brutality (or: the underlying causes of the divide in that area), the drug war, criminal justice reform, and climate change, all with fast-tracks to the president and into law. Many were passed within five days. Whether or not anyone cared or stopped the animosity after the fact, however, is something no law can acquiesce, nor any group or party could ever address in that system so based upon un-reality, fear, doubt, and blame ($). What people do, what people have done, and what they’re doing now, as people will always find out (eventually…), would depend, and depend solely, not upon money, or belief, or opinion, or even faith-strictly-in-itself, but upon that one thing that people could never just ‘let’ be…

The person standing next to you (and next to him and next to her and next to him and next to her and next to this and next to that and next to me and next to us and next to them and next to who? and next to how? and next to but! and next to…

[1] *TheMostHeroically

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[5] “To those who have everything, more will be given. From those who have nothing, everything will be taken.” Bible: Mathew 13:12. Economists call this ‘The Mathew Principle’ to describe a certain fundamental element to practical economics quite evident in the quote. This is not to say that it is right or wrong morally, just that it is a reality right now

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[10] Like, so ominously *TheMostUberOminously …

[11] What is evil? Is it indulgence? An almost purposeful ignorance of factors and regression into strictly subjective emotions masked as righteousness? Can facts be masked as righteousness (facts as points in an argument)? Is evil a misunderstanding of what love is? #FoodForThought

[12] Is greed strictly correlative to wealth? Is there such a thing as intellectual greed? Emotional? #GreedAlwaysSucks,ShouldWeJustLeaveItAtThat?

[13] This is to say that our apparent need to look towards the past or the future, for at times such a perilous cost, is the result of a natural survival instinct needed for the species to evolve (just not yet adapted to Intellect?)

[14] Evidenced by the fact that we all have it (life)

[15] See previous footnote

[16] Can one be ‘addicted’ to religion? Either way, why does religion affect you? Is it because of its words or its meanings? #IKnowI’veSaidThatALot,ButIt’sImportant #RealReligion #ReligionIsNotAnExcuseNotToThink #ThoughtIsNoReplacementForSpirituality

[17] Because all blame or finger-pointing does, essentially, is put people into groups, psychologically placing the Individual’s beliefs (which have the ability to change over time) as more representative, in themselves, of the Individual, rather than the Individual herself, and the fact that those beliefs are simply some aspects of what makes the Individual, equal to everything else (emotional capability, experience, intellect, etc.). This renders both those beliefs more important than the Individual (which they fundamentally aren’t, because ‘the Individual’ is more Complex than beliefs (i.e. beliefs can make up the Individual, not the other way around)), and those beliefs as inherently unchangeable as far as they are connected to the group, which the Individual does not have direct control over in any way similar to the way she has control over herself as an Individual (‘group-beliefs’ are much more difficult to change because ‘the group’ involves more than one Individual, and is therefore more Complex in the existential sense (as well as more in-time?)

[18] Should it? (once again, I am NOT affiliated with any group or political organization of any kind)

[19] But, like, can a cop be those things??? #NoWay #Like,Really #TitlesMatterMoreThanPeople #TheIndividualIsATitle,NothingMore#Sarcasm #ACopIsACopBeforeAHumanBeing,RIGH?????

[20] Evil is a complicated thing, and we ALL have it, though I can’t specifically say that YOU do (unless I know you, hence the dangers of labeling strangers as ‘racist’ without having any underlying understanding of what makes that person an Individual (and, therefore, a racist) (you will only further indulge them in their prejudices by assuming it, by the way)). The problem is not in figuring out ‘who is evil’ or ‘what evil is’, as those are too complicated questions to answer within the limited timeframe of Individual human intellect right now (it will take along time and a lot of people). The question right now is: ‘what makes a person act on evil impulses?’, ‘how does evil disguise itself as good?’, ‘what does the inherent secrecy of the evil subconscious say about the human condition, and how do we battle that part of it on both Individual and Societal scales?’, etc. If WWII has taught us anything, it’s that evil has many faces, and humans are only just barely beginning to understand just the simplest of them; and that the more we understand it, the more it will shape-shift itself into something we don’t understand, or don’t think we understand, which is why we need to keep our heads on about it, because that is the one thing evil cannot do (consciously act abstractly (?)). This is also what makes people so passionate in their reactions to it (evil), as well as so diligent when they think they see it (whether it’s actually there or not). It’s what makes the battle against racism so complex (evil’s many faces, evil’s origination in the Individual (also: racism’s) (also, therefore: the integrations of Individuals in Society), etc.), and why any purveyors of such a ‘war’ must think about their arguments from a psychological perspective as well as from an economical one (equally?)

- Again, this goes for both sides

[21] For clarification moving forward: ‘morals’ are different than ‘ethics’ in that morals are more Individual, more personal, whereas ethics are more of a moralistic institution in a group or in Society (S-Mind)

[22] Did the advent of homo-sapiens deciding that the murder of one of its own constituents was against a universal ‘moral’ law (a ‘universal moral law’: a metaphysical law which makes up a part of the human collective unconscious (Jung)) have anything to do with the establishment of a seed for intellect in the species? Is there any primitive reason for naturally personally feeling bad, or regretful for perhaps even no conscious reason in particular, after the murder of a fellow homo-sapien? A good person feels bad for killing anyone, justified or not. She may understand that she had no other choice, but it does not change the inherent shittiness of the situation as a whole. People killing people is never ethically okay, even if, morally, it may be justified (and therefore, objectively reasonable and generally morally defensible) (morally, if I had to kill someone or else be killed myself, this is a non-issue (although if a person finds no moral problem with the fact that the killing had to happen at all may raise an eyebrow or two), ethically, however, or: the way Society understands the act the of killing in-and-of-itself, killing (in-and-of-itself) is intellectual suicide and a harbinger to pre-civilized times). To ignore that natural feeling which one likely gets after killing another person, what would that be? What may ignoring that feeling, consciously or not, turn a person into?

- #AComplicatedBereavement (this comes up again, briefly, later (in chapter fourteen (XIV))

[23] This is ignoring any ‘race’ question (although, admittedly, it seems that BLM does not grasp that); certain groups do have certain qualities that separate them from other groups, be they history, ideology, or what-have-you (this is also to relate to the #AComplicatedBereavement argument just laid out, in that, regardless of how it came to be, or whose fault it is, the fact that people are miserable is not a good thing; if it’s the direct fault of the person herself, that doesn’t change the fact of the matter, and saying that it does, however justifiable and Intellectually honest and factual, is still taking the easy way out)

[24] “Understanding a problem and knowing what to do about it are the same thing.” “Questions which remain consistently unsolvable should, rather, be looked at as questions asked in the wrong way.” (Alan Watts) (Paraphrased)

[25] You do not know another person’s experience, and in the case of any experience of living in poverty and/or discriminated against, it is not an experience that anyone should necessarily want to know, and anyone who may be hearing any rhetoric apparently more concerned with getting its argument across before its facts and reasons for existence as an attack on that natural intellectual survival instinct which says that, ‘to put yourself into the shoes of a depressed person is to become actively depressed yourself. And nobody wants to be depressed. Depression is spiritual death and torture.’ (quote is mine #FuckYou xp)

- This may be an example of #AComplicatedBereavement

[26] This is an allusion to the fact that many Africans were sold to the Americas by fellow Africans (see bibliography on pp. 283)

[27] To clarify: the battle against racism is one fought Individually, not Societally, as racism starts in the Individual, and then makes its way into the Societal Mind (more on this in a moment) subconsciously; (an example of something going the other way: Capitalism (or any economic structure), as capitalism can only be fully understood as it regards more than one person (because if it were only one person, it would cease to be ‘economics’ and would only be ‘one person’s personal plight’) (‘economics’ as an institution is inherently practical, it happens in-time (different from: ‘economic theory’ or theoretical economics)) (also: racism as a metaphysical Form is understood as the result of a cognitive function before it can be commented upon by other Individuals, or reported into a statistic; while ‘economics’ as a Form cannot be understood without that Societal Understanding/in-time ‘reactivity’/relativity, racism as a Form can)))

[28] ‘The Individual’, ‘The Individual’s role in society, and perhaps most importantly what actively makes the Individual an ‘Individual’ (like history, personal experience, Societal Knowledge, psychological understanding, statistics proving certain reasons for disdain etc.), (these are as far as I can tell; I am not affiliated with BLM)

- They could also of course be trying to question what ‘Society’ is, how the ‘Societal Mind’ works in practicality as it relates to history and inherently differing groups and especially when there are myriad histories of relationships between more than two of them, etc.

[29] I.e. you don’t care about learning from other people’s experiences (if they force upon you the knowledge?) (this is obviously not say that factual history is up to interpretation; people understand how history affects them in certain ways, and what history says about the human condition in different ways, depending on a multitude of factors (personal experience, education, factual education (what the actual history is) (people pick and choose which history to look at, depending on what one may get out of it (there’s a lot of history, dude)), etc.))

[30] Please ignore any potential triggers (<3): This could go every way here: Are African Americans the only people who deserve this ‘Individualized’ understanding? This is not say that their history does not imply a different immediate understanding, or a more responsibility-laden path forward (on all sides (subjective, given Individual viewpoints and potential for impact)). What I mean is: do all people deserve to be understood as Individuals, before a part of a statistic or group? Can anyone assume anything about anyone else, without knowing that specific person? Or: is it ethically right to (do you like it when people do that to you?)? (I do not mean to demean or underrepresent the African American experience in America with this footnote, just to show what the two sides of the issue are, and where there might be a way to meet in the middle (the middle: that something is wrong, and that something needs to be done on a multitude of levels in American subconscious)

- This is also to say that experiences vary, never assume anything

[31] Anything which looks different to Primitive Man must originally be perceived as a threat, even including fellow humans; something unknown to Primitive man must be understood before it can be trusted

[32] So adlibbed… (like, did she allow others to challenge her ideas?!?!?!?!) *HOWWEAK!