Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$: Part Three, Chapters One and Two

Excerpts from r(E)volutionized contributor John Corry’s satire Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$

Physical front, back and spine of Corry’s Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$.

Physical front, back and spine of Corry’s Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$.

12/7/18, 12:27 pm EST

By John Corry

From the flap:

“Imagine if Tom Wolfe had been born in 1975 and instead of writing 'Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers' in 1970, he'd have written a book about the state of society and it's obsession with social media, internet fame and all of the intricacies that go along with it. On shrooms. Using Chuck Palahniuk's 'Pygmy' as his sole piece of inspiration.... you'd have John Corry's 'Phi11y's P-Hines[T] /> #Hardcore Phant-[O]m$'.” -Travis Besecker (author and comedy writer)

After 19-year-old reformed gang member Randall Gähstŭr is brutally murdered at the start of the Baltimore riots of 2015, the subsequent investigation leads both his former closest friends and the two very different special agents assigned to investigating the case into a web of conspiracy involving everything from police corruption, to global world domination, to manipulated/unnecessarily clung-to gang violence (relatively defined), war, and, eventually /> r(E)volution.

Every Monday and Friday, we’ll be releasing 1-2 chapters of r(E)volutionized contributor John Corry’s Phi11y’s P-Hines{T} /> #Hardcore PHant-[O]m$. You check it out here, get a free PDF here, or check it out on Amazon, or on Barnes and Noble.

Parental discretion is advised.

Part Three

(The ‘Real’ Story: Part Two)

3- III- 75%!ish-3/4

“Laws should be made to serve the people. People should not be made to serve the laws.” –Huey Newton

“Nihilism is a natural consequence of a culture (or civilization) ruled and regulated by categories that mask manipulation, mastery and domination of peoples and nature.” –Dr. Cornel West

“Just last year, Chicago had over 600 caskets. Man, killing’s some whack shit.” –Kanye West 

“I grew up in them streets, like everyone else. But instead of pushin’ drugs, I pushed knowledge of self.” –KRS-ONE


April 28th, 2015

7:19 a.m.

It was 7:20.01.0445 in the A.M. on April 28th, 2015, but those last two numbers (in the time right there< :p) were moving fast (!) =o (!!!). It was a nice day /> one of those first really nice days of spring, even though it still smelt like winter–and like you should still be hibernating xD–but, perhaps more so, it smells like you should now be coming out of hibernation, because, aside from a few hiccups here and there, it is, indeed, overall, #Starting-ToGetNiceOut. The days may still have been split evenly of shitty and nice moments involving the weather (mostly shitty #AlwaysMostlyShitty #AndAlwaysONLYInvolvingThe-Weather ), the perceived bullshit finagled throughout as mistaken for terribly smelling chocolate sprinkles (xD) /> but it would still all be generally okay if one chose to attempt to see it that way.

Regardless of personal obligations in a given period of past or Present Tense #Radiohead #PresentTense #AMoonShap-edPool , on this particular day, the day in question, now at 7:20.55.111477 in the A.M., Hershel Whopper just-so-happened to be en route to the hospital.

After that horrific and utterly traumatic, never retractable or at all relatable #Branding™ episode of the previous August (of twenty-fourteen), Hershel continued living just as he had before; like, completely /> almost exactly the same (only with better weed, and this new, awesome oil pen he’d recently gotten on a road trip to Cali he went on with House). All in all, Hershel told himself that he really thought the whole situation hilarious: he knew that it wasn’t his fault Randall turned into such a fucking idiot when he drank too much. For the fact that Randall’s hand had gotten so fucked up, he blamed Barry far more than he-himself, or Randall for that matter: Randall was just having a good tyme, and Barry was just being the way Barry normally was /> which, of course, made any judgment of him only that much worse.


Still, Hershel never gave a shit, if it could be helped: no point in taking anything too seriously /> no point in ruining the laugh =D, at least not until something terrible happened #Thank-sALot,Douchebags .

Hershel and Barry used to hang out all the time, he was the main reason why Barry was at #TheBranding™ in the first place (and because House was the nicest guy ever) and this was why, after Randall was killed all those months later, Hershel began to get himself into something of a rough patch, although completely unbeknownst to him (because of his whole ‘I’m-gonna-pretend-I-don’t-give-a-shit thing he had going on :! ). Beneath the clouded exterior of his weed filled mask of postulation, Hershel subconsciously blamed himself for insisting Barry come that night, knowing full well, however, that Barry Swindle was or course a #BlackMetalDouchebag (or: the worst kind of metalhead Douchebag™, to reiterate :), and was, therefore, more prone to a violent reaction to perceived agg-ression or sarcasm of any sort–incidentally, the kind that Randall had something of a history of /> and especially the kind that Wild Blue Vodka shit had such a strong association with (an historic association!).

Therefore, out of obvious simple analysis and conclusion, Hershel must have been completely at fault for Barry’s subsequent proven hardcoreness /> Hershel alone, no one else: no one else at all *NoOneAtAll [2]. Barry might have been hardcore, Randall a sloppy drunk-fuck-dumbass, House way too nice, Al an indulgent, pretend ‘badass’, and Herb a self-righteous hipster />

Hershel was cool.


Barry had cut off complete contact from the group following #TheBranding™. Nobody’d heard from him between that night and Randall’s passing /> not once. The immediate next day following #TheBranding™ (so: on September 1st, 2014), after everyone had gone their own separate ways, Hershel had hit Barry up to chill like usual, only this time, Barry didn’t pick up (and he never would again :’( ). Hershel didn’t think about it, but after a few months, he became agitated that the little fucker had cut him off so suddenly. Herb and Al were in similar situations, though not as potent because they didn’t know Barry as well as Hershel had, and they didn’t chill with him nearly as much. Well, actually, Herb kinda did, but he was a nihilist, so whatever.


House didn’t care =))), and, obviously, Randall was indifferent, but Hershel would continue to try to call Barry Swindle, and attempt to #Swindle him into hanging out, or at least into admitting that he was being a total dick about the whole thing, often even employing others to attempt so on their phones (not his (Hershel’s)) in yet another attempt to fool him (Barry), into doing something he apparently didn’t want to do #WhatADick .

Barry (still) wouldn’t (ever) answer #WhatAnAsshole- =P .

Currently, though, on that fateful morning in April, Hershel was making his way down a short alleyway he wasn’t too familiar with (o.O), around 13th and Locust (o.OOO). He wanted to get to the hospital as quickly as possible, to get a move on in War-For-Love® (ONLINE MMO, RPG COMPUTER GAME), and help Herb with his attack in which his window of opportunity was quickly closing (around 9 o’ clock that morning).

While not the nicest looking street, Hershel wasn’t planning on being on it for very long; quick on-and-off at the next block kind of deal /> isn’t it fucked up that just by looking at the shape/in-shape-ness of a street and/or of the surrounding buildings and roadways, you can tell a lot about whether or not you’re going to get shot there? The time/effort ($) I have to possibly allot to judge the way something looks shouldn’t imply anything about what actually happens in its close or immediate vicinity, right??


In ®War©-forþ-Love®©(XD); Hershel was in the middle of the final epic battle between good and evil, where his army, Satan’s army (:o), is finally going face to face with General Harper’s army. General Harper was the bad guy for most of the story so far, and he was a real #Asshole , but the story was about to take a quick unexpected turn–

Ten shots rang out before ten more before five more before ten more before fifteen more before (omg…).

There were five of them, all wearing blue bandanas, some over their faces (like fuckin’ pussies :/) at the end of the street, who came running around the corner, onto the small street on which Hershel was walking down, and they immediately started shooting the place up with AK’s and handguns, running as fast as they could toward Hershel, completely ignoring his existence, or anyone else who may have been on the street at that time or in the surrounding areas. Total, cowardly fucking pussies, they were /> regardless of any underlying circumstances, you don’t fucking shoot with random people around, dumbasses


What Hershel didn’t notice was the group of red-bandana-wearing-dudes walking behind him when the shooting began, who had taken notice of him (and his nice-ass phone) when he’d turned that corner. He had no time to think, he had no time to run, he didn’t even have time to see if his troops had defeated General Harper’s army or not (they did :’). He got shot in the head by the first bullet that came, and he went down like communism #Unopposed #WithNoChance .

It was very sad–it was fucked the fuck up! >=H–and people act like it’s fucking normal, and just another part of just another normal fucking day, if they see it on the news or debate about politics or quasi spiritual-meets-societal issues at dinner parties /> until it’s their own kid lying dead in the gutter; them, as that child’s parents, screaming at the top of their lungs why nobody tried to do anything to prevent it, why nobody seemed to fucking care, and ignoring the fact that they used to be one of them (the Inherently Unchallenged Ignorant #WeAllWere;) ). How do you change that? How do you stop people from being or becoming that? It certainly isn’t by fucking killing people, or telling them to grow the fuck up without setting a good example /> by thinking that by telling them the ‘fuck’ word was something serious, but that violence, even when justified, was normal /> and should be accepted as inevitable and reasonable in the eyes of our creators ($). As said by the great Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: “Violence is a disease, and you don’t kill a disease by spreading it to more people.”


(,|,) Hershel didn’t even have time to look at the text from House that he’d just gotten, the one informing him that Herb had left the hospital during the night, without doctors’ approval, or the knowledge on the part of anyone in the world that he was leaving at all (!), leaving behind nothing more than a trail of disgusting blood throughout the hospital, and a puddle of even more disgusting />

Tears :’(.

:’d </3 ===’’’’’’’’dddddddddddd </3 </3[5]


September 5th, 2015

11:57 a.m.

>Flash forward< (This is relevant, I swear =)[6]

Senator Nancy M. Walsh (D(emocrat): Hickville/Tennessee© XD), had been entrenched in the ‘argument’ for over an hour. It was a very boring topic (police brutality and its relation to wealth inequality and other Societal issues ($) #SoBoring #TheMOST-Boring*TheMostBoring*TheMostBoring ), but Walsh surely didn’t see it that way, nor did she refer to the current ‘revolu-tion’/‘retaliation’/‘reconciliation’ at hand as nothing more than simple ‘crime’ or degeneracy, or as something that could be fixed only by laws /> although that obviously did have something to do with certain parts (the simpler, easier-to-understand parts #TheOnlyPartsThatMatter,Right??? ).

The other perpetrator in this particular situation or ambiguity was a Governor named Clint Markwood, (R(ep-ublican): U-tah-tah©), whose political party and **Beliefs-Institution[7] in the conventional United States at the time was surely on the more conservative side of things #WhatAss-holes!!! , almost a total 180 opposite from Walsh’s, though not really /> they both just wanted change–real change–as everyone liked to always think they did as well…

With Walsh’s impressively (‘insane’ and ‘over-the-top’! ><) ‘progressive’ ideal, and her quickly rising popularity amongst all types of voters, she had quite a leg up on most other politicians. With the way the country was at the time #Divided , in addition to this, and beyond her Individual person (so: speaking to a much wider context), it could have been possible that a lot of people in government, and especially those who had some rich dude’s dick in her/his pocket all the time #Kh(c)oc(k)hs #CallThemWhatTheyAre(Cocks) #Soros? (XD), were getting a tad jealous, and even, some may have argued /> afraid; it may have seemed as though their time in power, and of preaching needless hate and worry for financial gain ($), was running short, and they were beginning to lash out, as both a last resort, and as a much needed emotional outlet (like that pathetic attack on Planned Parenthood in the summer of 2015 #NoUterus-NoExperienceNoSay #You’llStillNeverKnowWhatIt’sLikeToBe-Me,AssholeXD [8]).

Walsh sat in her chair facing Speaker Bawlzzzz (R: Mid-South Dakota©), with her arms over a desk, involved in what she was doing. Her voice was strong, but, then again, she was a woman so, you know, unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that or their small, strictly sex-obsessed-so-much-so-that-they-must-be-forced-into-having-a-baby-when-they-can’t-afford-to-raise-it #FinanciallyAnd/OrMentallySpiritually animal brains #Cosby’sInnocent –


The mood on the floor was boring-to-very normal (^ :’( ). Not much enthralled−

“What we have here, ladies and gentleman, is a confusion of ideals,” Walsh began after the speaker was finally able to stop the bickering #IfATerroristCanDoIt… [10]. “Governor Markwood may make an infinite amount of points, as many as he may, that we all know have merit, and that need to be heard, and have been heard repeatedly for many years in many cases, but that doesn’t dismiss the other problems facing our citizens which currently require new processes of philosophical thought, ones that people like Governor Markwood are either too unwilling or too ignorant to see[11], issues that our country clearly cares about, that our people have the right to protest, if our constitutions’ claim to the right of happiness for all still reigns true in our minds as its keepers, and to us, specifically, as lawmakers. The American people, all of us, are what matter, and we matter infinitely more than anything else ($), because without us, at the very least, we, as politicians, do not have a job.

“In regards to the subject at hand: no one is arguing the fact that police are an important part of society, and that the role they play is a dangerous yet absolutely needed one. This is obvious. They put their lives on the line. They walk into danger every day, a danger knowingly perpetrated by other human beings, regardless of what their reasoning, or the justifications for their actions by circumstantial evidence, may be. Violence is never morally Absolutely justifiable /> ever[12]. What cops do is essential to what our civilization needs right now, a civilization in which people still cannot be trusted not to kill, or to purpose-fully negatively harm, other people.

“This is not debatable. These people put themselves, purposefully and knowingly–honorably (#NotAJoke(Seriously,-ThisPartIsImportant [13])–into a situation that could very easily turn deadly. They know the implications if they handle any situation wrong, and, like all of us, they go about this knowledge in their own, personal, Individualized way[14]. In much the same way that no woman or man can judge a woman for the way she feels it necessary to treat her own body (#NoUterusNoExpe-rienceNoSay ), or expect other people to immediately understand our inherently and naturally biased points of view without further peaceful debate[15], we cannot judge police officers simply for trying to do their jobs, or for reacting in a certain way to a dangerous situation, or to the leering possibility of one. No one knows what she or he would do in any situation until she or he is in it. The role of police will always be needed so long as man remains uncomfortable with himself, and with his place in this universe[16]; it is needed just as any woman or man needs some type of peace keeper when she or he deals with these questions within her or himself[17].”

She paused, and looked around.

“We’ve all been there…”

“As we all know, there are many cops out there who have heart, who know and can feel only too deeply how wrong it is, basically, in our most inner depth of being, not just as a human, but as a conscious holder of conscious life, how wrong it is to kill another human being; whether it be as an accident or in a true self-defense situation or whatever the case may be. For no conscious God or Single-Universal would accept the implications of a corrupt quasi-‘spiritual’ financial game of power and one-up-man-ship only conceivable in a system whose very design is meant to help the pride of the few, those willing to legitimately play the game, and follow its necessarily biased rules, at the cost of the many, who see life as an opportunity for many different games and opportunities, not even considering the fact that these games and opportunities are, to a certain extent, suggested at birth[18] [19].”

“I am no priest, but from what I can see around me in this world, our species isn’t concerned with de-escalating destruction for its own sake, but rather, for God’s /> for the sake of whatever lies beyond. We don’t do things for other humans; we do them for God. Whether your beliefs agree with this referendum is irrelevant here, it’s only one example. Another example could be money, another: love, etc. The way our system currently works is not compatible with that life philosophy, however much it pretends to be /> it is not what we actually observe. The way our system works is selfish, it has to be selfish or it won’t work, just is the evolved biological nature of the current understanding of the human condition, and its modern exfoliation through politics and art as societal representations of Individual human life.

“As the humble opinion of this *Most humble senator, the next step in overcoming such a dependence on this system, or that aspect of it I just described, lies not in blaming and calling shout to the other side, but, once again, in simple evolution. We do not understand God, we cannot understand God, because, right now, we do not even understand ourselves, as so evidenced, for example, by the fact that racism still runs so rampant and seemingly societally unopposed[20], and we consider almost anything else more important and worthwhile the moment after we tell ourselves exactly what we want to hear, and nothing more /> what makes us forget what is currently making us feel sad   (:’( ). There is nothing more hurtful and self-defeating than challenging our inner demons–nothing more difficult–nothing that makes us want a connection with whatever-God-may-be more, and, as a result, nothing which forges that connection more potently when attempted, and nothing which pushes it farther away when ignored.

 “Real people, living people, know that killing another human being is Absolutely spiritually wrong. This act of conscious divine suicide and murder goes against our very right to, and the fact that we do, exist as intelligent beings. It is why we began civilization in the first place: as a safety in numbers from predators, and from other outside forces /> not from ourselves, not from our very own brothers and sisters (metaphysically). This is because, and is evidenced by the fact that, the constant questioning of one’s self is inherent in the idea of ‘Intellect’, or: true, full ‘Intelligence’. It is why we all fight and love so hard, despite how obviously feeble we all know we know such ‘fighting’ to be.”

She paused for a quick moment, so quick that no one had time to say anything in the interim, but long enough to still be noticeable until–

“Unfortunately for us, however, not everyone in our country, nor, obviously, our planet, would agree with this simple referendum.

“It is because of this, precisely, that we need government, law and order[21]. Simply because of our species’ recent history, why we do need laws to help such people figure out how to combat this primal need to kill, or this sub-historic thought process that says that manipulating people is the only way to survive in the universe (xp). It is also the reason we need punishments for such lawbreakers and people, i.e. judges, juries, police officers etc. to not only appropriate the needed pun-ishment, but to interpret the potential moral faculties of those less fortunate; those willing, or, in some cases, arguably, forced to commit such horrendous acts[22]. If one may choose to see it in a way one doesn’t immediately understand–and can therefore learn something from–this is the only path forward still in contention with intellectual evolution[23].

“As a society, we can never adhere to a commitment of forward moral or civilized movement without considering–rather than just remembering–the basics of our thought faculty in technical reasoning–where we come from as Individuals–and, as a result of that act of ‘considering’, the fact that just because the title of a person may attempt to imply strength or sincerity, it does not imply that same thing for the person behind that title, just as the same goes for those personally stereotyped as violent, or lazy. What I mean by this is as follows.”

Her voice went up a little bit, as she quickly adjusted her posture.

“To stare upon the faces of the imprisoned–not everyone here has, I don’t think.”

Some people rustled #TotallyTriggered #TotallyTrigger-edBecauseThey’reLessThan#No,Shit#Duh –

“For someone, anyone, to look at the poor, or the ‘criminal’, and see nothing but blank feeling, or a type of marginalized version of the two-dimensional people and thoughts we see in movies or on TV, with whom we can’t actually know or talk to in real life, is to not only commit a cop-out on the part of their own, Individualized Intellect, but to take a conscious step backward in the intellectual progress of man as a whole–on the societal level–contributing greatly to a large-scale step back in time to a world of primordial un-safety, precisely the thing one thinks one is avoiding by instigating–through will–this concept of force over faith, or recognition, upon the masses. It is far too simple a thought process, to judge someone so quickly, especially for someone in a position of social power, either in the mainstream sense, or in the underground, and especially for anyone who considers her-or-himself an Individualist and not an exporter of group-think.

“Just because one pen has run out of ink doesn’t mean that every other pen in the pack has, or that a pen can’t be refilled. We cannot continue to look at those less fortunate as people any less human than the dead or our unborn children–”

“Senator Walsh, your argument here has already been heard, please–”

“Mr. Speaker, your son was murdered as a young child a little over twenty-eight years ago, correct?”

Walsh and Speaker Bawlzzzz shared quite the look before he turned his attention back to his podium. ‘That was kinda RUDE, sorry–’

“There is no relevance of that here Senator–”

“Is it true that your son was killed in a gang shooting? Murdered in cold blood for doing nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

People didn’t traditionally bring shit like this up at ‘casual’ cocktail parties where the real business happens, so, as I’m sure you can imagine, this was, completely, arbitrarily, and unconditionally, offensive and unprecedented (!). Bawlzzzz said nothing; moved, neither for his physique, nor in his eyes still looking disinterestedly at whatever he had sitting on his podium (an as-yet blank piece of paper (OMFG, what was it leaning on???!!! )).

“Poverty or bad circumstances are never alibis for murder, as, unfortunately, is proven by what happened to your son,” said Walsh with a very noticeable (sad) frown :(. “However, Mr. Speaker, you have no reason scientifically, or to my knowledge, to punish an entire group of people for one bad apple, do you[24]? Would you find it acceptable to judge children in such a definitive, categorically numbered way ($)? What if someone were to judge your child in that manner? We can’t group Afro-Americans together for Bill Cosby or OJ, nor Caucasians for Hitler, nor can we, as the leaders of this country, group any mass of people, regardless of how ‘stupid’ or ‘mean’ or ‘ignorant’ they may be, into one political necessitation because we’ve failed to help them–or they’ve failed to help themselves–in any way reminiscent of any of the ways anyone else has been able to be helped or to get help from any source–

“Can-you-be-lieve that there are people in our court system, in our lawmaking processes, who irrefutably value past experience over present awareness, even in most present cases? We cannot look to the past and say, without a doubt, that if it worked then, it must work now. Throughout our country’s existence, we have gone to work calling it ‘work’ instead of human benefit, thinking of consciously benefitting mankind as something we ‘have’ to do instead of something we ‘want’ to do, because to help mankind is to help both Society and the Individual[25], and we have referred to those who have chosen not to see it in this cynical way as lazy or as absolute dirt, with not even an inkling of fair trial when they have trouble conforming to it, forgetting that it was precisely we, ourselves, who made this system so dependent on money as its own entity in the first place–

“Money is a tool, nothing more, and what that tool has to do with, what it’s fixing or mediating, cannot be defined in the same way as ‘Money the Entity’ or as any type of definitive ideal or goal of attainment, without a distortion of its original, fundamental meaning. When it comes to life or death, prison or no prison, or even simple fines, these are people’s lives we’re dealing with, not just their financial institutions or final damnations to Hell, and, unfortunately, we have allowed money to become synonymous with that (life) to a certain extent. We can’t treat people, or make laws based on this irreversible, definitive-with-no-room-for-growth judgment, as if we’re all just another one in 7 billion when someday, we may be the only one to someone–and they may be the only one to us–

“What these laws do[26], what our entire institution does, including government, business, media–to varying degrees–right now–is distort the need for change, and block any possible path to a personal, Individual human realization of an already all-powerful–and clearly apparent–unity, by masking such unity as an advertised need for security–

“While these details are not always necessarily bad–not often, I might even argue–our minds interpret them to be more important than any real-life reaction or feeling, because words are so much easier to understand than concepts. Whether it’s the fault or the reward of some greedy CEO or politician, a mentally ill police sergeant, an insanely psychopathic drug dealer, or a lawyer who was so good that he got a cop off for his third unprovoked murder in his first month on the job /> or even a serial rapist getting nothing but a fine (!) (#Cosby’sInnocent ), it doesn’t matter! Blame is just another form of clinging one’s self with the past; we can’t rely on it in life, just as we can’t allow police and citizens to continue to clash, as it goes against the very definitions[27] of those two terms–

“We can’t allow poor people–or anyone–to lie, cheat, steal, or kill without facing consequences, but we also absolutely cannot allow a system which would giddily pour over the facts and well-schooled arguments of lawyers and mainstream media than help a decent man who has done nothing wrong–”

“I’m sorry, miss, but is this obvious bias at all perhaps in accordance with the recent commencement of the trial of a mister Ràbbani Jaáfar? Whom I believe is a client of yours–”

“My decisions outside of my governmental duties do not affect my priorities as Senator, Governor Markwood, and it’s Missus, thank you very much (yo, dat ring finger tho)–”

Markwood interrupted again: “Then your famous and long standing admiration for the man, as well as for other cop-killers like Tupac Shakur or Mumia Abu-Jamal–irrefutable, known absolute degenerates of decent society–has no indication of your discretion, or rather, lack thereof, in your thoughts regarding America’s inner city youth as better-beneath-the-skin, as you so clearly want to proclaim or ‘advertise’ it?”


“Or regarding society as a whole?”

“I do not condone all of society as criminal, were you even listening to what I was saying, Governor?–”



“Is your obvious conflict of interest and personal agenda not at all implicative of your own guilt in the process of personal ideals as related to a classless society you so perfectly described earlier for precisely those whom you now claim to want to protect or to pretend to care about? These judges, juries, and police officers?–”

Walsh was done with it–

She said (bored (of course)): “My point has now taken its logical and evolutionary step forward, if you’re not able to understand it, I’d suggest you go back to grade school–”

“I resent that as I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, I went to high school for five-full-years!”

Markwood grinned widely (very widely), quickly threw up his open palm to show the appropriate number of fingers to represent his endgame (five).

After a moment, there was silence, until the Speaker came in with an amazing revelation–

“I’d like to make the point here that it is five minutes after twelve and we’ve been here since eleven–”

“You see…” Walsh laughed in her seat, eyes closed, smile wide.


“I’m sensing that we should call it a day soon–”

“This is the problem with you guys,” Walsh continued after Speaker-Man. “Over the past five months, just /> forgetting anything before that because certain people here are clearly too bigoted to see anything not fully agreeing with their own personal points of view–any political implications or points or whatever before or after where we are right now–in nine months, we’ve seen protest after protest potentially harm millions, and threaten the very nature of our democracy /> the consequences of what we saw happen in Baltimore last April, or New York, or Orlando, or Philadelphia every day, in every facet since[29], have been inescapable. We’ve seen people destroy multitudes of lives all across the nation, and you all blame them all as if you know, for a fact, how they must feel, what they’ve been through, who they are with their families. You act as if, because of one disagreement, their entire argument is completely void! They’ve broken into homes, businesses[30], some have been murdering each other for decades, and whether or not that’s their own fault is irrelevant–it’s happening. If something needs to be changed, it is our duty as politicians and public officials, and, infinitely more so, as decent human beings, to care! To come to our senses and to compromise once competition has reached a stalemate, to figure out a way to make that change, and in a timely manner, or as so appropriated by the people living with said problems /> who are also paying our salaries. We’re paid to be above the bickering–and the arguing over who’s fault this is–and to try new things, which in some cases may imply sacrifices from those who have been benefitting from those suffering for only God knows how long! We’ve let things get so out of control that we now have potent, day-to-day gang presence in rural and suburban areas like, Bucks County, PA–”

“Missus Walsh, the Gähstŭr’s have been apologized to many times, there’s not much more we can do–”

“Well, we must do something,” she said shaking her head, and leaning back in her chair, arms folded, heart rate *Almost going back to normal (<#Sarcasm, her heart rate hadn’t moved xD).

Markwood casually interrupted after a pause: “What?”

Walsh stared off into space like a blank-eyed goose thinking nothing at all, and feeling all-too-well the coming smell of calculating death and unavoidable wrongful suit, worth ever-more than that infinite supply of OBLIVION! that had come so apparently readily, easily, and even gratefully-welcomed to her own species.

She’d be drinking later =//.

[1] So much worse…

[2] Never!!!

[3] Like, so, so cool

[4] You’re only hurting yourselves (and all of us (retards #TakingItBack ))

[5] So disgusting…

[6] SPOILER ALERT! Fair warning: this chapter is very preachy, and concentrates on the idea of a ‘leader’ in any kind of ‘movement’, what that leader’s role could be, and how she or he could possibly conduct her or himself, as well as the fact that these people usually tend to be assassinated before they’re able to really do anything. If you’re not into reading, philosophy, or a more detailed satirical take on idealism or idolization, I would suggest skipping over it, knowing that the character introduced in it is named Senator Nancy M. Walsh, a politician in a similar vein as JFK, and, ironically, also Ràbbani Jaáfar’s lawyer in the story

[7] ‘Beliefs-Institution’, please see glossary on pp. 281

[8] Fuck you

[9] Fuck you!

[10] Ouch… :3

[11] Please keep in mind that they may also simply think that those point are points that have actually not been heard, hence their repeated fighting for them, but that is a point for another time

[12] This may be to say that when violence is indeed unavoidable, and therefore is subjectively morally justifiable (like in the case of a person killing another person in fatal self defense (also: war)), that does not make the overall act of ‘killing’ any more justifiable in the wider sense. I’m getting at a difference between Individuals and Society; no matter what the particular situation (or: the situation involving ‘the Individual’, and not ‘Society’ (Jung’s Collective Unconscious)), killing is ALWAYS a shitty thing, just ask those who have been forced to do it (and haven’t turned bitter because of it :/) (this footnote is also foreshadowing an allusion to the difference between subjective morals and potentially objective ethics, more on this later)

[13] Are you a cop? Do all cops become cops for the same reason? Do all people do anything for the same reasons? #ImportantQuestions…

[14] This is a point of study in the concept of ‘The Individual’, similar to the kind of individualism that Ayn Rand and Carl Jung talk about

[15] Ouch (again)

[16] Constantly in flux with Death

[17] ($) (♬♬♬)

[18] A main point of this idea is the ‘playing the game of life’ concept, as purported by Alan Watts

[19] System here: the moral and psychological aspects prompted by the act of murder (physical or spiritual), or the power that act can imply or invoke, brought into an epistemological ‘whole’ through government, philosophy and/or political theory; Game: current American society (around 2016); Necessarily biased because it was made in a time when all people were subconsciously separating themselves by race, gender, class, what-have-you (naturally, mind you; this is not meant to say that there is something wrong about that, it’s just what happened (see the last point of this footnote)) as the result of an evolutionary trait, though one arguably clung to ($) a bit too much in the centuries following its inception; A trait necessary because, without it, civilization would not have progressed, or at least as so evidenced as far as we know by the fact that we can’t change the past

[20] Like, THINK, people! Racism, before anything, is ignorance, ignorance defined as inherent non-thought based on the idea that something else supersedes it (thought), in this case: race (hint: it doesn’t; our Thought is the only reason the concept of ‘racism’ exists, ‘racism’ as a concept taking the place of any other thought simply because of its nature as regards the relation of the Individual to Society and the inevitability of both Fact and Emotion))

[21] #SVUAllDay

[22] #TRIGGEREDYET???XXD (could this be taken for both pro-cop and pro-street arguments?)

[23] Because the act of conscious learning, and the fact that ‘learning’ (as a Form) exists, is the first point in the transition from biological evolution to intellectual evolution

[24] ‘You can’t judge an entire group of people thanks to one bad apple’: ironic, in this circumstance, given that this is a big part of the pro-cop argument?

[25] Do ‘Society’ and ‘the Individual’ have equal stakes in/prospects for ‘Mankind’? Do they both get something out of humans moving forward?

[26] Mandatory minimum sentences, ‘the drug war’, the over-application of the death penalty, the too-lenient welfare state, banning guns completely, income inequality, biased judgment for the poor /> or for police officers even when they’ve done wrong

[27] Abstract :/

[28] So wide…

[29] So: Including all of the people in jail for nonviolent drug offenses, the way jails operate and are maintained, the way cops are trained and perceived by those who have a reason to be skeptical, the fact that those people have a reason to be skeptical, the fact that the job of a police officer is so difficult, etc.

[30] This can be said of both sides of this argument (criminals obviously, but also law enforcement in accordance with the drug war, or for other reasons; as well as rioters, ‘big government’ etc.)