Original Van Halen Lineup Rumored to Be Reuniting

If true, the tour would be the first with original bassist Michael Anthony an frontman David Lee Roth since 1984

Infamous rockers Van Halen in their heyday back in the 80s

Infamous rockers Van Halen in their heyday back in the 80s

12/26/18, 5:16 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Medium

In an interview with Vulture, original and current Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth fell into a slip: “Yeah, but I can’t… If I say something on tape here and everybody goes, ‘oh, this leaked,’ but the band will be– I can’t say.”

Eddie Trunk has commented on his SiriusXM show that he’s heard from reliable sources that likely 2019 stadium tour will be happening, and he believes that Michael Anthony will be in on the trek. Anthony was replaced shortly before Van Halen’s 2007 tour, which was the first with original frontman David Lee Roth since 1985, with guitarist Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang. The band released an album called A Different Kind of Truth–most of which was material written back in the 80s–in 2012, and has gone on several tours since 2007 as well.

It is unclear what the groupie situation will look like on a possible 2019 tour, though Roth is not married and never has been, an important revelation as Roth’s love life and on-tour antics have made him something of a legend in the years since his prime.

A Different Kind of Truth is surprisingly decent, if you’re into Van Halen. Guitarist Eddie and Roth have had a feud stretching back decades, which makes sense given Roth’s reputation as a partygoer and Eddie’s as the complete opposite of that (well, almost). There’s no denying how cool of an artist he is though, nor Roth’s ability to put on a good show, so if these rumors are true, it could be the making of another totally legendary time, bruh, filled with crazy stories and amounts of cocaine so large our noses are already clogged…

Don’t do cocaine.