Multiple Advertisers Pull from Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX

The pulls come after one of Carlson’s more ‘contentious’ rants on Immigration

Tucker Carlson kicking himself out of the country

Tucker Carlson kicking himself out of the country

12/23/18, 5:18 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from GQ

“We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer and dirtier and more divided.”

Such are the dirty words of the doomed, fascist-Nazi sub-human ‘activist’ as he plunges toward the hell he clearly wants for any such people not exactly like him, who should have known that his days were numbered the moment he was born and decided to have the audacity to assume that he had anything of any merit to say given his classification (like: that he decided to be born that way…). These are the times in which we live: any assumption that race is classified metaphysically as under the concept that ‘humanity’ (potentiality of a soul) is fucking anti-American (disclaimer: this goes for both sides).

Following the comment’s airing on Tucker’s FOX show last Thursday, ‘activists’ called for an advertiser boycott (I put that in quotes; MLK Jr. was a ‘real’ activist because he understood the basic tenant for getting shit done: love and understanding, no matter how ‘evil’ one’s adversary may be). On Monday, Tucker responded with: “We’re not intimidated. We plan to say what is true until the last day.” Since then, over a dozen advertisers, including TD Ameritrade, Jaguar Land Rover, Pfizer, Samsung, Pacific Life, and IHOP have pulled their ads from the show, resulting in a noticeable loss in time wasted on commercials: Tucker’s hour long program now features four commercial breaks, instead of his previous, and the average, five.

While I am all for, believe me, getting rid of people trying to sell me things I don’t need while I’m just trying to race-hate at 8pm after a long days’ work (again: both sides, here), it is no secret that Tucker is not the most forgiving when it comes to any arguments in praise of immigration. Even legal immigration, Tucker calls for an end for. He’s not totally wrong (regarding how people differentiate in thought and experience and how those differences may make for a more complex society, and therefore more difficult to manage (within his context; personally, I’m not sure how no immigration is even possible; from what I can tell, people like talking to people different than them, and the striving for mutual understanding and progress is the whole point of philosophy and politics: America, being the sole country started on the basis of philosophy (specifically: Locke, Hobbes, and Plato (obviously among more, but those three most obviously agree with the sentiment that humanity (the capability to think) precedes race, religion or the like)).

However, he’s certainly not totally right either (no one is), but the way he condescendingly talks to people who disagree with him can be off-putting (if you’re not being a dick-hole).

I say this as someone who laughs at his show all the time. Dude’s good at what he does, can’t deny that (can deny: how political commentary has been degraded to a simple contest over who can arouse the strongest emotions out of their audiences (wait, am I saying that politics isn’t all about simply arousing emotions??)), but I can still see why people are going to get pissed at him. Again: he’s pretentious, condescending, and his arguments all come down to one idea (at least to the untrained ear): that people are different, so they must be kept them separate (in the context that one can’t just up-and-start her own country). This doesn’t sound very appetizing to a person who’s spent the past three years, right or wrong (we can’t control everyone) getting pissed off at the fact that rhetoric has become more important than thinking (or, how these people admittedly more often actually see it (apparently): that people actually think their rhetoric matters MORE THAN MINE?!?!?!). This or course still begs the question…

Can you turn your TV?

You can’t easily just leave a country, I think Tucker is wrong there. You also can’t simply say ‘well, I want my country to be this way, and so it must be!’ as this is a republic (where the populous still has a say), and not a company with one guy absolutely at the top. However, sputting debate, however wrong we may find the other guy to be, only renders the other guy more appealing to those who understands rhetoric or some specific rhetoric differently than we do. Moreover, it reinforces the idea that there are things ‘worth’ more than thought, like race, religion, or, in this case, rhetoric. There is no such thing as someone decrying what they truly, absolutely think, as everyone changes day-to-day, everyone’s thoughts may change as well, however unlikely we may find that to be.

However much of a dick Tucker may be for saying what he says, and especially within the context of how he’s saying it, he’s far from the only one doing it. People are just as radical on both sides of the aisle, with just as many numbers in each (and you’re being a bigot if you think that’s wrong: the point there is don’t be radical (listening is by far the most important part of any political organization, Hitler)), and all this boycotting does is get more advertisers to back out of all political commentary, resulting in only those with zero original thought getting all the funding and all the exposure.

Because that’s exactly what we need: mindless robots telling us all that we’re stupid or worthless because that’s what sells.

I am not a fan of Tucker Carlson. In fact only person on all mainstream political TV whom I trust is Shepherd Smith, and I think that’s only because he seems to be the least obviously biased. I listen to Ben Shapiro not because I agree with him, but specifically because I don’t agree with him. Such a process actually makes me understand the world better, as well as my own thoughts (although his fast talking certainly helps (growing up with the internet, man=low attention spans (but a WALL FOR BULLSHIT (hell yea!))).

But apparently, even doing that is an absolutely terrible thing (because if I don’t fully agree or disagree with someone or something, I must be a shill).

Way to contribute to the economy, bro (because that’s all being an American is anymore (hence the joke with the picture above)).