McConnell, Pelosi Harassed by Protesters

The two politicians, in diametraically opposing political aisles, were harassed over the weekend by angry protesters, to opposing reactions

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell embracing in love and mutual sympathy on Capitol Hill

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell embracing in love and mutual sympathy on Capitol Hill

10/22/18, 6:45 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from TalkingPointsMemo

Over the weekend, both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) were harassed in public spaces; McConnell at a restaurant, and Pelosi at a campaign event in Florida. This comes amidst an increasingly large conversation regarding civility in the United States in the era of the Trump presidency.

Many right-wingers have condemned these actions on the part of their own party, while many left-wingers continue to almost encourage it. Joining the likes of Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, and Eric Holder, Salon had an article today headlined ‘to hell with civility’ and which proceeded to argue that because of the injustices against minorities over the past several hundred years, violence in public discourse and against public officials is justifiable.

Now, I am all for righting the wrongs done throughout history, and I am all for talking shit on turtle-cocaine-Mitch, but I am not for pretending that I can change history to make that plight easier than it really is, or even to change the fact that ‘changing history’ might not be a possibility (changing my understanding of history: okay, but repeating it for the sake of a mere political point (because retaliatory violence hasn’t ever been used to justify irrational thinking which has led to incivility)? I think I’ll pass). I’ve been a liberal my entire life, and I recognize that I still lean ‘left’ on most issues (however I find that the reason for that has more to do with the fact that I naturally think more about the future than the past (while both need to be thought about, we can’t think in both ways simultaneously, and because of how influential they are in influencing the way we perceive the world, it’s inevitable to lean one way or the other)), but the fact that I seem to be the only person on ‘the left’ who’s choosing to condemn these actions before defending the emotions of those committing them tells me that apparently it’s not about being ‘left’ or ‘right’, or in thinking about the past or the future, which advances human intellect farther, but whether or not I’m willing to condemn violence.

Which is a MAJOR step backward–

You’re telling me that thinking doesn’t matter, only emotions and retaliatory primal reactionary tactics. If it’s wrong for conservatives to want to go back to the 50’s, what is to want to go back to prehistoric times?

Yes, they deserve to be heard, but that does not mean that they have the right to be violent in order to attain it (no one does), or that, if they’re in pubic discourse in any way (like Clinton, Holder, Salon, or Maxine Waters), they shouldn’t be called out for inspiring it, or for taking no responsibility for doing so.