Kevin Spacey OFFICIALLY Claims Creepiest Person of the Year Award

YouTube video featuring the former House of Cards actor donning the character he plays in that show addressing allegations of abuse drops as his arraignment is announced in MA

12/25/18, 5:28 pm EST

By John Corry

Okay, maybe there’s no ‘official’ award with that title (yet), but, today, on Christmas of all days (everybody needs a creep on Christmas), somebody deserves that title more than the rest of us (and NEEDS it).

One year and two months after Kevin Spacey was first accused by Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp on 10/29/17, followed over several months by fourteen more accusations and immediately by a response from Spacey asking for forgiveness in light of his ‘ironically’, that day, coming out as gay, it’s been announced that the actor will be arraigned on 1/9/19 on charges of indecent assault and battery relating to a 2016 incident in Nantucket County, MA. A former Boston TV anchor has stated that Spacey purchased her teenage son inordinate amounts of alcohol and then assaulted him when he was drunk (specifically: he reached into his pants and grabbed his genitals). No other federal charges have been filed against Spacey in the past year (key words: federal charges).

However, whether he planned it this way or not, as news of the arraignment hit the circuits, Spacey released a video on Youtube called ‘Let Me Be Frank’ (listed above), featuring Spacey, acting as his famous former House of Cards character Frank Underwood, appearing to address the allegations. “Soon enough, you will know the full truth,” the video ends with. Earlier, Spacey also says (overalls, accent and all), “Of course some believed everything and have just been waiting with bated breath to hear me confess it all; they’re just dying to have me declare that everything they said is true and I got what I deserved. … I’m certainly not going to pay the price for the thing I didn’t do.”

So is this just click bait? Truth? Decent point? Evil prick? Deserved outrage? Total asshole?

My title is click bait…

This marks the first time Spacey has made any public appearance or statement since the first allegations were made in 2017, and it is possible that his lawyers were the ones who made such a plan. As such, it’s also possible that his lawyers think that this House of Cards video is also a good idea (because the show’s final season, in which Spacey was killed off, totally sucked ass?). No investigations have yet been made, though Spacey has been sued recently for assault.

This is the guy who came out of the closet the day he was accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy. I remember that day; it was overwhelming: I liked Spacey in American Beauty, but I thought House of Cards was on its way out (total click bait). And now, just as an arraignment comes through, he comes out with this thing? Can’t deny that, at the very least, it doesn’t look good to the guy who doesn’t really care about this kind of stuff.

But why should we care? I care that people are being assaulted, and I care about the fact that many of the perpetrators are not brought to justice. I care that people are falsely accused of things they didn’t do and so have their lives ruined because there are FAR too many people out there who would rather cry and bitch and moan than take a moment to think about something, or maybe wait for more information to come out. I care about seeing my family for Christmas, and I care about keeping my head on straight enough to not ruin it by thinking politics is the only thing that matters in life.

This of course isn’t politics, and it isn’t really that much of a deal, unless you’ve actually been assaulted by someone, that is. At that point, I guess the concept of ‘click bait’ just waltzes and slips away until the next thing happens, and, now that the outrage is good and gone (because that’s the only metric by which we have any opportunity to assign any real care to anything anymore), everyone forgets.

Click bait indeed.