Kanye West Announces Withdrawal from Politics, Promises Bigger Emphasis on Creativity

After Several Months in the LImelight, and a Famous (or Infamous?) Visit to the White, the Rap Superstar is Getting Back to His Roots

Kanye West visiting with President Trump at the White House earlier this month.

Kanye West visiting with President Trump at the White House earlier this month.

10/31/18, 1:08 pm EDT

By John Corry. photo from The Independent

Kanye West, they guy making headlines recently for going against the grain and trying to change the game after a career of going against the grain and trying to change the game, has announced today that he’s taking a step back from politics, another win for the mob who claim independent thought is less intellectual than collective grandstanding or simple general mob mentality.

West famously went to Washington earlier this month to meet with the president, and subsequently provided what might have been the only moment where Donald Trump was out-crazied and an actually be seen in the act of thinking it (that was not an insult (to either)). More recently, a coalition group led by Turning Point USA coordinator Candace Owens called Blexit claimed Kanye had come up with their logo and had designed shirts for them.

This was Kanye’s response on Twitter:

An hour later came the gavel:

Because Kanye being ‘involved’ in politics not only delegitimizes Kanye’s music and/or creativity/persona (because as a musician, he’s not allowed to have political opinions (duh)), but also politics in its entirety, because only those who really know what they’re talking about are entitled to opinions which may be scrutinized by those who equally know what they’re talking about.

Because Don Lemon is in the know he gets to claim Absolute virtuosity when he claims to agree that we need to stop demonizing people and then in the same sentence demonizes ‘white people’ and claims ‘we have to start doing something about them’:

People have opinions when it comes to politics, and the crazier thing is: they’re allowed to. That’s a big part of what makes any society free. Creative people have always been used, because they’re the people who make people like Don Lemon’s emotions viable (and that was really just a burn; that’s what creative people do for everyone, and why they’ve been so taken advantage of ever since their talents could be monetized over the course of the last few centuries). Whether or not Kanye is ‘CRAZY’ is totally irrelevant, completely aside from the obvious answer that, ‘yea, no shit; creative people, just as a rule, tend to be pretty crazy’: he’s entitled to have an opinion! And good for him for letting out (if he has any knowledge of the fact that a lot of people have fairly charged opinions when it comes to politics). It’s not up to you or Don Lemon or Tucker Carlson to criticize whether someone else is crazy (which includes when they disagree with you, because, as we all know: if a person disagrees with me, she must be crazy), but to simply to ask why, and to give more of a fuck about hearing the complexity in the nuance of that question, ‘why’, than whether or not I have the moral high ground to categorize the people involved.

Modern slavery indeed (you’re welcome).