Joe Rogan Addresses Alex Jones Controversy

Rogan addressed the controversy, amidst a slew of controversies, on Monday

Alex Jones  before  he went crazy (that was a joke, but it was actually quite sad)

Alex Jones before he went crazy (that was a joke, but it was actually quite sad)

2/7/19, 7:33 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from InfoWars and YouTube

In a show featuring Brian Redban, Joe Rogan addressed on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, what has become a major controversy for the comedian recently, especially in the days since Rogan had Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on his show last week.

In that episode, many accused Rogan of being too soft on the entrepreneur, whom Rogan has been critical of in the past, most specifically for banning certain figures on the popular platform (Twitter). This led a number of people to believe that Rogan was involved in some conspiracy to work with Dorsey, or of more nefarious deeds,including–

None other than–

Alex Jones.

Rogan famously had Jones on his show back in 2017, in which Jones ranted for some time on everything from 9/11 (of course) to interdimensional child molesters (OF COURSE). Rogan received a fair amount of flak for it, and he defended himself, until he was informed of one of Jones’ more contentious conspiracy theories: that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged.

The ‘theory’ landed Jones in a lawsuit, and at least contributed to his being banned from pretty much every public platform on the internet. Rogan has said since that he was unaware of that part of Jones’ persona prior to having him on the podcast, and expressed sympathy with those who found Jones’ presence that day disbarring. He has since refused to have Jones back, despite a friendship that stretches back to the 90s, and which has led Jones to make some fresh ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding Rogan…

Essentially, these include Rogan and his family being threatened by the government not to allow Jones back on his show, and a connection between Rogan and Dorsey as one of Dorsey’s other companies, Cashapp, is a sponsor of Rogan’s podcast.

Here’s the condensed ‘Rogan apology’:

Rogan seems to have some points, especially the part where Jones could have called Rogan to verify his theories, but, no matter what: this whole situation is shit. Jones probably shouldn’t have been so adamant regarding his Sandy Hook ‘theory’ (to put it lightly), it’s bad enough that he did it at all, but to go so HAM over it to the point where people are sending the victim’s parents death threats makes it far worse. Much of Jones’ material is worth a watch, and I certainly don’t think he totally deserves the kind of clamor he’s been getting over the past few months, but Rogan’s analysis seems to me to be on point. If anything because Jones is now going after Howard Stern, which is, if anything, just fuckin’ stupid (I mean he probably shouldn’t be calling in so many times…).

But maybe I’m missing something here? This is Alex Jones we’re talking about, and nobody knows everything. All I know is that this seems to be an entrance into something new: controversy like this hasn’t been put on guys like Joe Rogan and Sam Harris (and only Howard Stern because he’s around for a few centuries (must be made of sulfur)), and I’m unsure if it’s good or not.

As always, however, people should probably CALM THE FUCK DOWN regarding all of this, especially the shit with Jones. Conspiracies, true or not, are dangerous not because they might not be true, but because they might be– and we don’t know. If we don’t know, then anything is possible.

And nobody can know everything.