Connected Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Arrested on Sex Trafficking Charges

"I seldom if ever dreamed of Lolita as I remembered her -- as I saw her constantly and obsessively in my conscious mind during my daymares and insomnias." - Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov), Part Two, Chapter 2

Movie poster for Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film  Lolita,  based on a 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov of the same name

Movie poster for Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film Lolita, based on a 1955 novel by Vladimir Nabokov of the same name

7/8/19, 5:46 pm EDT, UPDATED: 4:03 EDT, 7/9/19

By John Corry, photo from IMBD

Over ten years since his conviction and subsequent controversial plea-deal for soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, wall street financier and frequent ‘conspiracy theory’ subject Jeffrey Epstein is back in trouble (see that link). On Saturday, federal prosecutors arrested Epstein for sex trafficking, and today seized nude photos of young women from his townhouse home in Manhattan. The allegations are terrible. In addition: according to the New York Times, prosecutors believe Epstein to be a flight risk and could even possibly ‘pressure and intimidate’ witnesses if freed on bail.

Again: the allegations are horrible, and are essentially a reaffirmation of those alleged in the 2008 state case for which Epstein infamously served only 13 months in prison and was allowed to leave 12 hours/day, 6 days/week to work. According to prosecutors, Epstein has been involved in such activity for years, and, according to Fox News and USAToday, could be the first in a string of indictments against high profile subjects connected to Epstein, including former president Bill Clinton, Britain’s Prince Andrew, and current President Trump, although Trump and his team have denied that the two were ever more than mere acquaintances (surprise! #OnlyAGuiltyPersonWouldDoThatScrewSeeingItThroughHeMustBeGuilty).

Epstein, who owns property in Manhattan, Albuquerque, Florida, Paris, and an entire island in the US Virgin Islands (!!!), has been well known in circles critical of American elites and any possible exertions of corruption or wrongdoing. Flight logs indicate that former president Bill Clinton traveled with Epstein in his private jet–the ‘Lolita express’ (Lolita is a 1955 novel written by Russian-American author Vladimir Nabokov about a middle-aged literature professor obsessed with a 12-year-old girl with whom he eventually–SPOILER ALERT!–becomes sexually involved)–a whopping 26 times, and for at least five of which he ditched his secret service detail.

Following the news, DNC official and daughter of house speaker Nancy Pelosi Christine Pelosi tweeted: “This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice. It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may – whether on Republicans or Democrats.” UPDATE 7/9/19: President Donald Trump’s current secretary of labor Alexander is also facing increasing scrutiny for his role in the 2008 case against Epstein, though Trump has denied its importance, and maintained his innocence.

The case is interesting for an abundance of reasons, of course not least of which are the allegations themselves, but also include a comment on alleged ‘conspiracy theorists’ who have been calling out Epstein and his misdeeds for some time. (Trump commented in 2002 that Epstein “likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side," and has been implicated as being an accomplice of Epstein’s, although court documents appear to claim that Trump did ban Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago resort for alleged assault and Trump repeatedly used Epstein and his ‘famous islands’ as fodder against Hillary in 2016.) Not to claim that those brought to 4Chan by ‘Pizzagate’ are completely on-point: this case is just beginning. If it goes where it’s looking like it might (oh, shit…), we could see the next Alex Jones appear on Campus Wars (I just made that up) in an oversized green trenchcoat throwing free donuts to the crowd yelling ‘you thought pizzagate was bad!!!?’ within the week (but jokes are not things!). Given the animosity following the attacks in Portland last week, and some contentious weather situations across the country, that could spell bad juju for those of us who like critical thought and who want to have conversations with people rather than clashes of ideology-of-existence or collaborations for ‘world’ dominance (dicks!).

"Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms, she was always Lolita." - Lolita, Part One, Chapter 1

Through my best Rachel Maddow impression *TheBest *TheBest *TheBest: expect a lot more on this one, stay with us…