Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Again in Hot Water for Anti-Semitism

The centuries-old, OG ‘hating for the haters’ is back again, and, as always, it’s a just little different than last time (conveniently)

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally in Minnesota

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaking at a Hillary Clinton rally in Minnesota

2/12/19, 7:02 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from The Times of Israel

Anti-Semitism is a sickness.

It’s also a hyperbole (see further).

First off: anyone who’s this ‘good’ at Twitter (bullshitting) (as I found Ilham Omar to be while searching through her Twitter account) shouldn’t be in elected office. I don’t care how many retweets you get, or how many people are just so inspired by your BULLSHIT (being an elected official means, at least, that you’re willing to hear every side, and commit to learning as much as possible without losing where you came from– which is pretty much every possible opposite of the kind of thinking Twitter promotes (or any current social media platform for that matter) (and moreover, as important as any objective platitude for equality amongst all possible justifications for emotions may be, in politics: it’s far from the whole story (at least))), and I don’t care how many times you’ve ‘sincerely apologized’ for all the fuck-ups you’ve made (but I’m soooooo sorry). Social media makes it real easy for politicians to pretend like they’re normal people when the only reason they care about ‘being normal’ is to rack up votes. Social media is power-based, it rewards narcissism and simple thinking (as opposed to critical thinking– otherwise known as ‘what stops humans from killing each other for tribal, or trivial, reasons (like race or religion)’), and it’s not real. The more people pretend that people can possibly represent their real selves on social media any more than they can get past their ‘brands’ (Jung) through playing poker, the more despots and potential totalitarians will gain ground in our societies. We’ve needed politicians who think before they do anything else ever since the Greeks; a new politician–a real politician–will only come about at the cost of social media–in spite of the ground lost by not playing that stupid game (the ‘power’ part of ‘power politics’ (or: the only kind of politics in a world where people refuse to think critically about things outside sports and relationships (respectfully)); she’ll have to make people realize it (omg). Nietzsche said, ‘The will to power is not a being, not a becoming, but a pathos -the most elemental fact from which a becoming and effecting first emerge’ (The Will to Power, translated by Walter Kaufman). This is true not only in itself, but in what it claims to say about the human condition; Nietzsche also said, in literally the preceding sentence to that last one^ ‘no things remain but only dynamic quanta, in a relation of tension to all other dynamic quanta: their essence lies in their relation to all other quanta, in their "effect" upon the same.’ Strictly, however accidentally, brand-based social media destroys all ontology, all possible ‘us meets them’ in the face of ‘us vs. them’.

Now that I’ve paid my dues (like, please, like, please, like, hashtag, like, this, like, please– and I’ll follow you!): Ilhan Omar has made some questionable arguments in recent days regarding the state of Israel. I call Anti-Semitism a hyperbole for the circular nature which I use to differentiate that word from other, similar, words such as ‘exaggeration’, or ‘overstatement’. A hyperbole is a ‘statement or a claim not meant to be taken seriously’ (Google), meaning (in this case): Anti-Semitism is not meant to say that ‘the Jews’ are those Absolutely terrible people who need to be eradicated (at least not directly), but that the ‘people in power’ are, and because ‘the Jews’ are the ones in power, the assertion that they ‘need to be eradicated’ can be assumed, but this is still not ‘hating the Jews’…

‘It’s not all Jews’, ‘I should say Zionist’, ‘everybody sees we have problems, someone must take responsibility; why should it not be the people in power? Why should it not be the people who have held power for centuries, who arguably made the world as they saw fit so that they could take it over when they saw fit, in which ever way fitted their fancy?’

In other words: ‘anti-semitism’ is natural (or so ‘they’ may argue (horrible twats!)), or more natural than racism, or sexism or any other shitty thing we can all pat ourselves on that back for realizing it’s shitty. It’s intellectually natural to HATE on the people who’ve made this terrible system so oppressive to us all not inherently well-versed in it the way the people who made it would be; in fact: not to would be anti-intellectual, it would be a proclamation for self-hatred.

Which makes this (unfortunately) more complicated than otherwise, but that is not to say futile, only (surprise) that people need to calm down about it. The fears here are warranted, and they are necessary: WW2 was not long ago, and part of the reason shit went down the way that it did then was people didn’t follow this fear enough, but freaking out over Omar’s tweets is the last thing anyone should be doing, not least of which for the reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this article, but just because that’s exactly what she (and every ‘bullshit politician’ (which is why social media is a godsend for them)) wants you do to. By all means, challenge her bullshit, but the more people freak out over her ‘anti-semitism’, the better she looks to the people who agree with her for ‘standing her ground’, and, for the same reason, even to the people who don’t, but who just don’t have much of an opinion about it (which is most people, for better or worse).

But to the people who do, this hole is only getting deeper, and will continue to do so until everyone gets their heads out of their asses and realizes that the only way forward here is Absolute honesty. There are arguments for and against the creation and multi-billion dollar maintenance of a fully Jewish state in the middle of an area historically Anti-Semitic and hotly religiously contested. No matter how wrong somebody may be, they think they’re right. Find the reasons why, and connect those to more general reasons, and maybe people can finally come to understand one another on a human level, rather than just a power driven one. While this is obviously not to say that any blatant anti-semitism should somehow be ‘morally tolerated' in the fight against ‘Marxist Absolutism’ (the assertion that everything comes down to power politics– everything can come down to anything if you argue it that way (anti-semitism was the original communism: FUCK the people with the monaay ($$)) (my term), it should be recognized for what it really is underneath the surface:

A symptom of a much deeper disease (but which disease? Being human? Power politics? The apparently inevitable need for people to blame other people for their own problems (misunderstanding of the dichotomy between free-will and determinism which makes it possible for humans to simultaneously perceive the world and take existence in it)? The lying cheats in Washington– in JERUSALEM!? Nietzschean/Marxist influence? The fact that far more people alive today have read Nicholas Sparks than even know who Plato was?? I don’t read Nicholas Sparks…).