Howard Stern and Robin Quivers Were the Real Oscar Winners

There were a number of memorable moments from Sunday’s show, but the most important and the most anticipated came the day after


2/28/19, 8:54 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Newsmax

This past Sunday, the 91st Academy Awards aired on CBS.

Despite having no host, and a (once again) controversial best picture winner, the show did increase is ratings since last year, but that can be attributed to two aspects ironically having nothing to do with movies: a fun Queen+Adam Lambert opening number and a beautiful, powerful performance by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper of Gaga’s up-for-an-Oscar-that-night ‘Shallow’.

The song is featured in Cooper’s A Star is Born starring him and Gaga in the two lead roles. Many believe the film was snubbed over the course of the night–that song being its only major win–but I don’t really care about any of that as none of the movies nominated were very good (although: I did not see Blackkklansman or The Favourite). So long as Black Panther didn’t win best picture (I’m sorry, but that movie is a vehicle to promote tribal ethnicity-first nationalist ideology and race-based politics and philosophy not seen that blatantly since the original Birth of a Nation (think about it: what is the lesson of that movie (Black Panther) (meaning: take the race and the politics out of it)?)), nobody even remembers that The Death of Stalin and the Halloween reboot came out this year (because the ‘Academy’ is biased against horror? (Death of Stalin? Get it?)).

Satirical rundown: The performance was amazing. Cooper started singing on the other side of the piano–as Gaga clearly wanted him to shut the fuck up and so start playing the thing herself and get out-of-her-head–before walking over and sitting next to her, ending the song with his head pressed contemplatively against hers, their eyes closed in absolute connection, tears in the eyes of every spectator. Many have speculated that the two have started an off-air romance, though for the details you’ll have to wait until the film’s digital release.

Actual rundown: The song is fantastic (give it a fair try), Cooper isn’t terrible (he’s an actor), and Gaga’s got a voice, but where is this purported Absolute 'beauty’ of the thing. It’s obviously been rehearsed so many times that any natural spontaneity so necessary for truly special performances would have been smoothed out in some earlier take ($$$) (though I may be wrong about the exaggeration). Still, as the ‘Academy’ continues to vote for movies based strictly on their emotional impact and their political relevance (movies should equally make you feel and think, and their judgment is at best 1/12 politics (skip to the fourth paragraph)) and the Grammys continue to suck, it’s a nice change of pace.

But it has been beaten…

Yes, that is a video from this past Monday–the morning after the Oscars–of the legendary duo of Howard Stern and Robin Quivers,–the ultimate of all musical geniuses–once again bringing brilliance to the phrase ‘baba-booey, fla fla flohide’. Quivers came out of retirement for this–finally!–so you know it’s a big deal. And yes, like Gaga: that is her real voice.

She actually hits some of the notes (because Gaga totally didn’t).

For sake of full disclosure: of all the stories surrounding the Oscars this year, this is by far the most optimistic.

No word yet on the date of The Losers’ reunion show.