Elizabeth Warren First Candidate to Announce 2020 Presidential Run

The senator from Massachusetts establishes an exploratory committee, makes plans to visit Iowa, and releases Instagram video

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been a senior United States senator representing Massachusetts since 2013, and has taught law at Harvard University

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has been a senior United States senator representing Massachusetts since 2013, and has taught law at Harvard University

1/3/19, 5:04 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Glamour

On Monday, the last day of 2018, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren announced an exploratory committee to run for president in 2020 (an exploratory committee is essentially a small body organized to see whether or not someone should run for president; or: at least that’s what I got out of it). It all but flat-out announces that Warren will be running for president in 2020, challenging incumbent President Trump.

To add to the obvious, Warren announced yesterday that she will be traveling to Iowa this upcoming weekend. Iowa, of course, is the breeding ground for presidential hopefuls and has long been known as the first stop on any campaign tour. Just imagine of Ozzy pissed there instead of the Alamo…

But that’s not the most disgusting thought of this piece: Warren also released an Instagram video, posted above, where she talks politics, cooks and drinks beer with her husband, in a clear rip-off of the videos Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does, in which she does many of the same things.

Up until a few months ago (what happened?), Warren was also fairly good at another one of AOC’s favorite pastimes:

‘CRUSHing’ republicans.


With Warren’s pending announcement, the country post-2016 enters a new phase: Democrats will now be shown as who they really are. Whether that’s a good thing or not will be decided in November, 2020. Over the past three years, it is no question that Democrats have become increasingly radical–even calling for violence in some cases–and Republicans have seemingly fully taken the mantle on moderate, respectable debate. Personally, I do not find AOC or Warren to be ‘complete' morons’ or maniacal demons spawned from Marx’s utopian paradise in Stalingrad or anything like that; I think that if the atmosphere concerning politics and philosophy among the general public–as well as the ruling class–were different, both Warren and AOC would be in very different situations, and would likely be spouting very different personalities, assuming that this hypothetical atmosphere might actually allow for such a thing (unlikely, I know). However, this not being the case, I have some issues with the way people have reacted to them, particularly AOC, who, while a pleasant enough person, seems, from what I can tell at least, to have never read a book beyond Harry Potter in her life and would never plan to specifically because ‘talking to the people’ is what really matters as a politician. That’s tyrannical. That’s stupid. That’s everything every political philosopher worth mentioning has warned about since the beginning of time. By all means, talk to people–as you can’t tell what people are thinking without talking to them, but if that comes at the cost of doing your own thinking–you’ve got your priorities wrong.

AOC and Warren may be victims of circumstance, but whatever the reason. the country finds itself in a very difficult position when one of its only two major political parties is so quickly moving to the extreme and the places where most people get their news is so hellbent on trying to downplay that fact.

It’ll make for a contentious nomination process for the Democrats, and even more contentious general election in 2020 unless liberals from every part of the country can get their shit together and stop arguing for violence over thought–

The rhetoric concerning the ‘partisan divide’ is tired. While conservatives certainly share their brunt of the blame for the current ‘situation’, liberals are the ones who are apparently having trouble admitting what is happening right now. There is one major difference between conservatives and liberals, and it is quite major: conservatives think more about the past, and liberals more about the future. It’s why conservatives tend to be more conscientious and more orderly, yet also more blatantly prejudiced or stubborn when it comes to letting go of the past, and why liberals tend to be more open-minded and creative, yet scatterbrained and essentially anti-reality at times (lately: it would seem at all times, but hopefully that will pass). Everything in the universe has pros and cons. Stop pretending you, or your ideology, is any different.

I don’t say this to be mean, but I also don’t see how that’s controversial. Liberals and conservatives need each other, just as up and down, peanut butter and jelly, or Steven Tyler and Joe Perry (or Drake and Kanye West, depending on your age (/> old people and young people <there’s another one!)).

I tend to think more about the future.

I no longer find that to be a choice, and I don’t factor it much into my ‘identity’. My ‘identity’ is something that exists either for other people to more easily understand me before getting to the details, or for me to better understand myself. It’s a tool, that’s all; people are too complicated to be quantified by a single collective, or even a group of collectives, inherently outside of character on which the way the concept ‘identity’ purports reality to be based. I find the fact that I think more about the future than the past fairly obvious if you’ve ever met me: I’m not analytical, most times I look as though I’m either totally blanked out or have way too much going on in my head (usually the former…), and I have a tattoo of Gollum from Lord of the Rings smoking a cigarette on my leg. About two seconds into any philosophical conversation, I’m already off about ‘well, how do we fix it, maaaaaaaaaaan’, and I don’t feel any need to apologize for it, yet I realize how shitty that is. I’m an optimist.

However, I do feel the need to apologize for some of the rather negative aspects of my personality, and especially those which may come as a price for my, dare I say it, brilliant liberalism and creativity *SoBrilliant *SoBrilliant #Genius #TotalGenius. For example: I tend to FAR too often lose track of listening to people as a result of being an idiot (#TotalIdiot), which is not very cool. I defend myself (primarily to myself, though occasionally to others, to quite the CRUSHing of my argument (jerks)), by saying that I’m simply antisocial, and that I’m uncomfortable in most social situations, which may be true, but that doesn’t justify me being a condescending jerk to a person who’s just trying to give me her honest thoughts on the upcoming Game of Thrones season (everyone should die; that is all). Being human is not all fun and games; one of the goals in life is: if it simply isn’t in-reality so, make it psychologically so.


But this does not seem to compute in the minds of most modern liberals, if the info from the tube is of any indication. To the *Modern liberal *MostModern *Postmodern, that need to challenge one’s self and the ways she might be wrong–as she doesn’t, just as nobody does, know everything–has been replaced by a need to CRRRUUUSSSSHHH BRRRAAAAHHHHH any and all opposing ideologies. And the only way to CRUSH something is to have full confidence, to not dare think for one moment that we may be wrong in any way. This is everything liberalism stands against and it has no place in a world where Donald Trump, wrong and/or right as he may, or may not, be, is president. AOC is pioneering this new type of politician, one that is now very *New, but which I’m coining a new term here to replicate the old (tyrannical):


Because complicated words like ‘fascist’ or ‘socialist’ or ‘capitalist’ or ‘tyrannical’ are all up solely to interpretation (and all other words to ABSOLUTE SCRUTINY!!!).

Warren of course isn’t as bad as AOC when it comes to CRUSHING and DESTROYING (and again: I do not think that AOC is as terrible as she may be coming off here, like left-winged succubus or something like that; just that she’s fed into exactly what will keep getting people like Trump elected (at best /> start a civil war at worst)), but given AOC’s rising popularity, and the premise of that amazing video of Warren’s on Instagram, it’s likely that she, as well as any other Democrat wanting to take the top spot, will continue in that direction.

There is no point to ‘CRUSHing’ the GOP, or republicans, nor for the GOP or republicans to ‘CRUSH’ liberals and democrats. We’re all on the same team, morons, even if it oftentimes doesn’t feel that way.

If it doesn’t feel that way, make it feel that way by doing everything you can to connect and to listen to the other side, and if they won’t connect or listen back, have faith that one day: they’ll change, and then move on to the next person. The country is divided at least in part because of how divisive the rhetoric is on the parts of our leaders, and at this point, liberals have become at least as bad, if not worse, than the HORRIBLE DEMON republicans ever even came close to. Prominent figures like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Maxine Waters calling for violence or incivility aside…

If Democrats want to win in 2020, or at any time in the future, for any reasons having anything to do with ‘open-mindedness’ or ‘creativity’ or ‘diversity’, as opposed to the partisan dehumanizing they’re now so hellbent on mastering, they’ll have to go back and remember what makes their politics different in form from conservatives’ (‘in form’: the key part there /> for conservatives I’d go with ‘authenticity’ (and only as a difference in order, as both have those qualities, just on different scales)), and is exactly what they’ve seemingly completely forgotten since Trump was elected:

Self-awareness (and yes, that’s a burn on Warren (seriously: I want you to do better, but this is just ?> RIDICULOUS!!! #Crushed #OhShit #TotallyCrushed #DESTROYED #WOOOOWWW #DAMN<BRRRAAAAAAAHHHH #TotallyDone…)).