Daily Recap: Democrats Take the House, and Jeff Sessions Resigns as Attorney General

A busy day is a busy mind. A busy heart is a mind behind.

President Trump ‘addresses’ reporters in the East room of the White House a day after the 2018 midterm elections. He proclaimed the election results a ‘tremendous success’ on Twitter last night. Oompa-loompas are people too, guys, don’t discriminate

President Trump ‘addresses’ reporters in the East room of the White House a day after the 2018 midterm elections. He proclaimed the election results a ‘tremendous success’ on Twitter last night. Oompa-loompas are people too, guys, don’t discriminate

11/7/18. 7:27 pm EST

By John Corry, Photo from Backstorynews, and the TV

After a campaign season as memorable as any other, the 2018 midterms have come and gone. After months of speculation of a ‘blue wave’ in which Democrats would overwhelmingly take over both the house and the senate, it turns out that Republicans will maintain the senate, and the Democrats will take over the house by a smaller margin than originally thought.

Depending on who you are, this could mean a few things:

1.) The ‘Trumpism wave’ doesn’t fully exist.

That’s not a term anyone uses, but a lot of Democrats, whether they admit it or not, have been afraid that this ‘Trump’ thing is more than a simple ‘fluke’. Some may claim that they truly thought that Dems would completely KICK ASS! yesterday, but they’d be lying if they couldn’t admit that they don’t know why people voted for Trump. ‘What am I not getting?’ ‘How could this happen’ ‘AM I GOING CRAZY?!’

These questions would be much exacerbated and brought even farther to the extreme if Republicans kept both the house and the senate, and especially if they won by large margins. Democrats may not realize it, but there are a lot of people out there who are truly afraid of the Democrats for the same reasons so many of us fear Trump: a desire for absolute unchecked power, the means to tell people how to think, live, or be, and a penchant for rhetorical games over intellectual substance (intellectual substance comes from seeing other sides, not answering the question of how to pay for single-payer healthcare with: “you don’t have the right to ask that question” (I get that she was making the point that billionaires should give a little fucking back, but going ‘Trump in the press room’ about it isn’t helping anybody either)).

There is certainly a new political ‘realm’ tapped into with Trump which will almost certainly continue on past whatever happens next, in a similar vein to to the way Obama did and has so ‘lived on’, as far as any potential ‘political movement’ may be concerned (and neither of those ‘realms’ are meant to associate any negativity with their respective ‘movements’ or the sources of their namesakes, just that they happened for reasons which could be taken as generally good, if looked at from a certain angle), but there are many Democrats who can sleep at least a little bit better (and stop advocating for violence? #AskingTooMuch) tonight, knowing that that radical agenda of the far right (which has no correlation whatsoever to anything possibly existent on my side) isn’t TOTALLY taking over everything…

2.) The growing craziness of the Democrats has come with consequences.

We know it, they know it, we all knew it all along: this should have been a shoo-in for Democrats. There are just as many, if not more, people afraid of the potential for what they see as a tyrannical despot in Trump than there were for Obama. Yet republicans cleaned house in the house in 2010, and expanded their minority in the senate. This time around, the Democrats barely won the house, and lost at least 4 seats in the senate. Yes, the fact that they won the house is a pretty big deal (outside of the fact that that usually happens after the first two years of an opposing party’s presidency), and how close O’Rourke got to beating Cruz in Texas is something else, but the message is clear: people are rejecting the sudden and seemingly wildly fast-paced left turn on the left to radicalism (no pun intended).

Like it or not, the Kavanaugh hearings put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths (if we can get past the justified emotion for a moment (and that was sincere)). There’s nothing wrong with questioning new ideas and being pissed off that so many people think differently than you do. It’s frustrating. Plus it’s been a while, and a lot of these assholes think that throwing facts around like free salt water can suffice for what we may find to be deficiency in moral thinking, not statistical. But being violent, advocating for violence, and lying about the reality of the situation (that people think differently), aren’t going to connect with a lot the people out there for whom politics and philosophy are not a part of everyday life. They exist on every side of the aisle, they’re the backbone of the country, and they aren’t going to put up with radicalism-lacking-reason, and nor should they– historically, that leads to tyranny, chaos, and totalitarianism. You may think your ‘reason’ suffices (a ‘reason’ which I can only see argued by many of these ‘radicals’ as equivalent to justified emotion, which is redundant: emotion is always justified (because it is Absolutely subjective; and just like ‘fact’ will always have merit, because it is Absolutely objective), and hence any proposed absolute synonymity to the concept of ‘reason’ is misplaced or misunderstood (emotion is obviously a part of it, just not the whole thing)), but, apparently, not everyone agrees.

Time to take a breath and think about shit.

3.) Democrats now have a check on one of the most controversial presidents in American history.

And this is where it gets interesting.

I didn’t vote yesterday, and I’m the proudest I’ve ever been of my ‘vote’, today :D. The past two years, for me at least, have been an absolute test in patience and dexterity, and I feel like a ‘new man!’ today, because I actually voted my conscious. I’ve never liked Trump, and I still don’t, but I also don’t think he’s a demon sent from Hell to destroy the world. He has done some good things. And more importantly: whatever happens next in this seemingly never-ending saga of uncertainty, his supporters certainly aren’t demons, and they’re definitively not idiots, for the most part (and yes, you read that correctly (pretentious asshole)).

On the flip side, the democrats have gone completely fucking insane. People I’ve respected for years have proven themselves to be no less subject to the antinomy of doubt than anyone else. Finding myself consistently in the middle of both sides, and then being told how HORRIBLE of a person I am for being unable to see other way, has been nullifying. But after seeing the results from last night, I couldn’t be more satisfied: Democrats have been told to calm the fuck down, Trumpians have been told they’re not the TOTAL masters of the universe, and everyone has a reason to take a step back for the first time since the 90s and let shit roll out.

But is that what’s going to happen?

A ‘guy like Trump’ needs a check on his power, especially after Obama militarized the office into a pseudo-morality showdown for the supremacy of ‘ideas are the people who think them’ (or was that mainstream news did that? Combo? ($$$)). That’s not because, necessarily, a ‘guy like Trump’ needs checks on his power, but simply because of how polarizing a figure he is. Whether it’s his fault or not, the situation now is different than at any other time in recent history, or, possibly, ever, given the general-philosophical implications of the internet and the possibility of an art-based economy approaching much faster than will be possible to reasonably manage (art-based economy: an economy realizing that people are often more apt to be creative, even when the product may not be one very ‘artistic’ (i.e. you can be ‘artistic’ in the way you do anything), before their ‘additions to the machine’, for lack of a better term, are merely practical and done solely for practical purposes (people need meaning) (would people have nothing to do if machines took over the majority of manual labor jobs? Do we want machines telling us how to feel and what to think? And is that really inevitable if humans can recognize the difference between humans and robots (emotion/meaning, and a fair amount of neurons)? Machines will only take over if we make them that way. Consciousness is a learned concept).

The temperature needs to come down, and it certainly wouldn’t have if Dems hadn’t won anything, and the reason for that is a decent one, because that’s how power works in America:

Through balance.

It really couldn’t have worked out better, if the goal here is to get people to remember what made America great in the first place: even-sided debate and respect for all parties, based at least partly on intellect, rather than Absolute primacy

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced today that he’ll be resigning at the request of the president. This comes following months of criticism stemming from the president’s Twitter account. The rage was fueled by Trump’s disdain for Sessions’ decision to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, which is surely to play a bigger role in the overall narrative now that Democrats have the house.

Many have warned Trump that shutting down the Mueller investigation would spark a national crisis, including many republicans.

Earlier today, Trump held a press conference and refused to answer a question regarding some voting machines in Texas and the Carolinas that weren’t working on election day yesterday. This was amidst a chaotic press conference in which Trump called a reporter racist for asking about his thoughts on white supremacy, and berated CNN reporter Jim Acosta for asking about the Mueller investigation. I’m not the biggest fan of Jim Acosta (like, at all, actually), but I’m not sure he deserved that. Moreover, I don’t think the country deserves this kind of vitriol from the man who’s supposed to be representing all of us (meaning the president), and not only those who got him elected. But, then again, there’s a lot going on behind closed doors I don’t know. So who knows what the real story is?

Sessions will be replaced temporarily by Sessions’ chief of staff Matthew Whitaker, and it is unclear who will be picked for the permanent job, or if he will look for someone to shut down Mueller. There are arguments on every side, which I’m not sure I can fully throw out, including a fairly ridiculous one asserting that Mueller will do anything to impeach Trump /> because Trump is fighting against the ‘aliens’ trying to take over the world and which are essentially synonymous with the Democrats.

I’m not sure I believe it, but there does seem to be a possibility, and even if there isn’t, we're going to have to see what happens. Sessions kinda sucked.

Here’s to an even crazier two years ahead of us…