Covington's Nick Sandmann's Lawyers Send 54 Letters to Celebs and News Outlets Warning of Oncoming Libel Lawsuit

After a tough few weeks, the 16-year-old at the center of the MAGA kids controversy is taking a stand

Upcoming vision for a number of public figures including Bill Maher, Elizabeth Warren and Alyssa Milano

Upcoming vision for a number of public figures including Bill Maher, Elizabeth Warren and Alyssa Milano

2/5/19, 2:26 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Virginia Appellate Law Blog

A little over two weeks ago, an incident happened at the March For Life in DC. Essentially: a group of high school students was being harassed by a group called the Black Israelites, they started singing their high school PUMP song (my words), and a Native American walked up to them and proceeded to bang a drum in their faces, particularly up to one kid’s, named Nick Sandmann.

Sandmann later said that his ‘douchebag smile’ (again: my words) was on his face to bring the heat down in the situation, as opposed to up (which is not exactly how it looks).

But that’s not how it was portrayed it in the immediate aftermath. Thanks to a carefully edited video, the incident was made to look as though the kids (many of whom were donning President Trump’s famous MAGA hat) approached the Native American and harassed him. The Native American, a man named Nathan Phillips (whose been lying about being a Vietnam veteran for some time), has said that the kids were chanting ‘build that wall’ and were refusing him pass through their group toward the Lincoln Memorial (two claims cleanly rebuked in the full video). As a result, in the days following the original, cropped, viral video, multiple news outlets, Twitter users, politicians and celebrities quickly condemned the high school kids (HIGH SCHOOL KIDS), with some calling for SHAME, and others even for doxxing or violence against the kids (HIGH SCHOOL KIDS (again: MY words (apparently)).

In response, last weekend, Sandmann had his lawyers send preservation letters to 54 news outlets and celebrities instructing the preservation of any documents related to Sandmann’s case: the first step in a libel lawsuit related to these parties jumping the gun too quickly in the days following the original incident.

Those receiving the letters include: The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN, politicians including Elizabeth Warren, and celebrities such as Jim Carrey, Alyssa Milano, Kathy Griffin, and Bill Maher, several of whom, even after the facts had come out, continued to libel Sandmann (fun-fact: Sandmann is a 16-year-old high school kid, still in high school at this very moment).

Will this stop people from jumping the gun in the future? Will the realization that if Nick Sandmann were as much of a piece of shit as many of these people wanted him to be, the quick reaction to this incident has helped him out at least a little bit in the long run, and that that’s not exactly what you’d want to do if you wanted to stop a piece of shit from gaining power?

But all of that means I’d have to think about my emotions before I FREAK THE FUCK OUT over shit in the future…

Can’t allow that (fuckin’ cynics)…