CNN's Chris Cuomo Mishandles Heckler

While at a bar on New York’s Shelter Island on Sunday, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was approached and borderline harassed–definition of that term (harassment) not important here (see: further)–and it did not stop there

8/13/19, 7:18 pm EDT

By John Corry, photos from TMZ, Daily Mail, Paramount Pictures and Alfran Productions

Disclaimer: Please read until the end to pass judgment; any allusions to violence or mean-spiritedness will be deduced.

There is this scene (^) in 1974’s The Godfather, Part II where the older brother, Fredo, of the big boss, Michael, of the crime family, Corleone, has a breakdown. He’s been trying to prove himself to his family, and to Michael–SPOILER ALERT!–futilely–throughout the movie to this point, and, in this moment, he asks for help. He says to Michael: “I can handle things, I’m smart! Not like everybody says, like dumb! I’m smart, and I want respect!” Michael at first seemingly ignores his please…


Later on: Michael has Fredo killed (from behind, on a boat)…

CNN host of Cuomo Prime Time, Chris Cuomo, had a breakdown when a heckler called him ‘Fredo’ and was really just being a general dick to him at a bar in New York’s Shelter Island on Sunday. Cuomo has been referred to as ‘Fredo’ in conservative circles for some time, a call back to the fact that Chris’ older brother, Anthony, is the Governor of New York, and that 90% of the people in news media who claim to be non-biased are actually simply ‘liberals’ (quotes to symbolize a modern lack of understanding of that term) in too deep to realize that the subconscious level of their virtue-signaling is only matched by the depths of their only subconsciously known reasons for doing it for doing it in the first place ($$$). Again: not all, and again: not completely to their own faults (completely…).

In the video, posted above, Cuomo is clearly heard threatening the man, and even suggesting that ‘Fredo’ is “like the N word for (Italians)”. At some personal cost to myself and those I associate with who were unlucky enough to have that ethnicity (and there’s where you should be offended), I have discovered that Fredo has never been known to be a slur against Italian people, with some backing. Idiots, maybe, or incompetent older brothers, but not Italians specifically.

Cuomo of course has gotten some shit for this. I don’t watch his show much, but there have been a few times where I liked what he said. There have also been a few times where I didn’t. Either way, talking like that to somebody at a bar is a dick, no matter who she is, and the most Cuomo is guilty of here is losing his head the way many Americans do just for being looked at wrong. Unless of course we believe that single usages of baaaaaaaaad words are Absolutely equatable to fully baaaaaaaad people–

If that is true: consider me Larry David.

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Also see this

What this displays is not just what a ‘Fredo’ having a ‘Fredo’ moment at the wrong time may look like, but also what it looks like when someone is being a dick just to be a dick (Michael). You don’t have to like his politics–or, far more so, his show or his personality–but you can’t just be a dick just to be a dick; there has to be some direct point, direct point of reasoning, or point towards conclusion, outside of the rhetoric that is being a dick just to be a dick. Otherwise: it’s a mere personal plight (for knowledge, or humor, or whatever; politics has a bigger ‘unknown’ inscribed to it, that unknown being ‘people, let alone specific ideas, I don’t know’) shined up to look like an inherently confident (and so obviously correct) political argument, which it isn’t, it being a mere personal plight, virtue-signaling-Fredo (you do have to respect his politics, however idiotic (the point of that story is how corruptible sheer politics can be; or at least the line that is Michael–the former ‘good boy’ of the family, and honored military veteran–killing his own brother for no better a reason than bad power politics), because insofar as people are politically equatable to their ideologies as a transfer of their personal beings to beings possibly understood generally (as: by a society), stripping Cuomo of his humanity is no different than stripping him of his his right to free speech).

Cuomo once referred to himself as ‘Fredo’ in a radio interview, and there was at least one occasion where he allowed a guest on his show to refer to Donald Trump Jr'. by that ‘slur’. Again: there is no indication as of this writing that the term ‘Fredo’ has ever been associated with use as a slur against Italian people, but that may be the case from now on. One thing is for sure: the term ‘Fredo’ certainly is an insult now (if anything because ultimate terrible person Donald Trump made a joke about it (see: final point below)).

But for who?

And who is Michael??

Well, I’m definitely not either, that’s fer shur…

John Cazale as Fredo Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film  The Gadfather, Part II

John Cazale as Fredo Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film The Gadfather, Part II

(*The point is that if everything in life comes solely down to politics, we are all one of the three: Fredo, Michael, or the guy Michael has kill Fredo.)