CNN Sues White House Over Jim Acosta Situation

With conservative content being repressed across all social media platforms, Jim Acosta’s plight to everlasting fame and glory is the one most representative of the importance of the first amendment

11/13/18, 3:18 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Reddit

After losing his press pass following a contentious back and forth with the president at the post-midterms press conference last Wednesday, Jim Acosta and his network are suing the administration over ‘violat(ing) CNN and Jim Acosta’s first amendment rights of freedom of the press, and their fifth amendment rights to due process.’ As if this isn’t a given, they’re demanding Acosta’s press pass be reinstated.

This is the same network who still claims to be ‘unbiased’ after more than two years of ‘Donald Trump is Hitler’ and threats (essentially) of a civil war if journalists aren’t released of the ‘status quo’ that they should be ‘unbiased’. At least MSNBC is somewhat honest about being partisan, not that that shields them from blame for the current political climate, but CNN apparently has no idea what its job is. All day long its ‘isn’t Trump so terrible’ and ‘aren’t we so great for knowing it and talking about nothing but that 24/7?’ while completely ignoring any possibility that there might be people with differing views, and even oftentimes implying that those people aren’t people at all, but just ‘crazy Trump supporters who don’t know any better’. They rarely report actual news, and when they do, it’s all opinion based. Regardless of accusations of legitimate lying on the part of the network, seeing their own faults is not exactly their strong suit. If there’s one thing we can be sure humans will learn following this era of the Trump Presidency, it’s that media has a much bigger impact on societies than we’d previously realized, and that because the people in the media are people too (imperfect, regardless of how they may see themselves), there can big implications if no one is willing to step back and think about the big picture: admittedly a fairly big picture when we’re talking about media, history and politics, but which is all the more reason to take the time to think about it (which you can’t do when all you care about is dividing the country (which CNN might not realize its doing, but is, because they don’t give two shits about seeing any side which disagrees with any of their general assertions, because to do so would risk alienating their audience ($$$) (they have a lot to lose right now, and they know it, much of which has nothing to do with Trump (unless they want subsidies) (print journalism declining, the rise of subscription based services who don’t have to bend to the whims of advertisers, etc.), and they know it).

Jim Acosta lost his press pass because he’s been breaking the rules of the press conference since the 2016 election. He interrupts people, he stops other reporters from asking questions so that he can grandstand and claim that Trump is refusing to answer his question (which Trump oftentimes is, but I was unaware that the press was an activist organization; I was under the impression that activist organizations need to know what the hell is going on before they can do anything about it, and that they’re not going to know what’s going on if their news sources only care about telling them what they want to hear for a paycheck ($$$)). The white house specifically said that that was why they revoked his pass, and to claim that he’s doing it simply to try to weaken the press as some kind of dictatorial power play is ignorant of the fact that he didn’t do this until two years into his presidency, and that he hasn’t done it to anyone else.

Maybe he will start revoking more press passes? And we’ll have that conversation then, but as of now: Jim Acosta is probably the most rude and insincere person on network TV, which is saying quite a bit, and that’s why he lost his press pass. He’s dividing the country, even if it’s just by playing into Trump’s hands as the press freaking out rather than reporting the news is a big part of the reason for the uncertainty right now.

i understand the fear regarding Trump’s attacks on the media, but we have to realize that this is a very different world than the one predating the Obama presidency (which I bring up because Obama was the first president of the age of the internet, which has HUGE implications for how people interact, with each other, with businesses, and with their governments).

CNN needs to make money, and after the dot com boom, they realized one major thing: they had to be willing to do anything to make money.

They can’t contend with content makers who don’t need to pay the costs of operation that networks like CNN and FOX do, so they have Jim Acosta proclaim that 'the ‘freedom of the press’ is at stake when the president tells him that he’s not the only reporter in the world, and that it’s not his job to tell the American people what to think, it’s to tell them what’s happening.