Bomb found at the Home of George Soros

The homemade device was found by a bomb squad in the billionare’s mail box

George Soros emerging from the womb.

George Soros emerging from the womb.

10/23/18, 4:57 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Think About It

George Soros, the hedge-fund billionaire who’s been funding left-wing cause for past few decades, had his life attempted upon yesterday, as an explosive device was found in the mail box of his West Chester home. It was subsequently deactivated, but the message was clear:

FUCK thinking, violence wins (idiot).

Duh… (Moron.)

Regardless of your thoughts on Soros, ‘yea, let’s kill the motherfucker’ is not a very good way to express your disagreements, even if you really are that incapable of original thought. If you think that Soros is literally trying to fund some kind of conspiratorial takeover of the world (which I’ll admit I’ve heard some fair arguments for (though I’m far from thoroughly convinced)), killing him only gives more credence to his cause, and freaks people out, even more so than they are already right now (which, I know, is saying quite a LOT). Any ‘takeover’ of the world would have to be won, at least in part, through a dismantling of society on an intellectual level, which you can only do if you can get enough people to freak the fuck out enough that civility is no longer considered a viable option, that intellect is no longer an option, and that a backwards turn towards primacy as the only visible option is the only one worth seeing, because it’s the only one with any physical results anymore–which are the only results that matter anymore–and therefore the only one possible to take. Because this conversation has taken such a sharp and obvious direction towards urgency (because people are now really thinking that violence is a fair alternative to thought), every single person on every side of the aisle has a direct decision to make, and it’s either one or the other (knowing that one comes from the other, though not the other way around), it cannot be both:

Are we intellectual beings?

Or primal ones?

We are morons–

But, moreover, if we are intellectual beings (and not simply primal ones) how may the ‘question’ of George Soros be approached in a more intellectual way than even the majority-accepted version (on the ‘right’) which says that Soros is a piece of shit and–go!–conspiracies abound!–? (Again, I’ve heard decent arguments for this from people I know; I’m just trying to get a better understanding of what may be going on ‘in the middle’, as ‘in the middle’ is going to be a lot harder to get once I realize that I inherently lean one way and that getting ‘in the middle’ means admitting I may be wrong for no more a reason than a simply faithful one (‘Christians’ my ass).)

George Soros was a nine-year-old Jewish Hungarian when WWII began, soon living under Nazi rule, with a wealthy father. His dad bribed a Hungarian official to take George in and tell the Nazis that he was his Godson. George then spent the rest of the war, from ages 9-15 (ish), living with the official, and working with him, raiding Jews’ homes, looking for their hiding spaces, and confiscating their property.

Yes, that’s a shitty fucking thing, and it ain’t like it’s not real easy to get caught up in that fact as Soros appears to show no remorse for what he did (not to mention when he then uses his inability for emotion to fund far-left activists into being violent (allegedly (as far as I’ve been able to find)), but: is it possible that, however misguided he may be, he might be trying to make up for something? Again, he’s a piece of shit, I’m not trying to defend him (is it possible to ask a dissenting question without ABSOLUTELY believing it?), but the dude was forced into a terrible situation at a very young age which he’s then had to live with for the rest of his life.

How would you cope if you had to do what he did? Why would you even want to think about that?

Because it’s much easier to think about the fact that it doesn’t matter whether George Soros is a human or not (of course), or what may make him one /> only what he does with the possibility that he might be?


Intellectual>Primal over Intellectual=Primal. Should people think or is it only what they do which matters?

Does ‘thinking’ even have anything to do with ‘doing’ at all in the first place?

Should it?