Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Run

As of now, he’s probably got the best shot of all the announced Democratic Challengers outside of Kamala Harris (who’s multiracial and a woman– if that matters)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the 70s

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the 70s

2/19/19, 7:02 pm EST

By John Corry, photo from Politico

Former 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has announced his intention to run for president against incumbent president Donald Trump in 2020. After losing the primary to former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton, Bernie has gone into TOTAL FIGHT mode over the past two years, and his announcement today reflects that evolution. (Full disclosure: I was into Sanders in 2016 (I thought among all the candidates he most represented bipartisanship (this has changed))).

While not as bad as others, Bernie has not exactly been ‘mister bipartisanship’ over the past several months. He’s been calling Trump a racist, homophobe authoritarian on an almost daily basis for at least a year, stoking fear and taking advantage of partisan doubt, and he’s never given any real answers as to why he believes Trump to be those things. He’s backed almost every move House Democrats have made since 2016–despite claiming in 2016 to be more of an ‘independent’–including freaking out over fake controversies and refusing to negotiate with Trump on border security (although, it obviously may also be that Trump has been equally unwilling to negotiate– just one more reason everything SUCKS right now (assholes)), and he’s been touting revolutionary (with no evolution) socialist and anti-capitalist sentiments at least as radically as he was in 2016–arguably more so now with the normalization of that thinking begot from the rise of such radical thought-soldiers as Ilhan Omar and AOC (any line of thinking dependent on power-politics to stake a claim in reality automatically has a predisposition to authoritarian tendencies– any success for any potential authoritarian or totalitarian depends on it (Arendt (link is highly recommended)))–and, of course his seething hatred for Amazon and other big companies (the fact that Jeff Bezos is worth $155 billion and there are families living on food stamps right now is indeed a huge problem, but a moral problem; you can’t fix a bad individual moral stance with politics without forcing your morals onto that person, relegating her individuality nil (morals fundamentally can’t be forced because they’re so much more intellectual that they are primal) (–the only way to do this is to get Jeff Bezos to give some money back, or to tout that rich people should be giving more back to their communities before they buy $600,000 beachfront residencies)).

While his rhetoric has become more radical, it’s not like all of Bernie’s proposals are so terrible. Living wages for people working full time jobs, free education, and a healthcare system that doesn’t willingly kill people for not having the cash to prove they deserve life are all important policy measures that at the very least deserve debate. The problem with Sanders is that he doesn’t seem to want to have that debate. Like Trump, he comes off to many moderates to be authoritarian-minded, and in a way not as honest as Trump. Trump may be dividing the country, but so is Sanders; only difference is: Sanders calls himself a unifier (and not as a joke).

The president is a racist… a homophobe… a xenophobe.’ Does that sound a unifier in a country so ideologically divided? That interview was released simultaneously with Sanders’ announcement to run earlier today. Trump may have lost the popular vote, but it’s not like Hilary won by a shit-ton in 2016… We need bipartisan-first candidates because a.) bipartisanship (or at least a calming-down of our politics) is the only path through which the country is going to flourish in the future (nobody knows everything; certain groups might be assholes right now, but people can change (don’t be a dick)), and b.) the more divided things get, the more power (or at least prestige) Trump (or any centralized power (including government and corporations)) accumulates.

Hence: if you truly want to ‘defeat’ Trumpism (which I’m not sure is the right way to put that, as it’s more the authoritarian aspects of his stye and personality which need to be as such STAMPED! out (SO STAMPED!!!)), you have to attempt to see that many people in this country just aren’t that into politics, and there are huge swaths of people who are absolutely terrified simply of the word ‘socialism’, let alone ‘Marx’ or ‘Communism’ (be it deserved or not: they are correct when they reference the terrors Socialist and Communist policy have brought in the past (and now), and the fact that Marxist philosophy may have something to say about the world on a more fundamental, or pseudo-metaphysical level, is not their job to know (although it may be yours); their job is to make sure people don’t get too into their own bullshit (I GOT BULLSHIT!?!?!? (racist (authoritarian (FACIST!! (COMMIE!!!!))))).

If you ‘beat’ authoritarianism with mere more authoritarianism, what have you really done?

You certainly haven’t ‘unified’. If Sanders were to beat Trump, no ‘revolution’ is going to happen without a ‘thought-revolution’ happening first, unless you want to live through the violent ‘revolutions’ of Russia, China or France (in which case you’re a hypocrite if you claim to give any kind of credence to democracy, liberalism, or equality (violence is the anti-thesis to ‘living’))..

I’m only upset because Bernie told me to be, and said that that’s all I need to do…

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” –Rumi