Alleged Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Commits Suicide

It was the case of a lifetime, the biggest in decades, and because of a flurry of mismanagement and negligence, conspiracy is now officially the norm in America

Jeffrey Epstein with future President Trump and his future wife Melania

Jeffrey Epstein with future President Trump and his future wife Melania

8/12/19, 6:55 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from CNBC and TakingBackSports, illustration by Nami86 on Deviantart

A week after being taken off suicide watch, registered sex offender and already major conspiracy mainstay Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell early Saturday morning. The current official cause is suicide.

Attorney General William Barr expressed frustration, saying: “we will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability.” He has opened not only an FBI investigation into what happened, but a justice department investigation as well. Epstein was placed on suicide watch after he was found in the fetal position with bruises around his neck in late July. He was denied bail after prosecutors argued that he was a danger to society and that he might flee the country. For reasons still unknown, he was also left without a roommate in his cell, and was supposed to be checked upon by guards twice an hour, which was not followed either. Barr added that he was “appalled” at the news and that “Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered.”

On Friday, newly unsealed documents accused a number of high-profile men–including Prince Andrew, the late MIT professor Marvin Minsky, former Maine Sen. George Mitchell, ex-New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and money manager Glenn Dubin, and lawyer Alan Dershowitz–as co-conspirators with Epstein over the years. Epstein was known to have powerful friends, including President Trump, and former president Bill Clinton.

Which is where the real story is here (of course): who killed Jeffrey Epstein?

The president retweeted a tweet calling out Bill Clinton, and #TrumpBodyCount and #ClintonBodyCount were both trending on Twitter before the former was mysteriously gone, which–aside from symbolize the only-growing divide between two increasingly distinct factions of the country–exacerbates the problem: this is fucked up. The fact that so many people are shouting conspiracy is a different issue, though far from an irrelevant one.

Because conspiracy has been a part of the American psyche since its inception.

The reason the United States of America was founded was because people didn’t trust their former government to be for them. A rebellion is a break based on physical principles, on simplistic matters having little to do with ideology, but revolutions are prefaced on ideology (though the successful ones equally on the idea that those revolutions are still products of their environments). The assertion, or the feeling, that the government–any government–may be lying to its citizens is inherent in that idea, because it’s what caused the idea to come about in the first place: republican democracy can’t work if the government is permitted to keep secrets from its citizens, because that undermines the basic principle that the government is made up of citizens (for more on that, see this).

The shadiness (because this certainly won’t forever fade into the shadows in another day or two :/) surrounding Epstein’s death will surely only bring about more uncertainty, until those done wrong get their justice. And until that happens, expect to see more division, and more shouting, despite the fact that we all (mostly) agree on basic principles like the wrong-headedness that is white nationalism, the evil it takes to murder another human being, and the fact that victims of sex offenders deserve justice.

I said before to expect a lot more on this story; we’ve certainly gotten it. Whatever it takes to continue that trend until its stones have been overturned, should be done. A lot of people may go out in this one, and they should if they’ve done wrong. Maybe, for once, we can all finally agree on something as simple as corruption among those in power does not care what letter is next to someone’s name, nor what job title they may hold.