Kavanaugh Senate Vote Delayed A Week

The Controversial Supreme Court Nominee and His Accuser Go Through Grueling Senate Testimonies (2/3)

Players in the Kavanaugh hearings, from left to right, starting in the upper left corner: Coery Booker, Brett Kavanaugh, Diane Feinstein, Christine Blasey-Ford, Jeff FlakeLindsey Graham, Rachel Mitchell, Chuck Grassley

Players in the Kavanaugh hearings, from left to right, starting in the upper left corner: Coery Booker, Brett Kavanaugh, Diane Feinstein, Christine Blasey-Ford, Jeff FlakeLindsey Graham, Rachel Mitchell, Chuck Grassley

9/28/18, 8:03 pm EDT

By John Corry

Amidst the chaos of recent days, the senate today has decided on a decision to delay the vote for the confirmation of President Trumps’ supreme court nominee to replace the recently retired Judge Kennedy. Said nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, has been under scrutiny since the first of several sexual assault allegations came from Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford on September 13th.

That was followed by a bombshell allegation from Julie Swetnick alleging fuckin’ gang rape against Kavanaugh on Wednesday, and the heavily covered sworn senate testimony from both Kavanaugh and Blasey-Ford on Thursday.

Despite these events, the vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination originally scheduled for today has been postponed, thanks to a hold-out republican senator from Arizona named Jeff Flake, who’s promised to vote no if the vote were held today, or without at least a one-week-long FBI investigation (but who will still most likely vote yes after that time, barred any major findings).

I’ve wanted to stay quiet on the Kavanaugh thing for several IMPORTANT reasons *TheMostImportant:

First: I know several people who, for various reasons, have been affected by what these allegations mean in this moment (i.e. like: in the ‘era’ of Me Too, or whatever), and I very much so include myself in that category. For those of you who will say “but emotions are stupid, we need to get to the facts and only the facts”: emotions are a thing, however much we may wish they weren’t; they’re complicated, we all have them, they’re not as simple a thing so easily wished away (at least not on a mass scale (everyone does it on their own, and in their own way)), and we’re not so barely ten-years-old to justify a screaming match over psychological ideals as though they’re deities (in-time manifestations of Hegel’s Notion subject equally to objective personal understanding as it is potentially subjective technical understanding is Absolutely relative (all people are different))) /> so get the fuck over it.

(I mean, to ‘get over it’: that emotions are a thing, and they’re such a thing that they’re different for every Individual human on the planet (though, obviously, some are more similar to certain peoples than to others), just as real facts are exactly the same. No person can truthfully dispute the proposition ‘2+2=4’–it’s called math, which is Absolutely non-human, or outside of human influence (which goes for all technically fully objective facts)–just as the proposition ‘I am happy right now’ can only be disputed by me and me alone, as emotion is Absolutely human, or depended fully on human (really: conscious) influence).


Second: it is necessary, as it always is when it comes to politics, to look at this situation as objectively as possible, which means putting more effort into hearing sides with which we may disagree, made especially difficult given the fact that this is all happening right now (given context (Trump and all that)), and that the Me Too stuff has clearly been brewing for some time.

Not to skew this much, but I’m not sure how we could ever know whether Kavanaugh is guilty of what he’s been accused of doing (until I make that time machine, of course (it’s coming along)), and especially given the context. This assault happened over thirty-five years ago, with no cameras, no testifying witnesses, and a helluva lot of potential for political oneupmanship in the current already polarized political climate–

But, of course:

None of that matters because I’m a terrible person clearly only pretending to care about what the other side may understand that I don’t.

Anymore: it seems that all anyone can be sure of is the fact that if you don’t have a partisan opinion on this /> you’re a FUCKIN’ piece of shit (how dare you)–

The (few) facts we have in our quest to seeing where this situation may be now placing us in the grand scheme of history:

On the one side, we have what one could only call a National Epidemic (if not international) growing silently in the background for centuries /> until Cosby and the Weinstein fuck got what was coming to them. Their downfalls started a much needed train of justice, doubt, and attempted understanding which can only end in a totally new sense of morality on the subject of power dynamics between men and women in the workplace (how Matt Lauer was able to do what he did for so long is totally insane). The number of women from whom I have personally heard express memories of situations similar to those we’ve heard come from the Weinstein or the Lauer shits is enough to make anyone with a heart want to ball up and do nothing but watch The Office for days or hopefully years on end (I mean: at least Michael Scott cared (racist piece of shit, that guy (they should probably just take that show off the air))).

In addition, on this side (the more ‘liberal’), we have a situation exacerbated by the fact that the other side stole the previous open supreme court seat from Merrick Garland and President Obama; in my opinion what started all of this off in the first place (at least in its current form) (if that were a political norm (playing games like that), that’s a fucked up political norm). And of course there’s the fact that, for reasons right or wrong, people are afraid of what may be happening to their country, and to the futures for the children, given the current political climate (and yes: that was a burn on Trump).

However, on the other side, we have a situation where these people have been fearing these things in similar ways for eight years longer than the former, in this immediate understanding (from what I now understand, and you can again call them morally reprehensible or justified or whatever you wish, but I still don’t think you have the full right to do that): for the most part, they were afraid of Obama the communist, not Obama the black dude (again, this is my experience (like: John’s (the person who wrote this)))). Once again, they may be right or wrong in this fear (they certainly do have some facts), or in their way of expressing it, but the fact is that it’s there, and that it’s there for a lot of people, just as the fears of that first side are there and are there for a lot of people as well. To argue semantics in the face of Absolutely subjective emotion is about as smart as saying there’s no way Kavanaugh did or didn’t do what he’s being accused of /> there’s just no avenue to knowledge at this point in time (again: still working on that time machine).

Comparing the majority of republicans’ fear of communism and socialism to the majority of liberals’ fear that there are bunch of people out there who think it should be okay for men to rape women obviously may seem a bit out of place, but you have to remember that all of this goes back at least to the passing of the 19th amendment allowing women the right to vote in 1920, and that while a lot has happened since 1920, the now-historical course of communism being one of them, that was actually that long ago– but more has happened in that time than probably during any other comparable length of time in the history of the species (as far as we can know). This is far too fueled an era, let alone in regards to this specific situation alone, for any point to be considered abstractly as Absolutely separated from history.

And that is what this is about (outside of Roe V. Wade). Fears over Kavanaugh’s thoughts regarding whether a president may be subpoenaed have been put to the wayside by the fact that he may be a gang rapist or the fact that several democrats knew of these allegations weeks ago and have only now come forth to try to make a PR battle out of it big enough to get the majority of the senate to vote ‘No’ on Kavanaugh, whenever the vote may be (November 7th?).

If the Republicans deserve an infinite amount of disgust for the stunt they pulled with Obama and Garland (which they do), the Democrats have now matched them. No longer can Democrats claim to be better when it comes to playing politics. From now on, anytime anyone asks: “well, what about the time McConnell stole the supreme court seat from Merrick Garland?” all anyone has to say back is: “well, what about the time Feinstein tried to ruin the career of a community man with two young daughters–and almost singlehandedly tore the country apart by forcing every woman in it to relive their worst memories–all for mere political gain and partisan competition??”

And that’s the reason this happening in this way; if Feinstien came out when she first heard about these allegations, we would not be in this situation (i.e. the further dividing of the country), but she had to wait, she just had to, because politics is about status and power, not thought or policy.

Aside of that (*ExtremelyNecessary), is all this necessary?

Kavanaugh’s refusal to say whether he would protect Trump if it turned out that Trump has done something illegal, I’m pretty sure we can all agree: the president is not above the law (yes, even the Trump fanatics; they’re just confused since it would seem, and fairly justifiably by this point, in my opinion (and which I only bring up to allude to an earlier point (that ‘that side’ has reason to fear, just as the other side does)): now that simple free speech seems to be under attack). Would it have been so hard for Democrats to consider non-identified Democrats as humans and so approached interaction with them, in this circumstance or any, in such a way as they claim to be justified in asking the other side to do (‘open-minded’)? Would it be so hard to admit that while emotions are indeed a thing–and should so be considered even when it’s hard–rational debate (an area of politics, as is, and equally in some sense, emotional understanding) has no time for misplaced passions, or irrational hotbeds of rhetoric. Or is manipulating every person who’s ever felt a damn thing when it comes to the issue of sexual assault the only way to get anything done anymore?

You try to manipulate people emotionally, and you make them emotional, and when they don’t agree with you, you make them hate you. This is because you’re insinuating them as less-than-human and assuming that their emotions are somehow ‘worth’ less than yours (can emotions ever be ‘more’ morally justifiable than others?? (spoiler alert: no)), while simultaneously attempting to call them out by doing that exact same thing (hypocrites). (‘How dare they be racist!’ Agreed, but if racism is a pathological disorder, emotional understanding precedes action (Jung).)

I am glad that the vote is being postponed a week, but only because I think that that’ll–




It likely won’t.


In fact, I’d say the most likely scenario is that the rhetoric spewed on MSNBC or by any person reading this thinking ‘WHAT A SEXIST PIG!’ will only cause a furthering of the division steeped into the subconscious of this country since the Vietnam war.

Hell, we were all too pessimistic to deal with any of the deeper questions then (at least in the mainstream or in the political), so why should we now?

Power Politics is at play (fist emoji).