Joe Biden Caught Two-Facing

The Former Vice President had Some Choice Words on the Concept of FBI Investigations Back in ‘92 (1/3)

Former US Vice President Joe Biden in his younger days

Former US Vice President Joe Biden in his younger days

9/27/18, 12:47 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from Esquire

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the supreme court, a video from ‘92 has resurfaced showcasing a young Joe Biden seemingly fully contradicting himself while in a similar situation concerning Clarence Thomas’s nomination to the supreme court.

While Thomas did end up on the court, Kavanaugh’s seat remains uncertain, but the controversy surrounding the process is all too familiar: an allegation (or several, in the case of Kavanugh) of sexual abuse arrives on the eve of the vote (ish), and politicians for and against the nominee come out in full swing in support of their respective agendas. This has nothing to do with honesty, or reason, or any sense of dignity regarding political action or political life of any kind. It’s all politics, and when it comes to corroborating private life into public manipulations for morality (which is all politics is *Clearly *Clearly), it’s only a play for more power.

The video is below. I have no further comment (NONE!) on the situation regarding Kavanaugh aside from: there’s a lot going on at the moment, and even the direct situation surrounding Kavanaugh itself I find too complicated for full opinions at the moment (and not for just me).

All I know for sure, here, is that Joe Biden seeemed preeeetty against FBI investigations having any credence throughout this process back in ‘92, and now he’s not.

What’s up with that smile?