Using 'Man' versus 'She' or 'Her'

Putting to Rest a Difficult Dichotomy

This image is a troll (I couldn’t help it)

This image is a troll (I couldn’t help it)

9/25/18, 5:14 pm EDT

By John Corry

Man’ and ‘Mankind’ describe abstract nouns. Examples: ‘Mankind has always been such and such,’ and: ‘Man is an intellectual animal’, and: ‘Time is such that man exists in it.’

She’ and ‘Her’ describe abstract pronouns. Examples: ‘Thar’ she blows!!’ and: ‘She’s a beaut’, isn’t she?’ and: ‘God is a woman,’ and: ‘The building is going down, but we can still save her base!’

I understand the importance for the discussion regarding gender politics (or, more specifically: caring about all different kinds of people, and how the human condition is uniquely manifested and represented in/by them), but: when there are other discussions going on which are inherently unrelated, switching subjects mid-point not only defeats the purpose of having any focus in the first place, but teaches people not to listen to other people.

And this goes just as much for those morons who get mad when I say ‘her’ instead of ‘him’ in any abstract proposition. ‘Those idiot leftists can’t get over their stupid feminist bullshit! WHO CARES THAT WE SAY ‘HIS/HER’ INSTEAD OF HER/HIS!?!? IT’S IRRELEVANT TO THE BIGGER POINT!!! Take a look in the mirror.

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