The Silence of Pope Francis

After damning recent revelations amidst decades of accusations, the Leader of the Catholic Church has Remained Conspicuously Silent

Pope Francis on tu (*Tour) in America in 2015

Pope Francis on tu (*Tour) in America in 2015

8/31/18, 3:26 pm EDT

By John Corry, Photo from Vaticannews

Over the last few weeks, scandals in Pennsylvania, Washington, Australia, and Chile have once again riveted throughout the Catholic Church. In Ireland, almost 90% fewer Catholics attended Pope Francis’s mass last Sunday than Pope John Paul II’s in 1979. Allegations against the church related to pedophilia and conspiracy to commit pedophilia stretch back at least 60 years.

Disclosure: I am not Catholic; I was not raised Catholic, and would not have cared much if I were (aside from likely being more of a hater). I believe my' ‘identity’–and especially how it relates to any spirituality I may or may not have–to be up to me, and only me, to consort and to figure out–outside of, and deeper than, any word or collective point of understanding could ever possibly attempt to quantify–and something which I will likely never know in full /> and therefore something especially prone to gullibility with regard to any dissertation trying to tell me what any of those terms (‘belief’, ‘spirituality’, ‘identity’, ‘gullibility’ ‘quantum definition’, etc.) may mean. I find ‘God’, spirituality, and especially any understanding of potential social cohesion/unity to be complicated, and I do not find that one needs to adhere to the dogmas or the potential subconscious indoctrinations of organized religion (or: the people in organized religion presenting the concept ‘religion’ that way (as far as I can get)) to be affected by any specific religion’s (or the even the concept of ‘religion’ as a whole) specific spiritual plights or insights /> you can call yourself ‘whatever’, but spirituality (and identity, but that’s more complicated (/> personally focused objective/subjective)) is something which necessarily cannot be understood by mere words (or else it would be ‘knowledge’). Community is outside of me: I can’t control other people, and outside of my attempts to contribute something beyond myself /> I can only have the faith that we won’t be douchebags–

Pope Francis has been labeled the most ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ pope in centuries. He’s called repeatedly for the church’s accepting of homosexuality, as well as divorce. Even his rhetoric on abortion has been somewhat tame compared to his predecessors, which is about all you can ask for when talking about a subject which HAS NO CONCRETE ANSWER unless we can agree on when ‘life’ starts, which we clearly can’t (12 weeks (*Joke (ish))). Personally: I’ve liked him /> at the very least: it’s nice not to have ‘the leader of the church of the heavenly father’ not look EXACTLY like Satan.

Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI

Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI

But a high ranking Catholic archbishop recently alleged that ol’ Frank knew of an allegation against accused Satan worshipper Theodore McCarrick, recently unmasked in Washington.

Today, Frank tweeted “we Christians do not have a product to sell, we communicate Life”. This as if now, of all times, the Catholic Church is entitled and justified in once again telling others how to live their lives. The New York Times posted a headline reading “Vatican Power Struggle Bursts into Open as Conservatives Pounce,” regarding the allegations against Frank, as if the real scandal were that Frank’s liberal thinking/partisan church politics is the sole reason he’s in hot water. These are, as far as we know now, credible allegations that he allegedly covered for, and protected pedophiles, and which he has had nothing to say about, and has even seemingly intentionally avoided questioning regarding. Does it matter what the politics are in this situation? If you’re a leader of an organization, and especially one as big and ‘spirituality-based’ as Christianity, it is simply morally unacceptable in the spiritual, Christian, logical and practical senses not to address the fact that for over sixty years your PRIESTS of all people have been RAPING kids outright. Outside of the individual consequences (like a loss of spirituality even for those searching for it), or the political fact that people are just going to leave the church over something like this after enough is enough, it is damaging to society at large, as the fact that the people supposed to be most ‘in touch with God’ (no pun intended) are in fact the most evil (in the Orwellian sense (like: completely out of their minds)) turns people cynical, just as some of the biggest technological advances have been made and will likely continue to be made in the near future.

Their institution will live on (for now), but those involved with this bullshit will only continue down the road to Hell, as they’ve demoralized almost to the point of backwardness one of the pillars of Western civilization (that which abolished slavery and has greatly curbed world poverty)–the idea of a Dualistic Faith–simply for the personal proclamation that power is as simple as its word, by stripping the hope and the faith in the human condition, not only for all of their constituents, but for all of us who have learned to see the situation as such (dualistic).

Not sure how much more un-Christian you can get. (For the record: I realize Frank’s peculiar position right now; sooner or later, you just have to make a stand, in this case: for the sake of kids. Not sure how many other things are worth taking a stand for than for the sake of kids who are otherwise being abused by your priests in your churches under your names. Frank is the leader, but he’s not the only one responsible. i don’t care how it happens, just make it stop, and do it timely (demon-suckers).)