Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort, the ABSOLUTE END OF THE WORLD, and the Turn to Nihilism


President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen

President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen

8/23/18, 8:10 pm EDT

By John Corry, photo from PoliticusUSA

On Tuesday, President Trumps’ former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight federal counts including five counts of tax evasion, one count of falsifying submissions to a bank, and two counts involving campaign finance violations, which Cohen said in court was “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office,” (meaning Trump). Ironically, that same day, former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud.

The news has started a firestorm amongst political pundits and hobbyists, as the post-2016 fear-mongering is entered into a new stage. Will it all be worth it? Not to denounce the worries or the fears that people have regarding Donald Trump or the state of the world (or especially the country (America)), there is much more to think about here than mere political gossip (which seems to be about the only thing mainstream media gives a crap about anymore).

Some examples would include power politics, economics (and not just Marx), psychology, and quantum physics.

Because you do need a degree to read a book (duh), but you don’t need emotions to justifiably freak out over something (but, like, doezn't we allz have the emotionalz? #IFeelMoreThanYouSoIHaveTheRightToJudgeYouAbsolutelyForHowYouFeel).

The uncertainty and the impatience derived from the legal process regarding this case has led us to assume that it has something to do with Mueller Russia investigation, despite it (as yet) having nothing to do with that (again: as far as we know /> assumptions based on mere wants of justice are no better than flat-earth theories (which is not to insinuate negativity, only inherent ambiguity), and despite the fact that if you were one of those people who read that last sentence and assumed that I was saying that the Mueller investigation is TOTALLY BONKERS!, you’ve, by now, with Absolute certainty, stopped reading.

It’s not TOTALLY BONKERS!, I just haven’t seen the thing yet.

But this is 2018, and if you’re not freaking out over something you have no concrete evidence to freak out over, you’re just not doing it right. My apologies for the cynicism here, but it’s tough watching liberals go down this road. i thought it would let up, but it hasn’t. It’s only gotten worse.

I was a Bernie fan because he seemed like someone who was willing to talk to the other side. Not only has he proven himself not to hold this quality any longer, but as he’s gone away from it, so has apparently every other liberal. I will not be going down that road /> Bernie was my guy for several reasons, but to assume he (and let alone I) know everything when it comes to economics is just closed-minded, and that’s all.

Liberals generally think too psychologically to fully fundamentally understand economics, just as conservative generally think too economically to fully fundamentally understand psychology.

And maybe I’m wrong about that. It would be nice if I were, as it would make arguments over politics a lot easier (like: I could justifiably just yell and scream at everyone who’s WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING because they know everything there is to know, but are simply choosing malice over love (assholes)). A buddy once tried to give up nihilism for lent and ended up bowing to Nietzsche as the modern Jesus.

It takes no specific identity to be able to laugh at that joke.